Chapter 1473: Numerous Benefits

The destiny of the Sage Monarch Dragon Kingdom had actually incited the essence of the Myriad Dragons Lair, much to the shock of the old-timers there, who were now unsure of exactly how immense the kingdom was.

War was brewing, as the other dragon kingdoms certainly wouldn’t allow a kingdom such as this to expand unchecked.

Unfortunately, the destiny of the place was transforming constantly. Even if it didn't go on the warpath, it would still expand in an unimaginable fashion. That was thanks to the fact that the sage monarch magistrates were proliferating and growing more powerful.

By way of example, consider an ordinary city with a population of ten thousand people. If those people were at each other’s throats all the time, it would have a negative effect on the city as a whole. But with effective leaders to unite the city, it would not only be powerful, but it would also grow. Soon, those ten thousand inhabitants would become twenty thousand. Then thirty thousand. Eventually they would become a hundred thousand.

Throughout history, there were countless examples of tiny nations with populations of ten thousand people who could never dream of conquering a nation of a hundred thousand. That was what resulted from effective leadership.

The sage monarch magistrates used all of the most effective and ancient principles of leadership to command the people, produce goods, and expand the nation in an incomparable way.

From his place within King Heaven-Devourer’s skeletal head, Yang Qi could sense the destiny transforming over and over again, and was very pleased. If the destiny at his command could affect the essence of the Myriad Dragons Lair, then what else did he have to fear?

He could just sit back and let his territory expand.

‘The only thing I need to focus on right now is subjugating King Heaven-Devourer with the imperial snakecharms.’

Given the fact that he had just reached a psychic scale of ten billion, there was no way anyone present would be a match for him. So now he just needed to take control of the situation.


His will erupted, first taking control of the will of King Heaven-Devourer. The skeletal head became a flow of vital energy that was devoured by the imperial snakecharms, almost as if they had their own soul.

“Now take the Chiliocosm Pagoda!” Yang Qi said, and the talismans shot toward it.

In the blink of an eye, the will of the Lord of the Chiliocosm within the pagoda was shattered.

The pagoda was an amazing preheaven treasure comparable to the Everlit Godlamp. It existed in the ancient primal-chaos before the god world came to be, and was the original form of the Lord of the Chiliocosm.

In some ways, both the Chiliocosm Pagoda and the Everlit Godlamp were actually similar to the god world itself, which had also come to exist out of primal-chaos.

However, although their characteristics were similar, they were incomparable in terms of power. The god world was like a vast ocean, while the Chiliocosm Pagoda and the Everlit Godlamp were like springs of water. Obviously, the two were vastly different.

To Yang Qi, though, the Chiliocosm Pagoda was an amazing treasure that, upon being devoured, gave him access to the power of a chiliocosm of worlds. Instantly, it caused his God Legion Paradise to thrum wildly.


When the Chiliocosm Pagoda was devoured, Yang Jian shivered. It was as if he had just glimpsed a huge giant snatching the Mahātmā Jade, taking the sealing mark, then seizing both the Chiliocosm Pagoda and King Heaven-Devourer’s skull.

Then that giant turned and consumed him, causing everything to turn dark.

Time passed, although he wasn’t sure if it was a mere moment, or billions and trillions of years. Then Yang Jian regained consciousness and saw a golden throne. Of course, the throne was in the God Legion Seal, and in that moment, Yang Jian came to understand everything.

“I’ve been subjugated by the God Legion Seal....”

He was now a loyal servant to Yang Qi. After inspecting him, Yang Qi found that his psychic scale and godhood rating were both at the level of fifteen billion. If it weren’t for the will of the King of Godmammoths that Yang Qi had tapped into, even he and the Second Devil General combined would never have been able to deal with an opponent like this.

Yang Qi also knew much more about the Chiliocosm Dynasty. Yang Jian was only a second- or third-level noble there, placing him firmly under the control of the Fateless One, Yang Voidprime. Of course, Yang Qi knew that it was only a matter of time before he devoured this Yang Voidprime.

Meanwhile, Dugu Yunkong was understandably flabbergasted.

‘What exactly is happening? Why can’t I sense the aura of King Heaven-Devourer’s head anymore? And what happened to the aura of the Mahātmā Jade?’ He had been waiting to jump in and take advantage of the situation, only to see the signs of struggle within Yang Jian fade away. In fact, Yang Jian was now thrumming with a most majestic and indescribable power.

‘I have to take back King Heaven-Devourer’s head and my piece of the Mahātmā Jade!’

His instincts were telling him something was wrong, so he curled his fingers into claws and drew on the national destiny at his control to bring his treasures back to him. However, he got no response, as if those treasures no longer existed in the world.

Of course, they were now part of Yang Qi.

‘I refuse to believe this! There's no way Yang Jian subjugated everything. It’s impossible!’ Face twisted viciously, Dugu Yunkong launched a palm at Yang Jian.

“Die!” Yang Jian said, his eyes snapping open as a vortex of power sprung up around him. In that moment, he suddenly transformed into a completely different person, striking cold fear into the heart of Dugu Yunkong.

Yang Jian threw his hand out, except it was a strange hand. It lacked fingers and seemed more like the limb of a mammoth, enormously thick and pulsing with ancient power.


When their two hands smashed together, Dugu Yunkong shivered violently, and blood sprayed out of his mouth as he was thrown backward.

However, Yang Jian seemed to be in some sort of trance, as he didn’t follow through with another attack.

“Not good!” Dugu Yunkong murmured. He knew that he was now in an extremely unfavorable position. Furthermore, Yang Jian had apparently been possessed, and it seemed very likely it was by the King of Godmammoths. Fear gripping his heart, Dugu Yunkong turned to flee.

“Trying to run?” Yang Qi burst out from inside Yang Jian and gave chase.

However, at that moment, the Dragon Compendium suddenly erupted with a draconic aura, forcing him to stop and look back. Now that the King of Godmammoths’ sealing mark had vanished, the book was opening!

‘I suppose Dugu Yunkong will live. For now,’ Yang Qi thought. ‘The Dragon Compendium is opening and the Third Devil General is about to come out. He’s probably going to be stronger than the Second Devil General. He's been sealed for about the same length of time, but unlike the Second Devil General, who was constantly eaten away at, the Third Devil General has been constantly nurtured by the essence of the Dragon Compendium.’ He could sense the immense devilishness inside the book, combined with the aura of the Dragonfolk. It was building up, obviously preparing to burst out into the open.

Before, Yang Qi would never have been a match for the Third Devil General. But now he had a psychic scale and godhood rating of ten billion. He had the head of King Heaven-Devourer, the Chiliocosm Pagoda, and also the support of the Second Devil General and Yang Jian. They could probably be considered the top three figures present in the Myriad Dragons Lair, so how could they possibly not be able to deal with the Third Devil General?

“You think it's going to be that easy to earn your freedom? Dragon Compendium: Diminish!

All of a sudden, the God Legion Seal transformed into the character god!

At the same time, the Mahātmā Jade became the character devil!

When gods and devils united, everything could be crushed!

Yang Qi landed on the Dragon Compendium, suppressing its power as he caused the entire book to start shrinking down.

The roar of a devil-dragon echoed out with explosive force.

However, Yang Qi crushed the sound and simultaneously entered the book, which contained an immense world inside of it, just like the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart.

It was pitch black, and in the middle of it all was an enormous devil-dragon, whose psychic scale was clearly at the level of twenty billion! The dragon’s eyes were locked on to Yang Qi as if it was preparing an attack.

The swords were drawn and the arrows were nocked, and fighting seemed likely to play out at any moment.

“Third Devil General!” someone said.

“Second Devil General? What are you doing here? Is it really you?” Shocked, the devil-dragon suddenly shrank down into human form, and contrary to expectation, she was a petite female! She wore a gauzy black garment, and had a black veil that made her facial features hard to see.

The Third Devil General was actually female!

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