Chapter 1430: Net of Law

The destiny of the House of the Invincible was so intense that it formed a magical net that could bestow people in positions of authority with immense power. Such people were similar to mortals in the impure lands whose emperor had bestowed them with an “execution-exemption plaque”.

In reality, could such people really avoid execution in every circumstance? Obviously not. But it was also true that no one would dare to harm a person with a plaque like that. And it related to destiny.

Of course, in the impure lands, destiny couldn’t literally affect the corporeal world.

But here, it was the opposite. Density most assuredly could affect the world around it, and could even be used to create divine abilities. In the end, destiny was so powerful that no one could fully express the extent of it.

In any case, there was no way that Yang Qi’s tiny Sage Monarch Society in the Cruiser of Civilization could possibly compare to this. Comparing the destiny he had to that of the House of the Invincible was like comparing a sesame seed with an ocean.

“The destiny here is strong enough to directly ordain someone as a god. Look!”

The Second Devil General pointed at a group of people in the city below. All of them were young, and apparently they were undergoing some sort of baptism.

There were five of them, all Quasi-Gods, and all prostrated on the ground. In front of them was a person who appeared to be some sort of government official, holding a book in his hands.

“Because of the services you have performed, the court has decreed that you shall become true gods. Prepare to form your godhood!”


He opened the book, and Yang Qi sensed the net of law stirring. As a result, destiny poured into the four young Quasi-Gods. Moments later, it was without any medicinal pills whatsoever that godhood appeared within them, making them actual Lesser Gods!

What an impressive arrangement!

In the impure lands, it was possible to name people as gods after their death. But bestowing titles on ghosts was like nothing compared to what was happening here in the god world.

The destiny of this place really did seem invincible. And suddenly Yang Qi was struck with the realization that if he just charged right into the House of the Invincible, it was likely that the destiny would identify him.

This was not a place where one could kill government officials and foment rebellion.

The punishment from the destiny would be too severe. Even the tiniest and weakest government official in the House of the Invincible had access to immense destiny, which meant that killing such a person would be like provoking the entire organization.

Attempting an assassination here would just be inviting an attack from the destiny, which could strike like lightning.

“Incredible. Simply incredible!” Yang Qi sighed. “I've never seen anything like this destiny. I’ve never even heard of anything like it. When the Sovereign Lord built the halls of heaven, was the destiny like this?”

“Compared to the old halls of heaven, this House of the Invincible is like nothing. If the Sovereign Lord hadn’t done things all wrong, and tried to destroy the god world, then nothing could ever have vanquished the halls of heaven. But because dissension and discord struck the legion of gods, destiny declined, and it led to the Sovereign Lord’s organization being destroyed. That said, the Sovereign Lord isn't around nowadays, and the House of the Invincible has definitely grown strong. It seems to me you won’t have an easy time subjugating an expert from this place. It’ll provoke a reaction from the destiny of this heaven and earth, and that will make things troublesome. And if I tried to fight the patriarchs here, it would end up very badly for me!”

“You’re right. I guess I got lucky with those four experts from before. I probably only succeeded because I was in the Bastille of the One God. If I tried to do the same thing in the House of the Invincible’s territory, I’d fail. Those four have much more influence in the destiny than that city magistrate down there.”

The Quasi-Gods, Lesser Gods, Greater Gods, and Consummate Gods in this area were small fish, to say the least. The four experts Yang Qi had subjugated were big fish, or in fact, more like whales or rocs.

After seeing this terrifying net of law, Yang Qi was starting to think he needed to come up with a new plan.

For instance, perhaps he should lure his targets out of the House of the Invincible before trying to subjugate them. After all, outside of the borders of the House of the Invincible, its destiny couldn’t do anything.

Even the Sovereign Lord’s halls of heaven had distant locations it couldn’t influence.

It was similar to how, in the impure lands, it would be wiser to perform a murder in a distant location where the emperor’s forces couldn’t interfere.


It was a very mysterious and miraculous thing.

Yang Qi felt like he suddenly had a much deeper understanding of things relating to destiny and fate. And it was going to have a very beneficial effect on his rule of the Sage Monarch Society. The House of the Invincible had really opened his eyes.

They were truly a domineering sect in the god world.

“Considering all of this, let’s just wait here for my four agents to come,” Yang Qi said. “The destiny of the House of the Invincible is strong, but it can’t overcome the God Legion Seal, so my control of them remains firm.”

“I can’t even use my devil arts to control the government officials here. They're all connected to each other through the destiny. If I use anything from the dao of devils, it’ll provoke an immediate reaction. The effort might succeed, but the patriarchs of the sect would know immediately, and they wouldn’t hesitate to attack. Ah, what a pity. If I hadn’t been imprisoned, I could definitely have created an organization to rival this House of the Invincible. With the destiny here, the patriarchs of this place are going to be like tigers that have grown wings.”

“Enough jabbering,” Yang Qi said. “Even if you hadn’t been imprisoned, you know full well that in the dao of devils, the weak are the prey of the strong. There’s no order there, only chaos. The hells that exist are as numerous as the eternal sands, yet no matter how powerful they get, they never have even a scrap of destiny. In chaos like that, fiend-devils can flourish, but there’s no stability. The law of the jungle prevails at all times. If you don’t surpass that devilish nature of yours, you’ll never create any lasting organization.”

“Do you have a death wish, boy?” the Second Devil General said with a glare. But the truth was that he knew Yang Qi was right. The dao of devils was one of chaos, so any destiny that could form there would be chaotic and useless.

Hells were places of chaos, but density was an expression of order. How could order possibly grow from chaos?

Before, the Second Devil General hadn’t been particularly interested in destiny. But after seeing the House of the Invincible, he was reminded of how powerful it could be, and how beneficial it was to the cultivation base. It was no wonder the Sovereign Lord had worked so hard to build destiny for himself.


Nearly ten hours passed before four individuals flew out, which were none other than the four experts Yang Qi had subjugated.

“Milord!” they said, kneeling. “We received your message. You want to come into the House of the Invincible? We can help with that. Unfortunately, there’s a limit to what we can do. We can’t get you any position that’s superior to our own.”

“That's expected,” Yang Qi said.

He knew that, considering the impressive net of law, he would need to infiltrate the organization first before thinking of a way to rise in power. Then, he and the Second Devil General would need to think of a way to get some powerful patriarchs outside of the net of destiny.

“Get both of us an easy job somewhere so we become part of the structure of the House of the Invincible. We’ll also help you rise through the ranks. Going forward, you represent me.” Turning to the Second Devil General, Yang Qi said, “This here is the Second Devil General, the very same one who was sealed in the Bastille of the One God. In years past, he was on the same level as your founding patriarchs. As such, you can imagine what we’ll accomplish with him on our side.”

The Second Devil General didn’t look very pleased. “I was on the same level as them? What's that supposed to mean? Back then, the Heaven-Defeating Dugu was a second-tier nobody. Did he and his people dare to fight the Sovereign Lord? No. They sat around like obedient little servants. Although, they did manage to somehow escape being controlled by the God Legion Seal. Presumably because the Sovereign Lord didn’t care about them.”

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