Chapter 1428: Heading to the House of the Invincible

When the hearts of the people were unstable, destiny would decline because of the chaos. But when the hearts of the people were stable, destiny would flourish.

It was an eternal truth.

Yang Qi had deployed ten thousand sage monarch magistrates, all of them Paramount Gods, to control the mass migration of the three great sects. They instantly brought stability to the situation, which was no surprise considering they had been created for the specific purpose of providing stable leadership.

In the future, the sage monarch magistrates would be responsible for managing the entire Sage Monarch Society, and would take the lead in all vital departments. It was an arrangement that would be free of selfishness, corruption, and conspiracies of any type.

The Sage Monarch Society would be well ordered from top to bottom.

Obviously, that would lead to an unprecedented surge in destiny.

There was a reason Yang Qi had called them ‘magistrates’, as they were intended to be officials entrusted with the administration of the laws. Not only would they form the substructure of the organization, but they could also draw on its destiny to propagate and grow. It was a virtuous cycle that only served to strengthen itself.

Most ordinary organizations would find corruption impossible to avoid. The Deva Dynasty, Sumeru Temple, and Nine Dragons Court all had serious problems with selfish administrators, who would go out of their way to accumulate private resources, groom trusted followers, and crush opponents. Such things could have a very negative effect on the organization’s destiny, reducing its overall strength, sometimes to a deadly level.

Not even the top patriarchs of such organizations could really do anything about that.

But the sage monarch magistrates were completely bucking that trend. After all, each magistrate was essentially like a computer. They could make perfect calculations, relied purely on logic, and operated according to strictly defined parameters. They would never treat people unjustly, nor allow guilty parties to go free. In short, they were perfectly capable of maintaining order. After all, the sage monarch magistrate had been created by Yang Qi combining the quintessence of both the God Legion Seal and the Mahātmā Jade.

Not even the ancient angels could do all of that.

As a result, a storm of activity was taking place in the depths of the Cruiser of Civilization. The complex state of affairs that existed in the various organizations had previously been almost impossible to unravel. There were countless interest groups, some loyal to various patriarchs. But Yang Qi preferred to cut a mass of tangled hemp with a sharp blade.

In the past, all of those organizations had required administrators of varying types.

And whenever administrators had superiors, it was impossible to get rid of the problem of bribery. For enough profit, even top patriarchs would be willing to look the other way in certain circumstances. In such situations, there was no way to truly purge an organization. After all, the people carrying out the purge could easily use their power for personal gain, leading to rancorous energy that would harm the overall destiny.

But things didn’t work like that with Yang Qi. His sage monarch magistrate ensured that there was no personal interest applied to public law, and that ‘face’ wasn’t a factor. It was a case where one equaled one, and two equaled two. There was no room for other interpretations.

Thanks to the strict enforcement of the rules, as the months passed, a powerful organization was forming in the Cruiser of Civilization.

On the outside, only a few hours had passed.

In the end, the Sage Monarch Society was the only ruling authority, and the sage monarch magistrates were the ones who kept order.

Furthermore, everyone who was part of the organization had come to realize something: as long as someone was skilled, they could rise to the top, even if they didn’t have a network of relationships. The sage monarch magistrates would take notice of talent, and would reward those who provided quality service. [1]

Everyone was coming to realize that this was a very different type of organization.

That included all of the original members of the Sage Monarch Society. Not even they were allowed to form interest groups, and they were considered to be of the same rank as similar people from the old Deva Dynasty, Sumeru Temple, and Nine Dragons Court.

There was no way around it. The only way to truly get rid of corruption was to remove power from the hands of every individual.

As a result, the organization was well ordered, lacking in rancorous energy, and surging with destiny!

The presence of rancor of the populace didn't stem from the amount of resources present, but rather the fair application of justice and righteousness.

For example, the ancient halls of heaven had abounded with plentiful resources, but the top figures had eventually rebelled, resulting in the God Legion Tribulation. It was just like the idiom troubles stem, not from lack of resources, but from unfair distribution. Yang Qi was distributing everything fairly, and dismantling any group that was out for self interest. Although that would initially lead to a few hard feelings, the selfless sage monarch magistrates would make sure that everyone was treated fairly.  [2]

A pure and orderly aura filled the Cruiser of Civilization, bubbling and growing stronger constantly.

Shocked, Patriarch Deva said, “This destiny... it’s as pure and clear as water. It has no impurities at all! This is the type of destiny we yearn for in our dreams. Supposedly, when sages and mahātmās rule a nation, and the people all become sages and mahātmās themselves, it will produce a destiny like this. But here it is, right in front of us! Any impurities disappear as soon as you sense them!”

Everyone else was similarly astonished.

“This is the highest quality destiny you could imagine. Pure and orderly! And bubbling with intensity!”

“Our previous destiny was turbid and impure, tainted by the rancorous energy of the masses, and the reek of corruption. But in this destiny, the energy of corruption is just fading away....”

It was a common thing for the destiny of an organization to be filled with impurities and rancorous energy, which could cause problems for anyone using it. Thus, the patriarchs present couldn’t have been more shocked.

Destiny that was pure, clean, and orderly, all thanks to the administration of the sage monarch magistrate, proved righteous and just, lacking any rancorous energy.

This was the destiny of a true sage monarch.

“Sage Monarch!”

Of course, there was still progress to be made, and it could only come with the addition of more sage monarch magistrates.

Yang Qi’s organization had not yet reached the point of perfection.

That said, the quality of the destiny still surpassed anything anyone had ever seen.

The migration was complete, and everyone was settling down in the Cruiser of Civilization. Yang Qi’s teleportation portal ensured that the godly might of the ancient halls of heaven was constantly flowing into the cruiser, providing endless heaven caliber godstones. As a result, it was possible to directly tap into the vital energy of heaven and earth to create primal-chaos paleo-energy.

With primal-chaos paleo-energy, it was possible to create all sorts of things.

Originally, everything in the god world had been created from primal-chaos paleo-energy, but that was something that couldn't be accomplished with any level of ordinary divine might. In other words, Paramount Gods simply couldn't do it. After all, the only person with something higher than perfect caliber godstones was Yang Qi.

In other words, it was now possible for everyone to stay in the Cruiser of Civilization and not leave, yet still have access to everything they needed. With primal-chaos paleo-energy, it was possible to create virtually any type of precious material.

The photonic computers of the cruiser even had records of how to create all sorts of things, even things that had existed in the most ancient of times. Theoretically speaking, with enough power, and enough primal-chaos paleo-energy, it would even be possible to create a new god world.

Of course, the cruiser itself couldn't create the god world, even if it were infinitely stronger than it was. The heavenly workings calculations systems simply weren’t at that level.

With everything going smoothly, Yang Qi invited the Second Devil General into the cruiser. “Senior,” he said, “it’s time to go to the House of the Invincible. You’re not going to cause any trouble, are you? If you really want to get back to full strength, you need to rely on my help. Maybe I can even give some of the patriarchs of the House of the Invincible to you to devour.”

“Don’t worry, boy. I'm not strong enough to take on the patriarchs of the House of the Invincible right now. People such as the Heaven-Defeating Dugu weren’t a match for me in ancient times, but I've been imprisoned for so long that I definitely have to be on guard against them. So this is all going to benefit me as well.

“Boy, if you weren’t so weak, we really might be able to accomplish a lot together. You might be destined to succeed in all your actions. After all, you did come out on top against me. But the patriarchs of the House of the Invincible probably have a piece of the Mahātmā Jade. Remember, they sent people into the Bastille of the One God, not just to randomly search for treasure, but to find me. They knew I was sealed there!”

1. The type of organization being described here flies completely in the fact of Chinese culture, both historically and in modern times. Bribery and corruption are so commonplace as to be considered normal. And in China, the idea of “it’s not what you know, it's who you know” is the accepted standard. When it comes to business, jobs, government, etc., you have to have good relationships to accomplish anything. And there’s definitely no “rule of law”. I experienced this personally as a teacher, as parents would try to offer “gifts” that they would expect to lead to preferential treatment for their children. It was technically forbidden by the school, but the parents did it anyway. I personally wouldn’t ever give any preferential treatment, but that didn’t stop them from trying.

2. The idiom troubles stem, not from lack of resources, but from unfair distribution comes from the Analects of Confucius.

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