Chapter 1461: Sudden Hostility

The Second Devil General had turned very hostile.

He simply couldn’t stand how Yang Qi toyed with him, treating him like a foolish monkey. After all, he was the grand and mighty Second Devil General! Even ordinary people wouldn't tolerate such treatment, much less him. Ever since he had come to the Myriad Dragons Lair, he had been treated like nothing more than hired labor. He hadn’t benefited at all, because Yang Qi had taken everything. For example, Yang Qi now controlled two dragon kingdoms, and everyone in them were his subordinates.

He had taken all of the destiny, refused to share a bit, and had even revealed the details about the Third Devil General.

The fact that Yang Qi knew about the Third Devil General made it more than plain that he had been playing the Second Devil General like a fiddle.

Devilishness erupted.

“Hold on!” Yang Qi shouted. “Do you really want to make this a battle to the death, Second Devil General? Don't you want to free the Third Devil General? Maybe you’re strong enough to resist the God Legion Seal, but that doesn’t mean you have what it takes to kill me. Why get in such a pointless fight?”

The Second Devil General stopped. “What? You still want to help me free the Third Devil General?”

“Why wouldn’t I? Maybe it’ll be a bit dangerous, but I also want to get the Dragon Compendium. You can see for yourself how much destiny these two dragon kingdoms have provided. If I could control all of the kingdoms in the Myriad Dragons Lair, just think of how amazing it would be. With the entire lair under the control of my sage monarch magistrates, I wouldn’t have anything to fear from the House of the Invincible. You see, I'm already connected to the halls of heaven. They’ll be mine eventually, and with them, combined with the Myriad Dragons Lair, I might even be able to crush the Central Dynasty. If freeing the Third Devil General is what I need to do to get the Myriad Dragons Lair, then that's what I’ll do. And then I’ll rock the entire god world. Any other path will involve us being little more than roving bandits, causing mischief here and there. We wouldn’t even be considered warlords. You don’t want to be a random stray dog, do you, Second Devil General? The truth is that I was the one who saved you from the Bastille of the One God, and ever since then your fate has become tied to me. So what exactly are you making such a big fuss over? This is all about personal interest. That’s what binds the two of us together. Why should we be trying to fight and kill each other? And that's even more the case, considering that neither of us can kill the other. So why not work together? We’ve been lying to and scamming each other this entire time. Let’s just join forces!”

“You're as glib-tongued as ever boy. But do you really think you can fool me again?” The Second Devil General knew that, because of the God Legion Seal, he couldn't kill Yang Qi. He hadn’t been able to before, and going forward, it would be even less possible.

Fighting was meaningless.

“There’s no fooling going on,” Yang Qi said. “Fooling isn’t scheming. You were scheming against me, I was scheming against you. Parting ways with me isn’t going to help the situation. Remember, I'm the one who got you the destiny of the House of the Invincible. Without me, you’d be stuck in that regard.”

“Aren’t you worried I might spread word that you have the God Legion Seal?” All of a sudden, it seemed the Second Devil General was trying to resort to threats.

“Of course I’m worried about that,” Yang Qi replied coldly. “That’s why I want to talk this out right here and now. Look, I already have an agreement with the purrling and King Immortal-Slayer regarding how to deal with you. And that’s why I'm just putting all my cards on the table.”

“You’re worried? How come I don't sense even a scrap of worry in your voice?” The Second Devil General frowned, not quite willing to buy Yang Qi’s explanation. It would have made a lot more sense if Yang Qi listed out some complicated reasons as to why he wasn’t worried. But for him to coldly say that he was worried just seemed too suspicious. Ever since he’d started working with Yang Qi, he had been played over and over again. Truth be told, he was deeply afraid of Yang Qi’s plots.

“How about this,” Yang Qi said. “I know a lot of secrets about the halls of heaven now. Why don’t I take you there one day? There are all sorts of medicinal pills to be had, as well as plenty of other things. You find something that you can use, and I’ll do everything I can to make sure you get it and restore yourself to your previous level of power and glory. I don’t want there to be any hostility between us. Having you as a friend would be much better than having you as an enemy. You see, I still have to deal with the Central Dynasty and Proud Central. He’s a ruthlessly ambitious fellow who wants to assimilate the Great Necropolis and bring about calamity to you, me, and everyone else in the god world.”

“I don't trust anything you say anymore,” the Second Devil General said.

“I can’t do anything about that,” Yang Qi replied. “If you want to free the Third Devil General, you need to accept the God Legion Seal. I don’t want to fight you, Second Devil General, but if you leak word about the seal, I’ll have no choice. I’d rather be friends. And if you feel you can’t trust me, we could just become sworn brothers.”

“Sworn brothers? Don’t you know who I am, boy!?” the Second Devil General turned up his nose.

“If you don’t want to, then forget it. Just remember, I'm offering to actually work with you. You’d better consider it well.”

“We can work together. But under the following conditions. First, I'm not going to help you subjugate any more dragon kingdoms. You have to do that yourself. Second, we have to go to the heart of the Myriad Dragons Lair immediately to unseal the Dragon Compendium and free the Third Devil General.”

“No problem,” Yang Qi replied. “I'm curious to see what kind of sealing mark the King of Godmammoths left behind, and what sort of aura it has.”

“In that case, let’s go,” the Second Devil General said.

The two of them flew into the air.

Yang Qi left his five hundred thousand sage monarch magistrates behind to manage the Sage Monarch Dragon Kingdom. With the destiny there, and the connection to the halls of heaven, they would continue rapidly propagating.

And thanks to the sage monarch magistrates constantly increasing in numbers, the destiny in the Sage Monarch Dragon Kingdom constantly grew, such that Yang Qi didn’t need to be there to watch over things.

And given the level of his cultivation base, he didn’t need attendants, not even his own thralls.

With the Cruiser of Civilization as his brain, the Mahātmā Jade as part of his thoughts, and the Everlit Godlamp as his body, he was something the likes of which had ever existed in all history. And he could tap into the halls of heaven at will.

His psychic scale and godhood rating were currently at two billion, but they would continue rising. He was at the peak of the Paramount God level with peak Unbounded will convergence, making his potential as vast as the sea.

As long as he continued this path of cultivation, and continued to harvest destiny and godly might, the numbers would climb to four, eight, ten, and then dozens of billions. Eventually, he would pass the Unbounded level and step into the half Annulled level.

Supposedly, once in the half Annulled level, it wasn’t necessary to even refer to psychic scale or godhood rating.

After all, in that level, everything was annulled, and one became so powerful they entered an entirely different realm.

Furthermore, as the ultimate leader of the Myriad Dragons Lair, he would be able to benefit from a constant influx of destiny that would boost his fighting prowess to unimaginable levels.

That was why he wasn't worried about the current situation. If the Second Devil General couldn’t do anything to him, who could? Also, he had the feeling that, although the depths of the Myriad Dragons Lair were going to be dangerous, he was certain he would benefit dramatically.

This time, he and the Second Devil General were truly going deep into the lair.

Along the way, they saw endless vistas of flesh and blood. And as they got deeper in, that flesh and blood stopped wriggling and twitching, instead becoming so solid it seemed almost metallic.

Metallic flesh and blood!

Mountains, rivers, streams, lakes, oceans, continents, marshes... all of them were made of metallic flesh and blood, with so much vital energy they completely surpassed the ocean of blood and the mountains of flesh from the two kingdoms he had already conquered.

There were truly mighty kingdoms in this area.

As they traveled, Yang Qi realized that they were passing thousands of kingdoms, none of them smaller than the Sage Monarch Dragon Kingdom. And some of them were ten times bigger. It was little wonder this place was the true foundation of the Dragonfolk in the god world. And the kingdoms here were all at odds, and constantly fighting each other.

Once he conquered all of these places, creating an organization like the House of the Invincible wouldn't be a problem at all.

‘Incredible. Completely incredible. The Myriad Dragons Lair is huge!’ It was so big he wasn’t even sure how to gauge its exact size. Everything was made from flesh and blood, and he knew that if he took these places for his own, the influx of destiny would be unthinkable.

To do that, though, he needed to strengthen the Sage Monarch Dragon Kingdom and get more sage monarch magistrates. He would need millions or tens of millions of them before he could consider any true expansion. After all, if he conquered these places, but couldn't govern them, it wouldn’t do any good.

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