Chapter 1467: The Head of King Heaven-Devourer

Dugu Yunkong was planning to use King Heaven-Devourer’s head to push his cultivation to a higher level! The head was devouring the surrounding windstorms, which were psychic tempests created by the will of the King of Godmammoths.

Of course, it couldn’t fully assimilate them. That would only be possible with the God Legion Seal and the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth. But it could temporarily suppress them.

Unfortunately, the difference in power levels between Yang Qi and these two was too immense. At the moment, he couldn’t take any action against them. Even one of them alone would be more than a match for both Yang Qi and the Second Devil General working together.

For now, they had to bide their time and wait for the right moment.

And that moment was quickly approaching. Right now, they were completely unprepared, and just about to undo the sealing mark of the King of Godmammoths. Striking at that time would be the best moment to hurt them badly.

“King Heaven-Devourer, make your move!” Dugu Yunkong said loudly. “Devour this river of golden blood. All of my cultivation in life has led me to this very point!” He waved his hand, and the enormous skeletal head shifted to face the river, which it then started devouring.

“By the way, Brother Yunkong,” Yang Jian said, “what happens if our actions here get the attention of Dragonfolk experts? If they attack us when we're distracted, we could really get hurt.”

“It’s not as simple as you make it sound. For all intents and purposes, no one else can come to this location. If they could, the Dragonfolk would already have come. Before you and I agreed to work together, not even I could have made this trip. So what are you worried about? There’s definitely no way anyone can interfere.”

“True. The psychic tempests around here are extremely deadly. Without the Mahātmā Jade and the will of the boundless True Devil, I have no idea how anyone could come here. Yet, for some reason, I feel like there’s some deadly power out there.”

“In that case, give me a hand. Pour some of your vital energy into me so that I can power King Heaven-Devourer’s head. With the two of us working together, we're like two ancient God-Lords. We can definitely handle this sealing mark! If we couldn’t, it would be the worst joke in the world!”

Yang Jian seemed hesitant, but at the same time, he knew he couldn’t defy Dugu Yunkong’s wishes, otherwise he might end up getting stuck here.

Exhaling, he sent a stream of vital energy into the skeletal head, which lurched back and forth, a magical symbol glittering on its forehead as it pulsed with a destructive aura.


It inhaled, and golden river water flowed into it in massive waves.

“Who is that!? Who is profaning my mighty will?

“Who are you? Who is stirring the sleeping spirit of the dead?

“Who are you? Who is trampling on my power?

“Who are you? Who is violating the ancient natural laws?”

All of a sudden, immensely powerful magical symbols erupted from the golden water, slamming into Dugu Yunkong and Yang Jian, sending them staggering backward. Their defensive empyrean energies were cracked; apparently, not even they could stand up to an attack from the golden river.

“Dammit, why is it this strong?” Dugu Yunkong shouted. “Invincible Whisper!

His voice pierced out, slamming into the psychic tempest created by the river. But the only result was that the sound attack collapsed.

Invincible God Voice!” Magical symbols erupted from his mouth and rushed forth to stop the psychic tempest. At the same time, he said, “King Heaven-Devourer, devour all of this! Snakes devour mammoths!

The snake's eyes burned with intense green fire as it lunged back and forth, devouring everything in the area.

‘This is awesome!’ Yang Qi thought. The chaos being created by these two people was enabling him to inhale a lot of the golden water and vapor, thus helping him refine and perfect his gene chains. As he stood next to the river bank, gold liquid flowed into him without cease.

His power climbed constantly.

Two point one billion. Two point three billion. Two point five billion. Three billion. His godhood rating and psychic scale climbed in dramatic bursts of hundreds of millions. Yang Qi had an advantage over Dugu Yunkong in that he could actually assimilate the golden blood of the King of Godmammoths. All Dugu Yunkong could do with it was take it away, study it, and possibly concoct it into some medicinal pills.

Meanwhile, as endless amounts of golden liquid poured into King Heaven-Devourer’s skeletal head, it slowly turned a golden color.

“Come on, Second Devil General,” Yang Qi said. “Let’s jump into this river.”

“What? Are you crazy? That stuff will melt me! I’ll die if I jump in there! Don’t you know that the blood of godmammoths is the absolute bane of all Devilfolk? It doesn’t matter how strong of a devil you’re talking about, that liquid will melt us away. Years ago, the King of Godmammoths was said to have the most destructive blood in all existence.”

“I have a way to keep you safe. Absorbing this blood is helping me to gain enlightenment of the maxim snakes devour mammoths. With the protection of the God Legion Seal, you’ll be completely safe. And in the river, we can wait for the right moment to take action. I have an idea for how to really screw Dugu Yunkong over.” Yang Qi chuckled darkly at the thought of it.

“What’s the idea?” the Second Devil General asked quizzically.

“Simple. As that skeletal head turns more and more golden, it’ll reach the point where Dugu Yunkong will have trouble controlling it. Under normal circumstances, I’d never have been able to do anything about it. But this situation is unique. So we wait in the water where they have no idea of our presence. Eventually, the head will devour us, and once I'm inside, I’ll use my imperial snakecharms to connect with the discarnate will of King Heaven-Devourer. Once that happens, the head will become mine, and I’ll benefit in ways I can't even predict. Then, Dugu Yunkong and his friend will be toast!”

The Second Devil General’s eyes lit up with surprise, and he nodded. “That’s not a bad idea. He’s using that head like an out-of-body incarnation, a second nascent divinity. So normally speaking, you couldn’t just take it from him. But given the circumstances, maybe this is a good opportunity.”

“Exactly. Come, let’s head into the river. I’ll continue working on my cultivation, and you just wait patiently and don’t do anything to attract attention.”

“You underestimate me, boy. Do you really think I can’t read the circumstances!? If I did anything to ‘attract attention’ in that river, I'd just end up dead!”

Nodding, Yang Qi used the God Legion Seal to create a protective barrier around the Second Devil General, then they jumped into the river. Immediately, they could sense the immense power of the river crushing onto them, making them feel like they had been squished flat. It actually reminded Yang Qi of the flatverse.

The Second Devil General felt as if his mind and soul were filled with howls. And his body seemed like it might explode at any moment, with cracks opening up on his skin that flowed with blood.

Devil Cocoon!” Howling, he summoned a blood-colored cocoon to surround himself.

Even though he was protected by the God Legion Seal, the surrounding liquid was so powerful that even being near it was dangerous to him.

“This is amazing!” Yang Qi murmured as he sensed the powerful magical laws around him. With every moment, the gene chains in him were being perfected and growing stronger. And as they became more complete, his godhood rating and psychic scale climbed to four billion!

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