Chapter 1470: Yang Clan Devil General

The Second Devil General had been subjugated, all thanks to having reached a psychic scale of ten billion. Now he belonged to Yang Qi and would never be able to betray him. At long last, Yang Qi had a servant who was on the level of the God-Lords.

The moment the act was complete, Yang Qi sensed the destiny of the Sage Monarch Dragon Kingdom rising significantly.

After all, with the Second Devil General, the Sage Monarch Dragon Kingdom had a new consummate expert, putting it in the position to rival the experts of the Chiliocosm Dynasty and Invincible Dynasty.

People with psychic scales of ten billion could found dynasties, and in the past, had been known as God-Lords.

In the ancient halls of heaven, they had names that conformed to the pattern ‘Lord So-and-So’, and all of them were incredibly important. Yang Qi was far from reaching that level, as he currently was only at the level of five billion.

“You...” the Second Devil General said, his heart swelling with anguish.

However, there was no place in his heart for regrets, as all of his thoughts and plans were now under the control of Yang Qi. Struggling wouldn’t do any good. Countless years ago, the God-Lords had been under the control of the God Legion Seal, and even they had been unable to resist or refuse to comply with the Sovereign Lord. To them, it had been a life worse than death.

“I, the mighty Second Devil General, hero of a generation, have fallen to your traps, Yang Qi?! Were you sent by heaven above to be the bane of my existence?!” The Second Devil General's voice couldn’t have sounded more dejected.

Yang Qi snorted coldly. “If you’d just agreed to work for me, and not plotted against me, this wouldn’t have happened. Besides, you should’ve already known that I’m the favored child of heaven. I have the God Legion Seal and the Mahātmā Jade, and all other manner of magical treasures. But no, you were blinded by greed. As a result, you’ll be eternally shackled, and shall receive no pity or compassion. You are now the devil general of the Yang Clan, my servant, there to comply with my every command. Now, absorb more devil vitality and prepare to use it against Dugu Yunkong. An ambush against him now will be extremely damaging! And once we free the Third Devil General, whose cultivation base is around the same level as yours, we’ll subjugate him as well. Then I’ll have two major subordinates I can use to help conquer the Myriad Dragons Lair.”

“You're really despicable, Yang Qi.”

The Second Devil General’s hatred for Yang Qi soared to the heights of heaven, yet he was like nothing more than meat on the chopping block.

“Despicable? Maybe a little bit. In any case, my orders for now are simple. Help me with my cultivation! I already helped you heal a third of your injuries. You should be thanking me!” Trudging like the walking dead, the Second Devil General drew on his own might to create a vortex in the God Legion Paradise, which began drawing in more of the golden blood to help solidify Yang Qi’s gene chains.

Instantly, the sage monarch magistrates in the Sage Monarch Empire began proliferating at an even higher rate, reaching numbers greater than one million and one hundred thousand. Furthermore, the united destiny of the place was impossible to stop.

In the days that had passed, the golden blood continued pouring into the Dragon Compendium, until an enormous talisman was visible on its surface. It was none other than the character for mammoth. That mammoth character was suppressing the dragon inside.

The talisman continuously absorbed the essence of the Dragon Compendium and the Myriad Dragons Lair, converting it into megamammoth blood.

Eyes cold, Dugu Yunkong said, “The King of Godmammoths was incredible. He really locked down this Dragon Compendium. If we hadn’t come along, this book would never have been opened, and eventually, the King of Godmammoths would have been reborn.”

“We have to open that sealing mark!” Yang Jian said with a grim smile. “We have to wipe out that mammoth character! If I can take that sealing mark into me, I can get the most powerful type of blood there is!”

“That's right,” Dugu Yunkong said. “The mammoth character will go to you. Absorbing it will cause you to advance by leaps and bounds, and you’ll become the new King of Godmammoths. You’ll definitely have no trouble dealing with Yang Voidprime then.”

“Brother Yunkong, this was a great idea. But it’s very dangerous. Once I devour that mammoth character, my fleshly body will be clashing with the will of the King of Godmammoths. If I'm not careful, I’ll be possessed. Get ready to connect me to the will of King Heaven-Devourer. Is the fact that King Heaven-Devourer’s head is full of golden blood going to cause any problem? Will it be too sluggish to be of help?”

“Too sluggish to help?” Dugu Yunkong said with a cold smile. “Brother Yang Jian, do you really think I don’t have ways of getting King Heaven-Devourer’s head to speed up?”

“Do you?”

“Hmph! All I have to do is use an Invincible Gold Pill!” All of a sudden, a golden pill appeared on Dugu Yunkong’s palm. It was the very same pill that Yang Qi and the Second Devil General had previously drooled over, and considered trying to steal in a heist. In the end, they decided that the danger was too great, forcing them to cancel such plans.

Yet here one was in Dugu Yunkong’s hands!

It emanated a dazzling, glorious glow, making it seem like a king among medicinal pills. And its medicinal energy remained completely concentrated within the pill itself.

It was like an embodiment of some elite expert.

“Go! Invincible Gold Pill!”

Dugu Yunkong flicked his finger, and the pill shot out, entering the fanged mouth of the skeletal snake. Moments later, flesh rippled out to cover the skeletal head, then the immense aura of a primal-chaos elder-snake spread out. It seemed as though King Heaven-Devourer was actually going to be resurrected!

“Invincible Gold Pill!” Yang Jian blurted, shuffling backward with a look of shock on his face. “That's the most precious, unique pill we have in the House of the Invincible. How did you get it? Supposedly, it can be used to summon souls from the depths of the universe, and return them to where they belong. It could push an ordinary mortal all the way to the peak Paramount God level, and increase their psychic scale into the billions! That pill isn’t even supposed to be taken outside of the sect. Why did you just give it to that snake?”

“It is indeed an Invincible Gold Pill, and I only had that one. I gave it to the snake so that the primal-chaos elder-snake body of King Heaven-Devourer could take form. At least temporarily, it’ll provide a version of King Heaven-Devourer that's filled with one third of his actual will. And now, I'm going to help you suppress the King of Godmammoths, and take that talisman! What do you say? I just sacrificed an Invincible Gold Pill to help you succeed. As I said, I get the Dragon Compendium and the Myriad Dragons Lair, and you get the blood of the King of Godmammoths.

“Hurry up and decide. Once the power of the Invincible Gold Pill fades, it’ll be too late to do anything. If we haven’t succeeded at that point, this whole thing will be a failure.”

“Alright! Devour everything under heaven! Chiliocosm Pagoda!

Streams of energy flowed above Yang Jian’s head, taking the shape of a nine-story pagoda. On every story was a magical treasure that looked like a seated humanoid figure. And as soon as Yang Jian summoned it, he transformed into a beam of light that shot up to sit on the ninth level.

“It's the Chiliocosm Pagoda!” Dugu Yunkong said, his expression flickering. “I can’t believe you got the Chiliocosm Pagoda! What’s going on here? According to rumor, the Lord of the Chiliocosm existed in the preheaven primal-chaos as a pagoda, similar to how the Lord of Radiance and Light was once a lamp. Later, the Lord of the Chiliocosm shed his body, but it should still belong to him. So how did you get it?”

“You're right, Brother Yunkong. You see, before I left for this mission, the Lord of the Chiliocosm summoned me for a meeting. He knew how dangerous this venture would be, so he bestowed the Chiliocosm Pagoda upon me to keep me safe. Now that I’ve fused with it, there’s no evil that can harm me. Don’t defy me, Brother Yunkong!”

After a brief moment of shock, Dugu Yunkong calmly said, “I have no intention of defying you. Hurry up and get to work. I’ll help!”

Then, he sent the primal-chaos elder-snake rumbling toward the talisman.

‘Just as I guessed,’ Yang Qi thought. ‘He did have a secret weapon. It seems the Lord of the Chiliocosm is even involved in this matter. But he couldn't come himself. That Invincible Gold Pill is powering the primal-chaos elder-snake, and I'm going to benefit from it!’

Thanks to the burst of power from the pill, Yang Qi immediately broke through his bottleneck, his psychic scale rising past the level of five billion, and his connection to the snake growing even stronger.

‘You’re really helping me, Dugu Yunkong. That Invincible Gold Pill is making me stronger, so I suppose I should thank you. Now this head is going to be mine even sooner!’

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