Chapter 1476: Taking Control of the Lair

Yang Qi wanted to fully fuse with the Dragon Compendium, but that wouldn’t be an easy task. He had just peered into many of its secrets, such as the details it contained about the birth of the god world. He had also seen how the god world was expanding on a daily basis. And now he knew that all of the almighty entities within it were little more than parasites, even the most ancient ones. That was why such people were eventually extinguished by the god world. What else would ultimately happen to parasites?

Now it made sense to Yang Qi why the Sovereign Lord had attempted to destroy the god world. The god world was also a cultivator, and when the Sovereign Lord got strong enough, the god world had decided to destroy him. So it was only natural that he would respond in kind.

As this information flitted through Yang Qi’s mind, he reached the heart of the Dragon Compendium.

The book had no wisdom or intelligence, as it was simply a magical treasure. That said, it would instinctively resist anyone who tried controlling it. Therefore, as Yang Qi’s will spread through it and examined the details of its creation, it took it to be a profound blasphemy.

The Dragon Compendium was reacting with rage. Of course, as it had no intelligence, it was similar to how a person playing with fire could be burned by that raging fire.

An intense attack of will entered Yang Qi, like an enormous dragon seeking to occupy his sea of consciousness. However, Yang Qi wasn’t afraid of the will of the Dragon Compendium, as he had the utmost confidence in his plan.

“Halls of Heaven!” Within the psychic world of his sea of consciousness, countless daos of heaven collapsed and the legion of gods perished. That was when the Halls of Heaven appeared and crushed the enormous dragon.

The dragon was defiant, roaring in anger, even changing its own shape over and over again as it unleashed the preheaven powers of dragons.

Boundless Great Dao; Preheaven Destruction!” Yang Qi’s sea of consciousness transformed again, and a god appeared there, not the King of Godmammoths, but rather the purrling.

It immediately spat out a string of bubbles that surrounded the dragon.

Massive explosions rocked Yang Qi’s sea of consciousness as the fighting raged.

‘I can’t believe the Dragon Compendium is proving so hard to subjugate. It’s still not working even though I have both the Mahātmā Jade and God Legion Seal?’ Drawing deeper on his power, he caused an eye to open on his forehead, which sent out a stream of light that pierced into the Dragon Compendium.

Myriad Treasures Combined; God World Integration; Distant Primal-Chaos; Come Forth for Me!” Numerous kinds of energies rushed toward him as he actually created his own imitation of the Dragon Compendium right there in his sea of consciousness, like a tiny copy of the original.

This was a unique ability that he could use to create civilizations. And that included Dragonfolk civilizations. The Creator was far beyond the God-Lords, and Yang Qi already understood many of the fundamentals of creating things out of primal-chaos.

After all, the god world had been birthed out of ancient primal-chaos.

The tiny version of the Dragon Compendium was instantly noticed by the dragon in his sea of consciousness. And as it rushed to surround it, the tiny version started growing larger. Then, it swallowed the dragon.

Yang Qi shivered as his will pierced the will of the compendium, making it his own. His thinking filled it, and at the same time, his mind reached out to the Myriad Dragons Lair.

He had fused with the Dragon Compendium.

It was the key to the Myriad Dragons Lair, just as King Immortal-Slayer's legacy medallions were the key to the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart.

As soon as he took the Dragon Compendium, the Myriad Dragons Lair became his, and he felt a massive surge of invincible power.

Numerous transformations also occurred to the Myriad Dragons Lair; the world of flesh and blood grew immensely stronger, and all of the chaotic tempests that filled it suddenly disappeared.

Like the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, it entered a state of Nevasaññānāsaññāyatana. All of a sudden, the Myriad Dragons Lair wasn’t flesh and blood, but made of thoughts instead. At the same time, it wasn’t made of thoughts. It was a mysterious and profound state in which something could become both a corporeal object and a mere thought at the same time. It was a state that gods generally couldn't enter, any more than a real person could enter a flat universe.

All of the exits and entrances to the lair were now shut, so that whatever old-timers or other experts were inside couldn’t leave. Nor could any powerful experts enter it, or even find its location. It was now similar to the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart of the past, which had been so difficult to find and enter.

Now that Yang Qi had taken initial control over the Myriad Dragons Lair, the time had come to move on with his larger plan of subjugating the entire place.

If he could command all of the millions upon millions of dragon kingdoms within it, his Sage Monarch Empire’s destiny would reach a level of one third that of the House of the Invincible, the House of the Chiliocosm, and the Central Dynasty.

His hope of reaching the Annulled level continued growing.

Eventually, he would use various methods to erode the destiny of the three great sects, and conquer all the other peoples of the god world. The mighty Devilfolk, the chaotic Demonfolk, the Mechfolk, Spritefolk, Magefolk, and all of the other races.

Of course, once word spread of him taking the Myriad Dragons Lair, the three major dynasties wouldn’t turn a blind eye. The Dragonfolk could provide immense destiny, and all three of those organizations wished they could do what Yang Qi had just done. It was a certainty that, in their anger, they would try to track down the new location of the lair, kill Yang Qi, and take it.

It wasn’t guaranteed that they could find him. But they had enough experts that he couldn't afford to underestimate them. He already had an inkling of a plan. He would spread rumors that the Second and Third Devil Generals had worked together to seize the Myriad Dragons Lair and create a fourth major power.

The name ‘Sage Monarch Dragon Kingdom’ would spread far and wide.

And with his sage monarch magistrates to run the entire place, it really would become the fourth major power.

The Central Dynasty. The Chiliocosm Dynasty. The Invincible Dynasty. And the Sage Monarch Empire.


The Dragon Compendium shrank down and entered Yang Qi, causing the Third Devil General to feel wracked with despair as she felt the power of the Great Necropolis growing stronger and stronger.

“The horror! The despair! Why does life have to be so tragic! I was imprisoned for billions of years, and just when I finally got my freedom, and before I could even lay eyes on the god world, I was enslaved! I refuse to accept this! I refuse!” She felt as if she had been cast into the most bitter and grievous of hells.

However, no matter how resentful she felt, she couldn't do a single thing. Yang Qi sent the power of the God Legion Seal into her sea of consciousness, and moments later, she was subjugated. What other fate could she expect, considering he had the Dragon Compendium under control?


As the fluctuations rolled out, the Third Devil General’s expression went cold and she transformed from a devil-dragon back into the form of a bewitchingly charming young woman. A devilless.

She seemed profoundly weak and pitiful, and was so attractive that the nearby Yang Jian could hardly restrain himself from throwing himself on top of her. She was truly a beautiful devilless capable of seducing any man.

At least, any man with a cultivation base as low as Yang Jian’s.

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