Chapter 1457: Proud Heaven’s Whereabouts

“Shockheaven Finger!”

Buddha Shockheaven thrust his finger out, and it was like a host of dragons soaring through heaven in the most shocking fashion. This was clearly a consummate energy art that would take a lifetime to cultivate, and was filled with spectacular and enigmatic powers.

Yang Qi also used an extraordinary finger strike. He clenched his fingers into a fist, which then exploded, dispelling four of his fingers and leaving behind only his thumb. It was a technique from the Many Heavens God Seal, and it caused the wailing of ghosts and weeping of gods to echo out as it crushed toward its target.

Although Proud Mindtravel’s two traveling companions were both top experts, they weren’t quite on the same level as Buddha Shockheaven or Yang Qi.

There was no way their sudden attack would be a success.

Both men had cultivation bases similar to Marquis Three Realms, and Yang Qi had long since been in the position to crush people like that. In the blink of an eye, Yang Qi subjugated both of them, whereupon their destiny shivered and the energy of the Central Dynasty started flowing into him.


He finally broke through the final barriers in the Everlit Godlamp, allowing him to fully assimilate it, and causing power to erupt within him.

‘Not good! I didn't want to break through right now! Devil-God Seal!

He quickly drew on the Devil-God Seal to temporarily seal the power of the lamp. ‘I can't believe the destiny of the Central Dynasty is so formidable! Incredible! Simply incredible! It’s pure beyond belief, and contains some of the righteous energy of heaven and earth. If I'm not mistaken, this destiny is far superior to anything from the Invincible Dynasty or the Chiliocosm Dynasty.’

It was a really unexpected surprise to find that the destiny of the Central Dynasty was this amazing. Just taking a little bit of it had provoked incredible transformations.

Its level of purity was so incredible it virtually defied description.

Yang Qi’s empire was pure, but not to this extent. Right now, he wasn't even sure he could quantify how superior the Central Dynasty’s destiny was to his. More than ever, he realized how dangerous it would be to defy them. He would have to be very careful in doing so, lest he end up dead.

With the two experts under his control, Yang Qi looked over to Proud Mindtravel, who was being held up by the neck by the Second Devil General. Without hesitation, he activated the God Legion Seal, sending its power piercing into Proud Mindtravel’s mind. The destiny on Proud Mindtravel was like a seething ocean, all of it as pure white as jade, and it resisted Yang Qi with immense vigor.

‘Amazing. It's actually fighting against the God Legion Seal. Is this destiny really capable of resisting the control of the halls of heaven?’ Yang Qi had never experienced anything like this.

The Second Devil General was also surprised by what was happening. Ever since being released back out into the world, he had been accompanying Yang Qi, so he wasn't aware of what the Central Dynasty had been up to. But now, it was obvious that the pure white sea of destiny was fighting the golden light of the God Legion Seal. It was nothing short of amazing.

In the impure lands, an emperor who went on an inspection tour would be protected by countless guards. Similarly, Proud Mindtravel’s destiny was protecting him from all manner of invaders. Of course, Yang Qi was no weakling. He had just fully assimilated the Everlit Godlamp, and had sealed it so that he wouldn't undergo his breakthrough at this moment. However, much of the power of the Lord of Radiance and Light was still coursing through him and his psyche.

Upend the Boundless; Heaven-Dao Transformations; Positive Life; Righteous-Dao and Wretched-Dao; Converge in Impermanence!” He was using the transformations of permanence and impermanence. In other words, he was ensuring that heaven and earth didn’t contain any eternal dao of righteousness, only the endless transformations of impermanence.

Agggghhhhh!” screamed Proud Mindtravel, his piercing cry echoing about. “Stop! I'm from the Central Dynasty! You can’t subjugate me. If you try, you’ll regret it for sure. The Central Dynasty represents the righteous dao of the god world. Not even the Sovereign Lord of years past could compare to the Central Dynasty in terms of righteousness!”

“Like hell!” Yang Qi growled as he made contact with Proud Mindtravel’s soul. From the destiny there, he could see that Proud Mindtravel was definitely a person who would live and die for the Central Dynasty.

Yang Qi was shocked. “What's going on here? I had no idea destiny could even reach a level like this. After death, the soul will still adhere to the destiny of the dynasty, transforming him into a noble spirit that will defend his country? This is simply miraculous. The Central Dynasty definitely can’t be looked down on. Although, it’s not as if I want you dead, Proud Mindtravel. You have information I want about Proud Heaven, as well as the Great Necropolis.”

Drawing on the Sovereign Lord’s Holy and Far-Reaching Consummate Omnicurse, he continued peeling away the layers of Proud Mindtravel’s soul, sending curse power deep into his sea of consciousness.

A short while later, Proud Mindtravel spasmed as he gave in and was subjugated. However, the process had Yang Qi feeling profoundly exhausted.

Thankfully, he quickly recovered, and was soon back at his peak state. Now that he had subjugated Proud Mindtravel, he felt pure white destiny pouring into him, filling his sea of energy, meridians, godhood, and also his brain, which was the Cruiser of Civilization.

Instantly, his sage monarch magistrates lit up with radiance and light. Their auras rose rapidly, until all of them were late Paramount Gods.

It was a chain reaction.

It didn’t matter how many sage monarch magistrates there were, they all shared exactly the same genes, therefore, genetic changes affected all of them at the same time.

‘My sage monarch magistrates are finally late Paramount Gods with psychic scales of one hundred million! Now I'm strong enough that I don’t have to fear the Second Devil General anymore!’ Yang Qi was actually surprised that subjugating Proud Mindtravel had led to benefits like this.

The destiny of the Central Dynasty had proved to be a major catalyst. He was like a vat of oil, and that destiny was like a spark landing right in the middle of it, causing it to burst into flame. This trip into the Myriad Dragons Lair had provided far more benefits than he’d imagined it would.

Even if he didn’t get the Dragon Compendium, it would still be worth it. Unfortunately, it still wasn't enough for him to deal with the current circumstances. The House of the Invincible was making a big fanfare about the upcoming wedding. And it was highly likely that Sprite Susu was also Yang Susu. Given Yang Qi’s current strength, he wasn’t in the position to deal with the true leaders of the House of the Invincible. They had destiny that was just too immense for him. In that sect, if the leaders told the government officials they needed to die, then die they would.

That was why he needed to continue his work conquering the Myriad Dragons Lair.

It had actually taken quite a bit of time to subjugate Proud Mindtravel. And unexpectedly, the Second Devil General hadn’t interfered. In the past, he would have feigned compliance but then tried to sabotage Yang Qi. But now, he was actually trying to work with him, secure in the knowledge that Yang Qi was supremely qualified to handle affairs in the Myriad Dragons Lair.

After all, what good would it do to simply slaughter all the Dragonfolk? There were lots of magical treasures to be had, but none of them could be considered more precious than the destiny here.

It was much better to allow Yang Qi to do things his way.

“Tell me, Proud Mindtravel. Who exactly is Proud Heaven?” Yang Qi’s order pierced into Proud Mindtravel’s will, stirring his memories.

Dropping to his knees with a look of pain on his face, he said, “Milord, Proud Heaven is the profoundly mysterious Son of the Central. His name is a taboo, and no one’s even seen him in public for hundreds of millions of years. That said, he occupies a position of utmost power and authority. He’s second only to the patriarch of the Central Dynasty, the boundless Proud Central.”

“Second Devil General, who is this Proud Central?” Yang Qi asked.

“A figure that was domineering even before the god world existed. He wasn’t on the same level as the Sovereign Lord, but was fundamentally as strong as me. He was very mysterious, remaining in hiding even after the god world came to be. He didn't found any sort of dynasty, and never interfered in the dynasties and destinies of others. He roamed free, which was how he evaded the God Legion Tribulation. Who would’ve guessed that he was waiting until after the legion of gods and the Sovereign Lord perished to found his dynasty? Truth be told, even I fear him. It’s impossible to tell what his true goals are, and although I did meet him on one occasion, he wore a bronze mask, so I'm not sure what he actually looks like.”

“What? A bronze mask?”

All of a sudden, Yang Qi thought back to the thirty-six bronze masks he had uncovered in the Great Necropolis and assimilated into his sea of consciousness. Each of them represented one of the thirty-six emotions. Could those masks have something to do with Proud Central? [1]

1. He took the thirty-six masks in chapter 1121.

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