Chapter 1478: Reconstructing the Dragon Lair (Part 2)

“Use the primal-chaos paleo-energy in an act of creation!” Yang Qi cried.

Power from the Halls of Heaven descended into the dragon lair, causing explosions because of power incompatibility, which sent shockwaves out in all directions.

It was a very dangerous situation. Truth be told, it was little wonder that explosions like this would result from forcibly attempting to transform a magical treasure. And the resulting chain reactions could easily ripple out and destroy everything inside it, including all of the Dragonfolk.

However, only the power of the Halls of Heaven could result in something this destructive.

Thankfully, Yang Qi had been prepared for this. Being no weaker than the Lord of Civilization, he exhaled deeply, sending numerous streams of primal-chaos paleo-energy out to cover the areas that were exploding.

As a result, the primal-chaos paleo-energy could draw on the power of the explosions to carry out acts of creation.

Years ago, in the ancient original primal-chaos, it was explosions such as these that created the numerous preheaven magical treasures and godlings of yesteryear, as well as all sorts of precious materials.

Now a similar thing was happening here, allowing Yang Qi to transform the substructure of the Myriad Dragons Lair.

In other words, he wanted the explosions!

Let the power of the Halls of Heaven descend in torrents! Primal-chaos paleo-energy: flourish!” Howling, Yang Qi threw his hands up, and a vortex appeared above him, like a heavenly river coming from the Bastille of the One God. As it fell, the explosions increased, but Yang Qi just sent more primal-chaos paleo-energy out to cover them. As that energy combined with the power of the explosions, the world around him expanded. The flesh and blood of the Myriad Dragons Lair transformed, with beautiful mountains and rivers appearing, covered with lush vegetation, and bursting with preheaven spirit energy.

It was a minor god world of its own.

Yang Qi was imitating the Big Bang that happened within the early primal-chaos paleo-energy, resulting in the god world.

The primal-chaos paleo-energy seemed to flow without cease as Yang Qi drew it in from outside. Some old-timers would have magical treasures that could store primal-chaos paleo-energy; however, such treasures required a lot of power to operate. Furthermore, few old-timers knew how to manipulate the big bang explosions to do what Yang Qi was doing.

All of a sudden, one of the enormous big bang explosions, and the resultant combination of primal-chaos, produced a divine lamp. It was made of pure radiance and light, and was roughly the same size as the Everlit Godlamp. However, this was a preheaven treasure, and whoever took it would become like a new version of the Lord of Radiance and Light.

Yang Qi had done this intentionally. He was doing something without parallel in history. Most people who created treasures created postheaven versions, whereas he was creating the preheaven kind.

Even almighty people like the Lord of Radiance and Light, the other God-Lords, and even King Immortal-Slayer would be shocked if they could see this.


Another big bang explosion ripped out, and a bottle gourd appeared from within. Then came something that resembled the Dragon Compendium. The aura of a minor god world flared, and it was perfectly suitable for everyone, not just dragons.

It was very much how things had been during the initial creation of the god world.

Everyone in the Sage Monarch Empire was flabbergasted, especially those who had once been part of the Deva Dynasty or the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty. Under the leadership of the sage monarch magistrates, they quickly spread out into the new world, where they began to erect cities and buildings, as well as locations for cultivation.

Everything was extremely orderly, and the destiny flourished.

Yang Qi was working hard to make his own smaller imitation of the god world.

The Myriad Dragons Lair was like an enormous desert that Yang Qi was converting into a lush paradise.


All of a sudden, another big bang explosion occurred, resulting in the appearance of a continent. Upon it were primitive humans organized into tribes, the same type that had appeared in the original primal-chaos.

It was a shocking thing. At the same time, godlings appeared in the mountains and rivers of the continent. Fighting broke out between the primitive humans and the godlings, just as had occurred in the original creation of the god world.

A true world was being born.

More continents appeared, replete with more primitive people and godlings. To an outsider’s perspective, it wasn’t obvious, but time operated differently within those big bang explosions. While they might take only a moment to the outsider, inside the explosion, billions or trillions of years would pass, allowing for the proliferation of the humans and godlings.

It was something that only the power of the Halls of Heaven could fuel. Even if Yang Qi were ten times stronger than he was right now, he couldn't do it.

“This is amazing!” people said. Under the leadership of the two million sage monarch magistrates, they were traveling about into the new continents and found them to be true paradises.

Everything operated with complete order. And of course, many of the godlings and treasures that were being produced were harvested to create medicinal pills and other items to boost cultivation and fighting prowess.

Some of the primitive humans were also found to have exceptional qualities and potential, and were taken away for special training.

All of the things Yang Qi was doing were attracting the notice of various Dragonfolk old-timers.

Many of them had been eyeing him with the intention of attacking him and taking the Dragon Compendium away. However, after what they were seeing, they knew that any attempt would be pointless.

“Such incredible godpower. This is actual creation! He’s transforming the Myriad Dragons Lair into a world of his own creation, a place like the god world. Only the power of the Halls of Heaven could do this. His minor god world is spreading, causing continents to rise up. Look at that destiny!”

“Terrifying. This is truly terrifying. It’s a new world that he controls. If we attack him, it would be like attacking the Halls of Heaven.”

“The Second and Third Devil Generals are traveling around telling everyone that the Myriad Dragons Lair has a new ruler. But we Dragonfolk are proud, and we obviously can't acknowledge allegiance to someone like that. If they attack us, we’ll fight to the death. But we can’t take the initiative to fight. He’s creating his own world! How could we attack him? He’s the orthodox ruler of the Myriad Dragons Lair, and he also has the God Legion Seal. He controls the Halls of Heaven! We Dragonfolk can't do anything to him!”

“Incredible. Look! Another continent popped up, and it's filled with preheaven treasures. And there are rare spirit medicines there. Is that a grand world godflower? Those flowers are extinct! Get them, and you can make some incredible medicinal pills that will heal all injuries. I was attacked by someone from the Central Dynasty years ago, and still have lingering injuries.”

“So many preheaven treasures. If we join him, it might not be a bad thing after all. If he turns the Myriad Dragons Lair into a minor god world, we could all benefit.”

Already, many of the old-timers were thinking of joining Yang Qi.

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