Chapter 1462: King of Godmammoths’ Sealing Mark

Kingdoms proliferated in the deeper areas of the Myriad Dragons Lair. Yang Qi and the Second Devil General had to be very careful not to make any wrong moves. They could sense almighty Dragonfolk experts who had psychic scales of ten billion or more in this area. They were boundless old-timers that the Second Devil General and Yang Qi didn’t necessarily have to fear in a fight, but at the same time, couldn't afford to tangle with.

They were experts best left alone.

‘These kingdoms are huge,’ Yang Qi thought. ‘One of these days, I'm going to help myself to all of these juicy morsels.’

He was currently contemplating the best way to further his cultivation. Going into seclusion and meditating to pass obstacles was probably the stupidest and worst ways to advance one’s cultivation. Establishing and conquering kingdoms was the true way to benefit from universal fortune and reach an invincible level.

Yang Qi didn’t just travel along blithely. He kept his eyes and ears open, and his senses active. As such, as they traveled deeper into the Myriad Dragons Lair, he sensed a heaven-destroying, earth-extinguishing power deeper in, something that came from the same source as the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth.

It was the sealing mark of the King of Godmammoths.

The King of Godmammoths had truly been invincible, and strong enough to even shake the Sovereign Lord. He was the full concentration of the power of the legion of gods and the Sovereign Lord, and could crush hells, smash devils, support the halls of heaven, and prop up heaven and earth.

After passing too many kingdoms to count, they reached an area in the Myriad Dragons Lair that had such a violent and amazing aura that not even Dragonfolk old-timers would dare to come here.

Wind screamed and fire raged in what was a barren and desolate desert, with no dragon kingdoms anywhere to be seen.

‘Up ahead is the blood sealing mark from the King of Godmammoths,’ Yang Qi thought.

“Amazing,” the Second Devil General said as he stood at the edge of the screaming winds. To him, it felt as if his defensive empyrean energy was being battered by millions upon millions of megamammoths, making it difficult to stand in place.

For Yang Qi, it was different. Although the winds touched him, he was filled with the aura of the God Legion Seal, and by extension, his blood pulsed with the power of the King of Godmammoths.

Ordinary people who came here, even old-timers from the Dragonfolk, would be shredded into dust.

Not even the Second Devil General was able to stand up to it.

His cultivation base was on par with the Lord of Radiance and Light, but the Lord of Radiance and Light hadn’t even been close to being as strong as the King of Godmammoths. In terms of raw strength, the King of Godmammoths was unparalleled in the god world. Not even the Sovereign Lord could match up.

Of course, the Sovereign Lord had drawn on so many great daos that they rivaled the eternal sands, using that universal might to create the King of Godmammoths.

As the energies related to the King of Godmammoths smashed into the Second Devil General, his power started draining rapidly and he roared, “Yang Qi, hurry up and shield me with the power of the God Legion Seal!”

“Sure thing.” Yang Qi sent out a stream of golden light that surrounded the general and kept the wind from hurting him.

At long last, he realized why the Second Devil General had been so dead set on keeping his help. The truth was that you had to have the God Legion Seal to enter the heart of the Myriad Dragons Lair. Getting to the Dragon Compendium any other way would be virtually impossible. That was one reason why not even the old-timers from the Dragonfolk had ever seriously considered trying to get to the book.

“I kept my word, Second Devil General. And now I'm going to give you some permanent power from the God Legion Seal. It won’t fade away. Cultivate it, and you’ll be able to fend off this wind.”

He waved his hand, causing golden light to flow out and turn into a talisman filled with swirling daoist techniques and images of godmammoths.

It floated over and landed on the Second Devil General’s palm.

The Second Devil General took it and sent some power inside to fuse with it. He nodded. “Not bad, Yang Qi. It seems you've changed. Instead of pulling tricks, you’re actually helping me. I was worried you’d just give some temporary help, then take it away in a critical moment, leaving me stranded.”

Yang Qi snorted coldly and clasped his hands behind his back. “You really make me out to be a lot more villainous than I am. I only plot against people who plot against me first. Treat me honestly, and I’ll do the same to you.”

“Fine. Count this as our first time helping each other without ulterior motives.”

“In that case, let’s get in there and free the Third Devil General. I have a feeling this is going to work out perfectly.”

The two were finally starting to develop a bit of trust between each other. The basis of trust was strength, and now that Yang Qi could stand up to the Second Devil General, the two of them were able to negotiate an agreement.

With that, they stepped into the screaming wind and were instantly surrounded by such destructive force that they could hardly see their hands in front of their faces.

They were surrounded in all directions by what seemed like the weeping of ghosts and wailing of gods. All of a sudden, an ancient megamammoth appeared, formed completely from wind, its trunk flailing about violently.


This was an aura that could blast suns and moons, and tear stars out of the sky. And it was fully focused on Yang Qi and the Second Devil General. The Second Devil General was nearly scared out of his mind, but Yang Qi was actually enjoying himself. After all, he was able to simply absorb the aura of the King of Godmammoths, then use it for his benefit.

His genes had reached an incredible level, and while he had been able to absorb the aura of King Heaven-Devourer, King Immortal-Slayer, and many of the other seventy-two monarchs in the past, he hadn’t had occasion to acquire any of the aura of the King of Godmammoths.

As Yang Qi got closer to the destructive blood sealing mark of the King of Godmammoths, he used the God Legion Seal to absorb that aura and turn it into gene chains.

They were gene chains containing the genetic blueprint of the King of Godmammoths!

Normally speaking, the King of Godmammoths was so powerful, and so genetically complex, that duplicating him would be impossible. But with the aura of this blood seal, Yang Qi was able to begin replicating his genes and prying into his deepest secrets.

An illusory genetic chain was now visible in the God Legion Paradise.

It was different from an ordinary genetic chain, as it was made up of countless particles, each of which resembled a taiji symbol, with black representing hell, white representing the halls of heaven, and a golden line separating the halves.

These genes were the ultimate expression of perfection, and there was nothing in the god world that could surpass them genetically.

Yang Qi was benefiting immensely from this trip into the Myriad Dragons Lair. After all, where else could he have acquired the invincible and perfect genes of the King of Godmammoths?

‘Such incredible genes. I've really struck it rich this time! Although I'm strong, my strength isn't consolidated. But now, with these genetic chains, things will be different. Furthermore, I can also alter the genes of the sage monarch magistrates so that they surpass the ancient angels!’

The truth was that, despite having combined the Everlit Godlamp, Cruiser of Civilization, and other magical treasures, their power required constant attention to keep control of. They weren’t truly united.

His body was like a kingdom with various competing interest groups that resulted in an overall weakness. But now that he had the genetic chains of the King of Godmammoths, he could use them to create an overarching structure that could consolidate both his strength and that of the sage monarch magistrates.

Although they weren’t complete, based on what Yang Qi now knew of the King of Godmammoths, he would be able to cultivate and improve them going forward.

“What a powerful tempest,” the Second Devil General said, looking at the gusts of wind that resembled powerful megamammoths. Without the protection of the God Legion Seal, he would definitely have been crushed out of existence.

“I never would’ve imagined that the King of Godmammoths would leave behind such strong blood and life force even after his death. No wonder the True Devil clashed with him unsuccessfully so many times. What a fool the Sovereign Lord was. He eventually turned on the King of Godmammoths, killing his most powerful servant. If it wasn’t for the King of Godmammoths perishing, perhaps the halls of heaven would still have control over the god world in general.” However arrogant and conceited the Second Devil General was, he still admired the King of Godmammoths. After all, his own superior, the True Devil, who commanded the combined godpower of hell, had fought the King of Godmammoths many times, yet failed to defeat him.

The King of Godmammoths was like the backbone of the legion of gods, and it was his power that kept the horde of devils in check.

He really was the one who propped up heaven and earth.

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