Chapter 1439: The Blade Misses

One slash to destroy a major chiliocosm.

The God Legion Paradise’s Superlative Defense was pierced in the blink of an eye, and the attack was right in front of Yang Qi. The Second Devil General was intentionally refraining from interfering, as he viciously hoped to see Yang Qi suffer a major loss.

However, Yang Qi’s mind worked like the heavenly workings calculations systems, allowing him to remain calm and perfectly react to any development.

Marquis Three Realms was using his most powerful move. However, Yang Qi wasn’t necessarily in a bad position. He had achieved incredible cultivation advancement recently, getting another piece of the Mahātmā Jade, the Everlit Godlamp, and some of the Second Devil General’s devilishness. He also had over a hundred thousand sage monarch magistrates, all of them Paramount Gods.

Although Yang Qi was still a late Paramount God, his fighting prowess was definitely equivalent to the peak level.


Yang Qi reached out and grabbed the incoming blade, and as he did, dazzling light surrounded him.

The saber nimbus exploded, and the light once again took the shape of a Marquis Three Realms, tall and mighty, bursting with a domineering energy that made him seem like someone impossible to defend against.

Grand Chiliocosm Retroconversion!

A Hundred Battles in the Dome of Heaven!

Cauldron Furnace Triple Participation!

Temperamental Unified Destruction!

Splitting of Heaven and Earth!

Myriad Truths Prolong Life!

Establishing a Holy Pilgrimage!

Paragonic Nines!

He unleashed a host of deadly moves, all of them filled with explosive godpower that sought to chop Yang Qi into mincemeat.

Unfortunately for Marquis Three Realms, Yang Qi’s cultivation base was actually superior to his. And although his overall level was weaker, his fighting prowess was exponentially better. Some of that was because of the God Legion Seal, while some was from his personal enlightenment. Of course, he also had the Everlit Godlamp, which allowed him to tap into the ancient battle records of the Cruiser of Civilization, which could be inserted directly into his mind.

Because of that, his fighting experience was in no way inferior to that of the Second Devil General.

And because he had partial control of the Second Devil General, he could also connect with his thoughts and peer into his life force substructure. And of course, that also improved his fighting capabilities. It was hardly possible to imagine how many blood-soaked battles the general had been involved in during his time.

Yang Qi erupted with a consummate attack that could end the heavens and crush the earth, culminating in the final move from the Sage Monarch Grand Magic, the one he had added in thanks to the Great Necropolis: Annul Death; Eternally Bury.

As he unleashed the move, he transformed into an enormous necropolis that could crush any type of vital energy. It was as if the Great Necropolis itself were present. The Great Necropolis was the ultimate god item. After all, not even the God Legion Seal, Mahātmā Jade, Cruiser of Civilization, or Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart could compare to it. Even the Sovereign Lord himself had failed to deal with it.

The Great Necropolis could bury the entire god world!

As the Great Necropolis, Yang Qi crushed all the moves that had been unleashed against him.

Chiliocosm Hegemon and all the other late Paramount God experts were also affected, and could only watch wordlessly as Annul Death; Eternally Bury was unleashed. Deep in the Cruiser of Civilization, the spell formations Yang Qi had set up were constantly producing heaven caliber godstones, which were true expressions of godpower.

Cruiser of Civilization; Godpower Eruption!


A boundless surge of godpower appeared as the cruiser shot into the open, glowing with boundless light as a hundred thousand sage monarch magistrates charged forth.

The cruiser's power instantly negated the warding spells of the Crystalline Turtle Shell Kingdom, transforming the dao of heaven. At the same time, a thunderous voice rang out.

“All living beings in the Crystalline Turtle Shell Kingdom should know that their leader, Dugu Nimou, has been captured. Traitors will be purged from the House of the Invincible. If you surrender and abandon your traitorous way, you’ll be allowed to live. Otherwise, be slaughtered!”

With the primeval god skills provided by Eternal Millennium, the sage monarch magistrates were unstoppable. In fact, everyone was paralyzed with fear. Of course, the fact that they were supposedly acting on behalf of the House of the Invincible was extremely helpful.

Meanwhile, Dugu Hong and the others all flew out. “I am Dugu Hong, imperial censor of the eastern division in the House of the Invincible! All ye present, surrender immediately! Otherwise, you’ll be punished by this army!”

Everything was going according to Yang Qi’s plan.

The destiny of the Crystalline Turtle Shell Kingdom was immense, such that it was nearly ten times that of the Deva Dynasty. Obviously, it would provide a major boost to Yang Qi.

In addition to the sage monarch magistrates, Yang Qi’s friends and family flew out to help subjugate the Crystalline Turtle Shell Kingdom. No one resisted. After all, ‘the army of the House of the Invincible’ was here, and not even Dugu Nimou could do anything, despite being a viceroy.


Jadefall flew into the Crystalline Turtle Shell Kingdom and soon faced the gathered government officials, a group of thousands of Paramount Gods with Unbounded will convergence. They immediately dropped to their knees and offered Jadefall the official national seal, which was made of crystal.

“Ma’am, we’re the officials of the Crystalline Turtle Shell Kingdom. We followed orders from Dugu Nimou, but had no idea that he was a traitor. We all surrender! We’re willing to turn from the evil path to the righteous one. Just spare our lives!”

They knew full well that a major change was taking place, and if they weren’t careful, they would end up dead.


Jadefall accepted the seal of authority.

As she did, the Crystalline Turtle Shell Kingdom shook as the destiny shifted, flowing into the Sage Monarch Society in the Cruiser of Civilization. It was a major increase, triple what the Sage Monarch Society had possessed before.

Yang Qi, being directly connected to the Cruiser of Civilization, could sense how amazing the influx was.

At the same time, the cruiser suddenly expanded as it achieved a higher state of being.

[Beep-beep-beep. Beep-beep-beep.]

Deep in the imperial-heaven pre-beginning systems, the Engine of the One God whirred to life.

[Legacy of Civilization activated. Destiny has reached a critical mass. Start the destiny systems. Destiny valuation: one.]

Yang Qi wasn’t at all surprised to hear that there was something called the destiny valuation. He was familiar with things like the psychic scale and the godhood rating, and since destiny was vastly more profound and powerful, it only made sense that there would be systems governing it.

Before, the destiny Yang Qi had accumulated, that of Eternal Millennium, the Deva Dynasty, the Sumeru Temple, and the Nine Dragons Court, had been so insignificant it didn't even merit a valuation of one. Not even the destiny he had tapped into from the House of the Invincible had reached the level of one.

But now, his influx of destiny had reached that level.

Before, Marquis Three Realms, Chiliocosm Hegemon, and the others had at least been able to struggle against the Great Necropolis. But now they were completely crushed.

Yang Qi had vanquished the Crystalline Turtle Shell Kingdom and made it part of the Cruiser of Civilization. As a result, his cultivation base was climbing higher.


His speed of assimilating the Everlit Godlamp increased, and his godhood rating rose. Streams of radiance and light filled him.


As he subjugated Marquis Three Realms, a new throne appeared in the God Legion Seal.

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