Chapter 1459: Reaching the Peak

“Milord, our two dragon kingdoms are now united, and their destiny has improved dramatically. We also completed the teleportation portals and linked them together.”

This king of dragons was Buddha Lheafe, and he had been the leader, in name, of the massive kingdom of dragons. Of course, Yang Qi had subjugated him.

It took three days, which was as fast as Yang Qi could act. With the help of the Second Devil General, he had subjugated hundreds of thousands of government officials, ensuring that all of them had golden thrones in the God Legion Seal.

Yang Qi was truly feeling the threat of the Central Dynasty hanging over his head.

Proud Central and Proud Heaven were like immense mountains that might crush him at any moment. Not even the Second Devil General could stand up to them. He had just been imprisoned for too long, and there was simply no way he could be restored to the true height of his former glory. He was more like a sun setting over the horizon.

Yang Qi had subjugated the warlords and the king, then set about putting everything in order. And finally, he had made it a part of his growing Sage Monarch Dragon Kingdom.

He couldn’t physically combine them, of course. That would have attracted too much attention. Furthermore, the sea of blood and the mountains of flesh were the perfect locations for the Dragonfolk who resided there. In other words, moving either of them would cause a big drop in destiny.

For now, Yang Qi wasn’t even thinking about bringing them into the Sage Monarch Empire. The Cruiser of Civilization just couldn’t sustain them. He had to leave them where they were. But he didn’t mind; he could still benefit from the destiny just the same.

At the moment, Yang Qi hovered cross-legged high in the air, looking down at the two massive dragon kingdoms that were now linked via teleportation portal. Already, the fact that they were linked was leading to an interchange among the officials, as well as a growth in business.

And the sage monarch magistrates were keeping everything under control.

Everything was working smoothly, and it was all thanks to the God Legion Seal. Without it, there was no way he could have taken control of so many high-level Dragonfolk. Without being able to monitor their thoughts, they would definitely have plotted against him, and ultimately rebelled. But now, they couldn’t have any errant thoughts at all, and had to serve him with unswerving loyalty.

That was why the Sovereign Lord had created the God Legion Seal to begin with.

All those years ago, he hadn’t had legitimacy, or justice and righteousness. Therefore, the only way for him to conquer the god world was by using the seal.

There were countless matters to attend to in the two new kingdoms, but thankfully, Yang Qi’s mind could calculate the workings of heaven. In the blink of an eye, he could handle millions upon millions of unique thoughts, and send orders to countless government officials, orders that they would follow completely. Of course, it was a result of turning the Cruiser of Civilization into flesh and blood, then converting it with the Wretched Brain God Art.

‘Impressive!’ the Second Devil General thought. ‘The boy’s commands are really running these two nations. He controls every tiny thing. And everything runs so smoothly. I don’t think I'm a match for him now.’

With the two nations under his complete control, the destiny of the Sage Monarch Dragon Kingdom was incredibly powerful. It flowed out like a net composed of countless tiny dragons, which was of course the unencroachable net of law.

At the moment, there were over a million government officials gathered together carrying out a ceremony of sacrifice to him.

A huge altar had been erected.

Yang Qi descended from above, and when he landed on the altar, the two kings, Buddha Shockheaven and Buddha Lheafe, knelt in front of him. “Milord, all the officials in the Sage Monarch Dragon Kingdom offer respectful greetings!”

“Today, the Sage Monarch Dragon Kingdom is officially founded!” Yang Qi said. It was with a golden mouth and jade words that he made the pronouncement clearly for all to hear.

Everything trembled slightly, and all of a sudden, the gathered officials felt a sense of belonging. As of this moment, they were part of the Sage Monarch Dragon Kingdom.

As soon as the announcement was made, major transformations occurred. The net of law spread out, becoming like a shell that surrounded all of the territory and made it impossible to invade.

Yang Qi could sense immense destiny pouring into him!

The moment the Sage Monarch Dragon Kingdom was officially founded, the destiny surged to an enigmatically amazing level. In fact, Yang Qi could sense that it was the same as the destiny of hundreds, or even thousands of lands.

In the House of the Invincible, a viceroy of a thousand lands was a very important and powerful person, as much as Duke Nine Cauldrons or Priestess Dugu Wanqing. And viceroys of thousands of lands were even more important.

As the destiny burned with intense brightness, Yang Qi called his friends and family out and gave them shares, allowing all of them to advance their cultivation bases dramatically.

By now, Yang Qi’s cultivation wasn't about building up vital energy and storing godpower. It was about founding nations and using the destiny that came with them. That was how cultivation worked in the late Paramount God level and higher.

Because of the huge influx of destiny, the seal on the Everlit Godlamp finally shattered and intense light exploded out in the depths of the God Legion Paradise. However, it wasn’t the Lord of Radiance and Light’s Everlit Godlamp, but rather Yang Qi’s own animadestiny lamp.

Before the god world came to exist, there was no light in primal-chaos. It was only when the Everlit Godlamp appeared that radiance and light had begun to spread.

The Cruiser of Civilization ceased to exist, although everyone within it had no sense of that.

The various systems of the cruiser were now thought patterns that conformed to Yang Qi’s thoughts. Henceforth, there would be no Everlit Godlamp, nor would there be a Cruiser of Civilization. They had become part of him. And the Sage Monarch Empire was a mere particle floating within the God Legion Paradise inside Yang Qi.

As for the God Legion Paradise, it contained elements of the cruiser, the lamp, the God Legion Seal, and the Mahātmā Jade. It was a new type of paradise, a true pure land.

Yang Qi had now assimilated two of the rarest treasures in existence, and was now himself an amazingly precious and unique treasure.


His monarch godhood erupted, and his psyche and thinking achieved breakthroughs.

He had reached the level of two billion, both in psychic scale and godhood rating. His psychic power and fighting prowess had undergone a heaven-shaking, earth-toppling transformation. He was now in the peak Paramount God level, with peak Unbounded will convergence.

The next step was to break through Unbounded and become Annulled.

It was a path that numerous almighty beings of the past had walked.

King Immortal-Slayer. The Demon Master. The True Devil.

All had explored the path. Of course, Yang Qi was still far from their level. They had broken past the Unbounded and stepped halfway into the Annulled level. He still had some ways to go before that point. Perhaps when his psychic scale and godhood rating broke past ten billion, he would be in that position. Or perhaps it would require tens of billions, or a hundred billion.

As these changes occurred, Yang Qi also sensed the God Legion Seal changing in numerous ways. It was as if he could feel the ancient halls of heaven, far larger and more magnificent than the Myriad Dragons Lair. As of now, his thoughts, and the teleportation portal within him, were completely linked to the Bastille of the One God.

The projections of countless stars appeared in the God Legion Paradise. Looking up, it was possible to see them spread out everywhere, causing godly might to shower down in the form of heaven caliber godstones. And the might within them was a hundred times greater than before.

At the same time, more sage monarch magistrates were being created.

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