Chapter 1460: Sage Monarch Dragon Kingdom

At long last, Yang Qi had broken through to the peak Paramount God level. His psychic scale and godhood rating were both at two billion, and they were continuing to grow.

Even more importantly, his cultivation base was climbing continuously, as if it was grasping at something profoundly mysterious. He had combined the profundities of the Mahātmā Jade, Everlit Godlamp, and Cruiser of Civilization into himself, making him neither a magical treasure, god item, or power double. It was more like he was an embodiment of the natural laws of the dao of heaven.

Within him, in the depths of the God Legion Paradise, the Sage Monarch Empire existed in peace and prosperity.

Furthermore, every breath he took allowed endless streams of primal-chaos paleo-energy to enter him and flow into the God Legion Paradise, there to be broken down to naturally create unique treasures, bizarre creatures, and even devils.

The god world had been created out of primal-chaos paleo-energy, so with enough energy and psychic power, it could be used to create anything and everything.

Yang Qi was acting as the Creator.

The Cruiser of Civilization had functions that allowed for the refinement of primal-chaos paleo-energy, and could use it to create precious materials of heaven and earth. And Yang Qi had fully assimilated the cruiser, giving him thoughts, flesh, and blood that were expressions of civilization. However, his ability to use the functions of the cruiser for creative purposes surpassed anything the cruiser had been designed to do, since he had also fused with the Everlit Godlamp and the Mahātmā Jade, and could tap into the essence of the Myriad Dragons Lair.

He was his own heaven and earth, like a minor god world that could constantly produce new things and peoples.

However, he was very different from an ordinary god kingdom.

God kingdoms were standalone dimensions that couldn’t produce precious materials of heaven and earth, such as veins of ore that could be mined and stockpiled. Furthermore, any ordinary god kingdom that left the god world would eventually cease to exist.

As the ancient saying elucidated: just sitting and eating, one can deplete even a mountain of wealth.

Yang Qi’s God Legion Paradise was different. It could produce things straight out of primal-chaos paleo-energy, which meant it didn’t need a connection to the god world to survive.

Of course, it couldn’t produce precious materials as quickly as the god world could.

The god world could produce precious materials without end. Every moment that passed saw the creation of such things, and it happened automatically.

Yang Qi obviously couldn’t compare.

Most important of all were the transformations to the God Legion Seal. His connection to the halls of heaven had grown tighter and more distinct, and the power flowing into him allowed the sage monarch magistrates to propagate more. In the blink of an eye, they split apart to the point where their numbers climbed to five hundred thousand.

With that many magistrates, it was now possible for him to thoroughly run and control the dragon kingdom he had.

“Go,” he said, and the sage monarch magistrates became dazzling streams of light that shot into the Sage Monarch Dragon Kingdom like meteors catching up to the moon. As orders were transmitted and enforced, the destiny that Yang Qi was constantly absorbing slowly changed. Impurities were extruded, and it gradually became clearer and clearer.

It was like a turbid flood of water descending from a mountain that eventually became an enormous, crystal-clear river.

The destiny was slowly reaching the point of perfection.

Seeing this, the Second Devil General licked his lips and thought, ‘What are the limits of the boy's sage monarch magistrates? The destiny of the Sage Monarch Dragon Kingdom is growing stronger and clearer by the moment. Just what exactly is it doing to his psychic power? And it's a virtuous cycle that’s only improved now that he's reached the peak level. He should be able to free me from the God Legion Seal now. Let’s see what he has to say about that....’

“Yang Qi!” he roared.

“What?” Yang Qi replied as he watched the Sage Monarch Dragon Kingdom growing stronger and purer.

“You’re a peak Paramount God now. Your cultivation base is incredible. So now you need to keep your word and free me from the God Legion Seal. You absolutely, positively mustn’t go back on your word, otherwise I’ll just outright destroy this dragon kingdom you've worked so hard to build!”

“Oh?” Yang Qi said, smiling. “Tell me, Second Devil General. When did I swear an oath to free you when I was a peak Paramount God?”

“Damn you, boy!” the Second Devil General shouted, so angry he was nearly coughing up blood. Furious that Yang Qi was apparently going back on his word, he unleashed his devil voice, causing everything to tremble violently. The Sage Monarch Dragon Kingdom was unaffected, however, it had already produced a destiny so powerful that it had an enormous draconic net of law.

All of a sudden, a strange omen appeared, as the united will of all living beings in the Sage Monarch Dragon Kingdom converged, causing a huge boost in destiny.

Bam! Bang! Boom!

The devil voice slammed into the net of law, but couldn’t pierce through it into the Sage Monarch Dragon Kingdom.

That was the power of destiny.

Truth be told, it was somewhat weak. If the Second Devil General had attacked the net of law in the House of the Invincible, it would have fought back and possibly sucked him inside.

That wasn’t even to mention what the Central Dynasty could do.

“What do you think?” Yang Qi asked. “The dao of devils doesn’t use destiny, so even if your magical powers were stronger, it wouldn’t help you understand it more. Destiny can interfere with psychic powers and corporeal objects, and in this case, even natural laws. After combining these two great dragon kingdoms, I've ensured that anyone who tries breaking in will suffer a counterattack equivalent to my own strength combined with the destinies of the two kingdoms. If you want to fight me, it won’t be as easy as you think. Furthermore, the time has come to form a full throne for you in the God Legion Seal.”


All of a sudden, the throne representing the Second Devil General in the God Legion Seal began twitching and transforming.

“Have a death wish!?” the Second Devil General shouted. “How dare you try fully sealing me. I’ll crush you!”

Devilishness flared as the general leveled a psychic attack against the incursions of the God Legion Seal.

“Halls of heaven!” Yang Qi shouted, and his thoughts connected via the God Legion Seal to the halls of heaven, allowing boundless might to flow into him. As it did, an enormous golden figure appeared in the God Legion Seal and faced off against the Second Devil General.

“We had a deal, boy, and now you’re backing out? You’re worse than anyone from the dao of devils! I helped you conquer these two kingdoms, and even an emissary from the Central Dynasty. Without me, you’d never have become a peak Paramount God. Do you have even a scrap of decency in you?”

As the Second Devil General spoke, he resisted the God Legion Seal so forcefully that the golden throne stopped advancing, much to Yang Qi’s surprise.

Thankfully, Yang Qi was stronger now than he had ever been, and also had the backup of Buddha Shockheaven, Buddha Lheafe, and Proud Mindtravel. Therefore, handling the Second Devil General wasn't going to be a problem.

“Do you really have the face to complain about betrayals, Second Devil General? You claimed that our journey to the Myriad Dragons Lair was all about the Dragon Compendium, but the truth is that this whole thing is a big trap. There’s a devil-dragon sealed in that book, and it’s the patriarch of all Dragonfolk, the Third Devil General! You want my help to free him. Furthermore, the seal left behind by the King of Godmammoths is also a trap. You claim that it’ll make me stronger, but you know that as soon as I unravel it, the will of the King of Godmammoths will try to possess me and kill my soul. In that critical moment, you could easily kill me and take my God Legion Seal. Did you really think I would be so easily fooled?”

“You!” the Second Devil General blurted. “How did you find out? My thoughts are protected by my powerful devil will. Not even the God Legion Seal should allow you to read my intentions.”

“You think I need some special way to figure out your intentions? I'm not an idiot. I can calculate the workings of heaven, and manage immense kingdoms. It's simple. You’re heartless, and I'm not loyal to you. You stab me in my back, I stab you in yours. You can't blame me for that. If you want to cast blame, cast it on yourself for being too stupid to realize what was really happening.”

“I'm going to kill you, boy. Either the fish dies, or the net splits! Let’s see if the Sovereign Lord and the God Legion Seal are really strong enough to deal with me.” Throwing his hands out, he growled, “Boundless Devilishness!

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