Chapter 1441: Karmic Retribution

The destiny of the House of the Invincible was extremely impressive, and could be used to ordain people as gods. It was even possible for it to push a Quasi-God to the level of a Paramount God. However, it hadn’t reached the level where its net of law could unleash karmic retribution.

Yang Qi had finally come to understand this point.

With his kingdom established in the Cruiser of Civilization, no one there would dare to violate the law. The photonic computer would know. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t work outside of the cruiser.

What was destiny?

It was a power that came when large groups of people lived together in orderly fashion. It could shake the heavens, topple the earth, and overcome anything and everything.

The law and order in Yang Qi’s kingdom in the Cruiser of Civilization was beyond anything that any other kingdom in existence could compare to.

In the tiny House of God Ordainment, violations of law occurred constantly. But Yang Qi’s kingdom was hundreds of millions of times larger than the House of God Ordainment, with a population that was virtually impossible to count, so it could only be imagined what would happen if people didn’t respect the laws.

Yang Qi looked out of the cruiser and into the surrounding ocean. The water was red with blood in many locations, as powerful organizations and the experts who had founded them fell to his conquest. Order spread, and destiny flourished.

About ten days later, Marquis Three Realms and the other experts from the House of the Chiliocosm returned with their personal treasure hoards.

Marquis Three Realms had the largest personal kingdom, thus, the most destiny. It looked like a green bottle gourd and pulsed with a preheaven aura.

“Milord, this is an immortal gourd I came across. It originally came to exist in ancient primal-chaos before the god world came to be. It’s a world of its own, filled with vital energy, which I use to grow thralls. It took billions of years of development to reach its current state, in which it provides me with much destiny.”

“Everyone else placed their personal kingdoms into the gourd to create a larger empire. It will surely provide you with plenty of destiny. After all, your administrative abilities vastly surpass our own. You’ll definitely be able to create an organization that surpasses the House of the Invincible, the Chiliocosm Dynasty, and the Central Dynasty.”

Marquis Three Realms and the other experts didn’t dare to hold anything back or try fooling Yang Qi about anything.

“Excellent,” Yang Qi said, taking the gourd. Inside were nearly ten thousand peak Paramount Gods, and countless other experts. The interior of the gourd contained countless god kingdoms, and was obviously a powerful preheaven treasure, pulsing with destiny.

In fact, the destiny was almost like a burning fire that ignited Yang Qi’s hand when he touched it. Yang Qi exhaled, using a dhāraṇī incantation that sent an army of sage monarch magistrates into the gourd.

Time passed.

Yang Qi waved his hand, sending a host of heavenly caliber godstones flying into the gourd to power its spell formations. They instantly whirred to life.


The gourd trembled, then erupted with god kingdoms, almost exactly like the Great Necropolis had ejected three thousandth ranked immortal worlds in the past. As a result, the Cruiser of Civilization began changing dramatically. Thankfully, the leaders of the Sage Monarch Society were there to control things, and help use the transformation to improve destiny.

The words being ejected by the gourd were anything but simple. In terms of population and resources, they created destiny comparable to the Invincible Dynasty.

In fact, they quickly surpassed the kingdom of the Sage Monarch Society. Thankfully, Yang Qi could use the sage monarch magistrates and Marquis Three Realms himself to bring everything under control.

Time sped up in the Cruiser of Civilization.

A day passed outside, while a hundred years went by inside.

Afterward, Yang Qi opened his eyes and sent his will out into his kingdom.

Instantly there was a flourishing of continents, mountains, lakes, seas, mines, and even demonling and devils. Yang Qi even snagged a few experts from the dao of devils and threw them inside. After all, hunting and killing devils was great training.

[Beep-beep-beep. Beep-beep-beep. Destiny valuation has reached five.]

Yang Qi nodded.

“Yang Qi,” Jadefall said, “our Sage Monarch Empire is growing rapidly. The net of law is well-established, and although the power comes from the Cruiser of Civilization, with the sage monarch magistrates to lead the empire, the destiny is beyond compare. It's a hundred times purer than anything else in existence.”

“Yes,” Yang Qi replied. “Although, if the empire keeps growing, the Cruiser of Civilization will eventually be too small to sustain it. For example, if I took the House of the Invincible, there wouldn’t be enough room inside, and it would make karmic retribution impossible. Without justice upheld, the destiny will degrade, the hearts of the people will change, and the empire will eventually collapse.”

He waved his hand, and a stream of destiny flew over, as pure as water. It formed into a paper talisman which he looked at, then nodded. “Call Wei Wen over.”

“Yes sir!” Moments later, a young Quasi-God approached. He wasn’t an important person, and previously didn’t really have any future prospects. But because of the strictly enforced laws in the empire, there was no way for people to illegally suppress their inferiors. Thus, certain minor figures now had a chance to stand out.

This particular Quasi-God was a true genius, not in terms of his cultivation base, but rather his thinking. He had written many political treatises describing how to rule a nation, and how to cause culture and society to thrive. And his writings had provided important revelations to leaders in the Sage Monarch Society.

He was clearly a master of the vicissitudes of literature.

Even Yang Qi had heard of him, and now he wanted to appoint him into the nobility.

The government officials were all sage monarch magistrates. And as the magistrates continued splitting, their numbers grew. By now, there were nearly a hundred and ten thousand.

But there was a difference between the nobility and the government officials. The nobility didn’t need as much of a share in the destiny. After all, the government officials needed to actually exercise power and make use of wealth to do their job. But the nobility was noble in name only, and therefore, didn’t need destiny the way the officials did.

“My respects, Your Highness!” Wei Wen said as he kowtowed.

“Hear my orders, Wei Wen,” Yang Qi said. “You are a famous writer who has produced numerous literary works regarding politics and civilization. Your contributions have not been on the battlefield, but they are contributions nonetheless. They have even changed the way of thinking of the leaders in this empire. As such, I appoint you as a third rank baron in the Sage Monarch Empire!”

He waved his hand, and destiny descended onto Wei Wen’s head, causing him to shiver visibly. Then, he rose from the Quasi-God level into the Lesser God level. Then came the Common God, and finally the Greater God level.

Yang Qi nodded.

He had confidence in the quality of the people in his empire, thus, he was willing to expend destiny on them in a way that the House of the Invincible never would.

Normally speaking, in the House of the Invincible, a Quasi-God would never be ordained to a level past Common God.

As Wei Wen left, Jadefall watched him go, aware that he would soar to new heights in the Sage Monarch Empire. It normally wasn’t easy to become a baron.

“Yang Qi,” she said, “considering how rapidly the empire is growing, we don’t have enough sage monarch magistrates to take charge. But adding in government officials will be bad for the destiny. It's a tricky situation.”

“Yes. For now, stop the growth and focus on other business. My cultivation base is reaching the point of another breakthrough. Once I'm a peak Paramount God, the God Legion Seal will transform again, and I should be able to take more heaven caliber godstones from the halls of heaven. At that point, we’ll have hundreds of thousands of sage monarch magistrates. Perhaps even a million or more. They’ll be able to rule much more effectively.”

“That’ll do. Remember, in about ten days, Dugu Hong and the others will return. You and the Second Devil General will take your places as viceroys, and things will go much more smoothly. Then you can finally stir up some real trouble in the House of the Invincible. Right now, our empire’s destiny isn’t sufficient. Targeting the House of the Invincible is the obvious thing to do next.”

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