Chapter 1475: Intense Fighting

The Mammoth King’s God Whip was purely made for battle, and every stance within it could be considered heaven-rending and earth-crushing. It could devastate entire worlds, and slaughter all sorts of evil creatures.

“Uproot Mountains and Rivers!”

Yang Qi's entire body was like a whip, with both arms and legs resembling mammoth trunks as he battered at the Third Devil General, who defended herself with a bevy of dragon claws.

Sparks flew, and hissing sounds rang out; each blow that they exchanged caused both Yang Qi and the Third Devil General to feel shaken down to their souls.

Yang Qi felt physically numb as a result, and the Third Devil General felt inhibited in her movement.

The King of Godmammoths was designed to be the bane of devils. Furthermore, the Mahātmā Jade was a boundless item from the dao of devils. Therefore, the combination of the two was something the Third Devil General just wasn’t equipped to deal with.

Her only advantage was her superior strength and momentum.

Son of Heaven Defends the Nation’s Gate!

Having fully unleashed the Mammoth King’s God Whip, Yang Qi shifted to another technique, the Nation-Fate Godfist. It was also a top-rate technique, although the downside was that it required immense destiny to operate. But with superior destiny, it was amazing beyond belief. And right now, it was impossible for the Second or Third Devil General, or any other expert like them, to wield it in the same way as Yang Qi.

He had a very profound understanding of what exactly national destiny was, and he could draw on the destiny of the Sage Monarch Empire to power his technique to incredible levels.

He even threw in the destinies of the House of the Invincible, Central Dynasty, and House of the Invincible, thanks to all the moles and agents he had in place there.

Of course, he had already integrated the Nation-Fate Godfist into his Sage Monarch Grand Magic, specifically, into the Emperor and Sovereign aspects.

Emperors and sovereigns were embodiments of national fate.

An unprecedented flow of destiny was unleashed on the Third Devil General’s dragon claws, sending her stumbling backward. Then a splat could be heard as her veil was shredded to pieces and blood erupted from her mouth, revealing a bewitching, enticing, and charming face that could seduce any living being under heaven.

The Third Devil General was a consummate devilless, who lived to conquer worlds and entice men, gods, devils, immortals, and buddhas alike. No one could resist her temptations.

Except for Yang Qi. Because he had the aura of the Mahātmā Jade, she couldn't use her abilities to overwhelm him.

“What fist technique is that?” she said, coughing up some more blood.

“The Nation-Fate Godfist and the Sage Monarch Grand Magic. My personal dao. And the fate of my own personal empire!” Striding forward, he raised his voice and said, “Sovereign and State Die Together!

In the past, he had gained superficial enlightenment of the two aspects of Emperor and Sovereign. But now things were different. As the leader of the Sage Monarch Empire, he had firsthand experience dealing with destiny and the net of law. He knew how closely he was connected to his empire. The sovereign was the empire, and the empire was the sovereign. If the empire was destroyed, the sovereign was destroyed. If the sovereign died, the empire died. The empire was the foundation of the sovereign, and the sovereign was a symbol that represented the empire.

Thus, his fist technique now represented the ultimate path of war and conquering, with his every move as fierce as though the combined hearts of trillions of citizens were attacking the enemy.

His flurry of blows shoved the Third Devil General backward, and at the same time, the light of the Halls of Heaven shone out into the Dragon Compendium.

Whoosh. Whoosh. Whoosh.

At the same time, the Second Devil General and Yang Jian circled around the Third Devil General and launched attacks of their own, keeping her completely pinned down.

The Third Devil General was not in a good position. She was being attacked by three top experts at the same time. And two of them were completely controlled by Yang Qi’s will, making them almost like clones of him.

Eyes flashing with anger, Yang Qi unleashed two more moves from the Nation-Fate Godfist, ones that were even more intense. “Blood Stains Spring and Autumn, Wage War and Sing Dirges!”

The two moves instantly caused the Third Devil General to sink into an illusion in which she was surrounded by endless armies, all of which were attacking her.


“You’re all courting death!” the Third Devil General screamed. “Myriads of Dragons Ascend to Heaven!” Tens of thousands of dragons rose into the air to break her free from Yang Qi’s moves.

However, that was when Yang Qi unleashed the most mysterious move from the Sage Monarch Grand Magic, that which conformed to the aspect of Nothing. “Annul Death; Eternally Bury!

Even as the Third Devil General fought back, everything vanished into absolutely nothing, including the immense energy created by the move Myriads of Dragons Ascend to Heaven. The Third Devil General was confused by what was happening, as she had never fought anyone with moves as complex and exquisite as this.

“Not good!”

She quickly drew on profound energy arts to heal her wounds and try to make an escape from the battlefield. Unfortunately, she was too late.

The move of Annul Death; Eternally Bury caused an enormous necropolis to appear, which crushed down to bury anything and everything.

However, even being confined in the Great Necropolis, the Third Devil General was still able to show how domineeringly powerful she was. She suddenly transformed into an enormous devil-dragon that started flailing this way and that as she tried battering her way out. “You can’t trap me, boy. I'm the Third Devil General. How could you possibly hold me in place? Myriads of Dragons Break the World!

The scales covering her body shot out, slamming into the walls of the Great Necropolis and causing massive explosions. Of course, this wasn’t the real Great Necropolis, but rather a version formed from Yang Qi’s vital energy. The real version would have been able to trap the Sovereign Lord, much less the Third Devil General.

“Second Devil General, Yang Jian,” Yang Qi commanded, “give me your life force quintessence. Sacrifice your lifespan. Keep the Third Devil General trapped in there while I fuse with the Dragon Compendium.”

Biting down on their tongues, the Second Devil General and Yang Jian spat out mouthfuls of blood, which ignited in a sacrifice as they did exactly as Yang Qi had asked.

The Dragon Compendium had no true owner, but completely taking it wasn’t an easy task. Thankfully, the King of Godmammoths’ sealing mark had worked away at it for billions of years, paving the way for Yang Qi.

A golden streak of light shot out from the God Legion Seal, entering the Dragon Compendium and causing it to tremble violently. The countless descriptions of Dragonfolk genes within it were laid bare for Yang Qi to see. He saw the creatures it had birthed into primal-chaos, and he watched as they mindlessly fought and killed each other. Some went extinct, but others survived and eventually took the form of humans.

Immeasurable amounts of time passed. After all, there was no reckoning of years in primal-chaos. Eventually, the Dragon Compendium formed. It then gave birth to animals with pride, wisdom, and might, but also evil. They were the Dragonfolk.

The Dragonfolk were the mightiest among the various creatures that prowled primal-chaos. Later, the primal-chaos paleo-energy converged to form the god world....

Yang Qi saw countless pictures revealing the history of the god world, the Dragon Compendium, and primal-chaos. And he gained new insights. For instance, he found that the god world was the most powerful and largest of all the worlds that had come to be in primal-chaos. And it was constantly expanding, even now.

In fact, it was almost as if the god world was alive, and it was practicing cultivation by performing breathing exercises. If the god world was like a person performing breathing exercises, then the air it breathed was primal-chaos paleo-energy.

Yang Qi, the Sovereign Lord, and everyone else were like mere parasites that existed within it.

Seeing all of this, Yang Qi shivered in his heart.

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