Chapter 1438: Peak Battle Prowess

The Second Devil General’s name would strike fear into the hearts of any who heard it, especially the top experts who existed among top experts. People like that were in the know, and weren’t like low-level hotheads, who were unaware of how terrifying ancient devils could be.

“How about we just keep out of each other’s affairs, Second Devil General?” Marquis Three Realms said deferentially.

“‘Keep out of each other’s affairs’? Cut the crap! I want you to acknowledge allegiance to me, so get down and start kowtowing! Give me your souls, flesh, and blood as a sacrifice. The alternative is for you to die horrible deaths.”

The Second Devil General was a brutal and ruthless person who didn’t offer any quarter. He definitely qualified to act that way, and who would dare to defy him?

Maintaining his cool, Marquis Three Realms said, “Second Devil General, we're from the House of the Chiliocosm. Our patriarch, the Lord of the Chiliocosm, has always admired you. How about, instead, we take you to our sect to meet him. He’ll definitely be willing to give you at least half of the destiny of the House of the Chiliocosm. That would be much better than working for the House of the Invincible like you are now.”

He was an insightful man, and therefore, he immediately angled to recruit the Second Devil General. Having an apex expert like him would obviously be incredibly useful. And if Yang Qi didn’t already control the Second Devil General with the God Legion Seal, it might have worked.

As soon as the offer was made, Yang Qi could sense the calculating thoughts within the Second Devil General’s mind. After all, if the Second Devil General could get access to a major flow of destiny, he might be able to break free from Yang Qi’s control.

“Second Devil General, please, think about it. Although it wouldn’t be possible to share control of the nation with you, as long as you were working with us, it would change everything. The Chiliocosm Dynasty would easily defeat the Central Dynasty and the Invincible Dynasty. And just imagine the destiny you would have access to then!” Marquis Three Realms was being very glib.

“Are you serious?” the Second Devil General said.

“Very serious, sir. Given how mighty you are, it's no exaggeration to say you can subjugate countless other top experts. In fact, you really are one-of-a-kind. Besides, your name alone would be enough to cause countless experts from the daos of demons and devils to flock to you. With their destiny, plus the destinies of the other major sects, you would be able to break through any bottleneck. And our alliance would be so strong that nobody could possibly resist us.”

“He talks a good talk, but you can’t trust him,” Yang Qi said. “Enough jabbering, Second Devil General. Let’s see some action here.”

The Second Devil General snorted coldly. He knew that Yang Qi could spy on some of his thoughts, although at the moment, he didn’t care. “I know I can’t trust them. And for the moment, I'm not interested in fighting with you.”

“Well alright then!” Yang Qi said. Without any further ado, he launched a sudden attack on Chiliocosm Hegemon, using the God Tombstone Palms. He also threw in some of the various consummate arts from the Dragonfolk, as well as the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth and the Unspoiled Body. In the end, it was a massive, surging attack that nobody would be able to identify.

The Second Devil General was inwardly surprised. ‘The boy’s cultivation just keeps advancing. Very impressive. He has a very high level of command of the martial path, and will definitely reach the peak Paramount God level soon. Once he fully assimilates that lamp, he's going to be even harder to kill. This is getting more and more troublesome.’

Even as Yang Qi attacked, he projected a message to the Second Devil General. “You keep Marquis Three Realms under control, Second Devil General. I’ll handle the other experts from the House of the Chiliocosm. Got it?”

“Hmph!” Although the Second Devil General wasn’t particularly pleased, he complied.

In the blink of an eye, an enormous devil claw was rushing toward Marquis Three Realms.

“Damn you!” Marquis Three Realms blurted, his face falling. With a shout of rage, he unleashed boundless fighting prowess, his psychic scale and godhood rating surging as he transformed into a shining saber nimbus that shot, not toward the devil claw, but toward Yang Qi.

He could tell that Yang Qi was the person calling the shots here, and given the fact that his cultivation base was low, if he could be captured, Marquis Three Realms would probably have a perfect bargaining chip.

Refusing to fight the Second Devil General was actually a very good decision. There was no way he was strong enough for that. It would have been as humorous as an ant trying to fight an anteater.

Chiliocosm God Saber; Slash Three Thousand Worlds; Reintegrate Worlds; Transform Lands; Let Catastrophe Come; Civilization Appears!” He fully transformed into a saber, every particle, scrap of blood, and trace of energy within him, causing him to speed forward, slashing through anything in his path with invincible momentum.

This was a killing move that had been perfected by the Lord of the Chiliocosm himself. It was the Chiliocosm Slash!

The idea behind the name was that the technique could slash through a chiliocosm of worlds.

Make the man a blade. Make the blade energy. Make the energy a god. Make the god kill!

When the blade locked onto Yang Qi, he immediately felt his hackles rising. After all, he hadn’t expected this development. Marquis Three Realms was a peak Paramount God with a psychic scale and godhood rating of over a billion. And although he was too weak to fight the Second Devil General, his attack was more than enough to cause problems for Yang Qi.

Theoretically speaking, Marquis Three Realms could have tried to kill Dugu Hong and the others. But that wouldn’t have done any good. Yang Qi and the Second Devil General were the truly important people here, and Marquis Three Realms could tell they had an agreement between each other.

Therefore, he was making a gamble.

As he drew fully on his psyche and energy to use the Chiliocosm Slash, the Second Devil General’s devil claw suddenly stopped moving. He could have blocked the slash, but obviously he was waiting to see if it would kill Yang Qi.

He was trying to lend someone a knife and have them do his dirty work for him. He couldn't do it himself because he was bound up by the God Legion Seal. But if he could ensure that Yang Qi was dead, the end result would be the same.

Then perhaps he could devour Yang Qi and benefit wildly.

God Legion Paradise. Superlative Defense!

But it wasn't as if Yang Qi was the type of person who would freeze in the face of danger. And his reactions surpassed what ordinary humans were capable of. It had to do with how Yang Qi had come to a deep understanding of the heavenly workings calculations systems in the Cruiser of Civilization. He had removed any negative emotions from himself, remaining completely cool and collected. In fact, he himself was like a photonic computer, his own version of the heavenly workings calculations systems that could analyze anything in one-septillionth of a second. All of a sudden, there was an eruption of the most majestic invincibility imaginable.

It was the Superlative Defense of the God Legion Paradise, and it had appeared so quickly that it almost seemed as if he had anticipated this moment, and prepared for it.

Crash. Rattle.

The Chiliocosm Slash hit the Superlative Defense, causing a huge collapse of greyspaces, warding magics, spell formations, god trees, mountains, oceans, and civilizations. However, despite those things being destroyed, the attack couldn't touch Yang Qi, who remained in the middle of the God Legion Paradise, seemingly a combination of illusory and real, full and empty.


Marquis Three Realms became an embodiment of godly might that pierced into the God Legion Paradise, like an intense fire that could conquer every obstacle.

The Chiliocosm Slash could slice through three realms: the real realm, the illusory realm, and the realm of Nevasaññānāsaññāyatana.


The blade slashed all the way through the Superlative Defense until it was right in front of Yang Qi. He sat between the twin trees of permanence and impermanence, seemingly oblivious to the incoming blade.

It was hard to say exactly what psychic state he was in.

From the moment the Second Devil General had attacked, to when Marquis Three Realms shifted tactics, and Yang Qi unfurled the Superlative Defense, only a brief moment had passed.

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