Chapter 1468: Entering the Belly of the Devourer

The power of the golden liquid converged inside Yang Qi, filling the particles that made him up. His genes originated with the King of Godmammoths, and therefore, acquiring this blood made him like a tiger that had grown wings.

As he absorbed it, he started connecting to the power of the blood.

It was as if he was the successor of the ancient King of Godmammoths, and as a result, he was entering a mysterious state in which his particles turned into those of his forbear.

Now that his psychic scale and godhood rating were at four billion, he reached another level of fullness that would be impossible to break out of for the moment. However, he was still able to make use of the teleportation portal within him to send power out to his sage monarch magistrates.

Back in the Sage Monarch Dragon Kingdom, the sage monarch magistrates were again reproducing.

They didn’t achieve breakthroughs, however. All were at the level of nine hundred and ninety-nine million, nine hundred and ninety thousand, just on the verge of a billion. Once they did break through, they would be dramatically different from before. Unfortunately, that breakthrough was not going to be easy to achieve.

That said, the power of the blood was so incredible that it was similar to an Invincible Gold Pill from the House of the Invincible. And as a result, the sage monarch magistrates were splitting apart like mad.

From five hundred thousand, their numbers climbed to six hundred, seven hundred, eight hundred, and ultimately one million.

The new sage monarch magistrates didn’t just sit around twiddling their thumbs. They immediately joined the bureaucracy, helping govern the Sage Monarch Empire, which resulted in the destiny growing more pure and intense.

Because the magistrates didn't experience happiness, anger, sorrow, or joy, one might think of them as ants in terms of how they went about their work. Except even ants might fight each other, whereas the sage monarch magistrates would not. They all thought in exactly the same way, and would cooperate almost as if they were all part of the same photonic computer.

Thanks to them, the Sage Monarch Empire didn’t have any idlers.

In the past, the Dragonfolk’s kingdoms had been filled with idlers. The Dragonfolk would sit around eating, drinking, sleeping, fighting each other, or sometimes traveling. But they never accomplished anything noteworthy. They had no real concept of how to run a nation, and because of that, the destiny they produced was always very low. But now, with the magistrates running things, destiny surged and development was constantly underway.

Jadefall and the others were constantly surprised at how the sage monarch magistrates worked. Every area they managed ended up flourishing, and they had the Dragonfolk working hard at all sorts of tasks, from concocting pills to building teleportation portals and magical treasures.

Some of the Dragonfolk went out of the Myriad Dragons Lair to other locations in the god world, conquering other peoples and nations. Others set up bases in various locations.

In the immeasurably large god world, places like the Deva Dynasty numbered as many as the eternal sands, so as the Dragonfolk conquered them, they led to large increases in destiny.

The sage monarch magistrates also set up schools of learning in the Sage Monarch Dragon Kingdom in order to teach their ways. And with more qualified officials beside them, managing things was even easier.

The destiny improved on a daily basis.

“Eight hundred thousand. Eight hundred and thirty thousand. Eight hundred and fifty thousand. Nine hundred thousand.” Yang Immortal-Slayer was constantly checking the destiny valuation, and as the days passed, it rose higher and higher.


At a certain point, the sage monarch magistrates’ numbers blew past a million. Shockingly, the destiny valuation reached the same number!

“I think the time has come to start conquering more dragon kingdoms,” Yang Immortal-Slayer said. “The Sage Monarch Dragon Kingdom has rested and built up resources for long enough. And Yang Qi can't be expected to handle all of the expansion on his own. In places like the House of the Invincible or the House of the Chiliocosm, subordinates are the ones that go out waging war, not patriarchs. That's the way to run a nation. And with passions high on the warpath, the destiny will only get better.”

“That's right,” Jadefall said. “I completely agree. Let’s wage war! Let’s start by taking out the nearest dragon kingdoms. Look at the map here. There's a plain of flesh and blood over here that seems even more impressive than our mountains or sea. The converged flesh and blood is particularly stable there. It's called the Blood-Diamond Dragon Kingdom.”

By now, everyone knew that the more stable the flesh and blood was in the Myriad Dragons Lair, the better the kingdom would be.

In some locations deep in the lair, Dragonfolk could just sleep on the ground and absorb the power of the flesh and blood to improve their cultivation base.

“Fine. Onto the warpath!”

The commands were given, and the Sage Monarch Dragon Kingdom burst into action, heading off to wage war.

“Excellent. Most excellent!” Back in the golden river of blood, Yang Qi sensed what was happening and nodded in approval. He was glad that his empire was organic in nature, and didn’t need him there to micromanage everything. And waging war was one of the best ways to keep an empire healthy.

He was completely confident that his forces would come out on top. His people were a well-oiled machine that the chaotic dragon kingdoms couldn’t possibly compare to.

He continued to focus on absorbing the golden blood and using it to create more sage monarch magistrates.

Rumble. Rumble....

All of a sudden, he gained deeper enlightenment of certain aspects of the King of Godmammoths, and his psychic scale and godhood rating climbed to four point one billion.

Around that time, Yang Qi and the Second Devil General suddenly felt something tugging at them! In the blink of an eye, they were sucked into the mouth of the enormous skeletal snake head.

‘It finally worked!’ Yang Qi thought. ‘We're inside the mouth of King Heaven-Devourer’s head!’ He opened his eyes and probed his cultivation base increase. Right now, he knew that he could actually best the Second Devil General in open conflict. But now wasn’t the time for that. Looking around, he could see that he was inside a virtual god world made of pure gold. It was like he was in the belly of King Heaven-Devourer!

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Deathblade's Thoughts

I left out a rather lengthy passage in this chapter that literally just explains the sage monarch magistrates again. I kept a few lines in to recap, but there are several paragraphs that just reiterate their basic qualities and explain how they are the ultimate administrators, leading to better destiny.