Chapter 1463: Most Powerful Genes

The genetic chains of the King of Godmammoths, which were truly the most powerful genes in existence, still only existed in illusory form, hovering in the God Legion Paradise almost like a primary natural law of the dao of heaven. But even in that form, it still filled Yang Qi with an immense sensation of power.

He had to wonder if the genetic chains would improve as he got closer to the actual sealing mark.

As he absorbed them, far away in the Sage Monarch Dragon Kingdom, his five hundred thousand sage monarch magistrates shivered as their own genetic material transformed, and they shot to an inconceivably higher level, much to the shock of the ordinary government officials.

After all, their enlightenment corresponded to Yang Qi’s enlightenment.


The magistrates’ muscles rippled as they grew stronger and taller, and their auras thrummed with destructive energy. This was a dramatic change to their life force and substructure, and had nothing to do with their cultivation base.

They were like rabbits transforming into tigers.

The sage monarch magistrates had started out as combinations of ancient angels and martial-god soldier-kings, as well as certain other types of thralls. Later, as Yang Qi gained further enlightenment, they became more and more perfect, transforming in numerous ways.


As the cosmic aura of the dao of heaven flowed through each and every magistrate, a projection of the King of Godmammoths appeared on their foreheads. And as they breathed, it was as if they could inhale the powerful essence of the god world itself.

What was power? Few people could explain in detail, let alone understand what it represented. But the sage monarch magistrates had finally touched on the true root of power.

As a result, they were experiencing explosive growth.

Before, they had been mid Paramount Gods with psychic scales and godhood ratings of ten million. That alone was hardly enough to govern the entire Sage Monarch Empire. But now they were transforming and growing on a fundamental level. Ten million. Twenty million. Thirty million. They were undergoing changes that defied description.

They were almost like clones of the King of Godmammoths, each of them capable of tapping into his great and mighty power.

In the end, each sage monarch magistrate reached the level of ninety million, placing them at the limit of the mid Paramount God level. They were just shy of a hundred million, which would make them equivalent to Patriarch Deva.

In the House of the Invincible, people like that could serve as viceroys. And now, they were definitely in the position to maintain order in the Sage Monarch Dragon Kingdom.

In fact, they could probably govern a place ten times as large.

Yang Qi was now in a position to expand his territory. And once he started taking over more kingdoms in the Myriad Dragons Lair, it would lead to a snowball effect.

‘My friends and family shall also gain enlightenment of the King of Godmammoths’ power!’

There was no way Yang Qi would forget his closest brethren.

Jadefall, Yang Doom, Yang Proudworld, the Shepherd... all of them were making constant progress thanks to the destiny they had access to. And most of them were on the verge of breakthroughs. Ever since Yang Qi had joined the House of the Invincible, they had been in a much better position, as they were able to benefit from what he shared with them.


Yang Immortal-Slayer was the first to reach a higher level. He had monarch godhood, which made things immeasurably harder for him. But now that he gained this new enlightenment, his psychic scale and godhood started climbing rapidly.

“I'm finally stepping into the late Paramount God level!” Brahma shivered as he absorbed the destiny and screaming winds from the King of Godmammoths. In the blink of an eye, his Cardinal Grand Brahman Five Phases Energy Arts caused the true preheaven five phases to stir within him.

Next came the Shepherd, Yang Proudworld, Yang Doom, and more. All of them broke into the late Paramount God level, the same as Patriarch Deva.

“My dear brethren,” Yang Qi said via projection, “just wait until I finish my work in the heart of the Myriad Dragons Lair. Then I’ll secure viceroyships for all of you in the House of the Invincible, giving you access to even more destiny, and faster cultivation speed.”

They all nodded. In the meantime, they would use their newfound strength to help administer things in the Sage Monarch Dragon Kingdom, helping Yang Qi to improve the destiny of the place.

Looking at the net of law and the surging destiny, Jadefall murmured, “To think that, not long ago, Yang Qi was out over the open ocean, subjugating the Crystalline Turtle Shell Kingdom. Back then, the destiny valuation of the Sage Monarch Empire was one. I wonder what it is now.”

“I wouldn't be surprised if it’s in the tens of thousands!” the Shepherd said. “The Sage Monarch Dragon Kingdom is far, far superior to that Crystalline Turtle Shell Kingdom.”

“From what I can tell,” Yang Immortal-Slayer said, “I have more power from the Cruiser of Civilization. Its destiny systems are very profound, and I’m on the verge of being able to imitate them.” Even as he spoke, an enormous spinning wheel appeared above his head, which then assessed the destiny of the Sage Monarch Empire.

“Eight hundred thousand!”

“Simply amazing! The valuation is at eight hundred thousand! In only a few months, not even a year, we went from one to eight hundred thousand!”

“What does that count for, though? Our empire is weak compared to the House of the Invincible. I wonder what their valuation is. Can you assess them?”

“They’re impossible to assess at the moment. I would guess their valuation is beyond eighty billion. Who knows, it could even be eight hundred billion. Comparing us to them would be like comparing a drop of water to the ocean. Not even all of the Dragonfolk in the Myriad Dragons Lair put together could fight them.”

“Well, let’s just hope Yang Qi succeeds.”

“Just look at everything he's done so far. When has he ever failed? When has he ever let us down?”

All of Yang Qi’s brethren were very excited to see things progress. Meanwhile, he was piercing through the tempest winds, benefiting the entire way. The gains from the King of Godmammoths’ genes made this place superior even to the halls of heaven.

This was real cultivation.


All of a sudden, a piercing howl of grief reached them. It was that of a dragon, so powerful it seemed capable of crushing everything in its path.

“What's causing that cry?” Yang Qi said, shaken. “Don’t tell me it’s the Third Devil General.”

“It is,” the Second Devil General said excitedly. “That’s the voice of the Third Devil General, the ultimate ancestor of all devil-dragons. I can sense the Dragon Compendium up ahead!”

“He must be extremely weak at this point. Even you were nearly crushed into powder after being imprisoned for so long.”

“The Third Devil General is actually under the protection of the Dragon Compendium. Even though the book is a prison, the general is the ancestor of devil-dragons, buddha dragons, sage dragons, god dragons, and all of that. And the Dragon Compendium is an ancient item from primal-chaos, which gave birth to many dragon patriarchs. It was originally the ultimate lair for dragons, designed to protect them.

“But when the Dragonfolk sided with us Devilfolk, and of course the Demonfolk as well, the True Devil and Demon Master looked kindly on the Dragon Compendium, and blessed it. Because of that, the King of Godmammoths couldn't destroy it. You see, it's on par with the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart. King Immortal-Slayer was really incredible to have created that chart. After all, the Dragon Compendium is a preheaven item, while the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart is a postheaven creation. To create something that could rival a preheaven creation like the Dragon Compendium just shows how in tune he was with the will of the god world.”

“Look! There it is! The Dragon Compendium!

Up ahead, Yang Qi saw an enormous book floating right in the middle of the deadly tempests.

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