Chapter 1427: A Temporary Alliance

The Second Devil General and Yang Qi had reached a temporary agreement.

Snap! Crack!

The Second Devil General transformed into a tall, middle-aged man with flowing black hair. And he reined his aura in until he seemed like a person similar to Patriarch Deva. Of course, the truth was that his godhood rating and psychic scale were no less than three billion. Back before he had been so badly injured, he was at around six billion.

Three billion was actually the weakest he had been in a long time, leaving him almost on the verge of being dead.

Yang Qi could even imagine what he had been like in his prime. He expanded the God Legion Paradise to encompass the Second Devil General, whose first act was to secretly start absorbing the vital energy from around him.

“Stop that immediately, Second Devil General!” Yang Qi shouted. “It wasn’t easy to build up all this power. You think I’m going to just let you take it all away for your own cultivation?”

“Your absorption abilities are weak, boy,” the Second Devil General replied coldly. “I thought you had King Heaven-Devourer’s talismans. Don’t you know that, back in the old days, he was known for being completely domineering and tyrannical? He devoured so many daos of heaven from so many innumerable worlds that no one could count them. Don’t be so stingy as to refuse me this little bit of vital energy. Did you take that piece of the Mahātmā Jade for nothing? Can’t you use its powers? If you want to really get powerful, I suggest you go up and explore the halls of heaven. What do you say? The purrling got that ring up there, just think what you might be able to find. Perhaps some medicinal pills concocted by the Sovereign Lord himself. Then you’d definitely reach the peak Paramount God level.”

“Yeah right,” Yang Qi said. “The halls of heaven are far too dangerous. I may have the God Legion Seal, but not even I can just randomly waltz up there. I'd rather just stay down here and work on my cultivation. By the way, Jadefall, how is that relocation work going?”

“Quite well. So far, no one has come to cause us any trouble. Patriarch Deva and the others are carrying out the work smoothly and efficiently. We should be completely moved within a week or two. At that point, the destiny flowing in the Cruiser of Civilization should be thousands of times what it was before. After moving, we need to unify all of the various forces under our command and create a dynasty of the purest destiny imaginable.”

“Yes, we definitely need to do that. However, over the course of the next few days, we need to focus on our cultivation. And I need to create a teleportation portal here that connects directly to the Cruiser of Civilization. The endless perfect caliber godstones here will make it much easier to power the cruiser going forward.”

Yang Qi knew the Cruiser of Civilization used a huge amount of fuel on a daily basis, and eventually, he would run out. When that happened, the numerous god kingdoms in the cruiser would wither away.

Having a teleportation portal would be very safe. After all, not even the mighty Second Devil General could come here without immense effort, much less ordinary people. So not only would Yang Qi be able to power the cruiser, but he would also have a place to escape to if necessary. Who wouldn’t want to kill two birds with one stone that way?

It was all thanks to him being able to borrow the might of the halls of heaven.

Yang Qi suddenly spun into action, and a host of spell formations descended, creating a complex image that resolved into an altar. It was an altar created purely from the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth, and it pulsed with a powerful aura that constantly absorbed the power of the starlight.

Eventually, the starlight formed a pure white residue on the surface of the altar, which slowly crystalized into the shape of stones. They weren’t perfect caliber godstones, but rather sovereign caliber! In fact, because they came from the halls of heaven, they could also be called heaven caliber godstones!

Perfect caliber godstones could only form in the halls of heaven. And this altar could create stones that were superior to that. If word spread of this, it would be major news in the god world. After all, there hadn’t been any new calibers of godstones in the god world as long as anyone could remember.

Crack. Crunch.

As the godstones formed, they tumbled into the dimensional passageway and sped through the void to appear in the Cruiser of Civilization, which shuddered as a result. Then it expanded, and all the god kingdoms inside did the same.

The photonic computers flared with bright light as all of the systems surged to greater levels of activity. Because of the heavenly workings calculations systems in the cruiser, it had the ability to improve itself and make itself more perfect.

In that regard, it was similar to a person who could practice cultivation.

“Excellent! With this spell formation in place, I can make plenty of heavenly caliber godstones!” Yang Qi chuckled with satisfaction as he picked up a heaven caliber godstone and assessed it. With this portal to channel godstones into the cruiser, Yang Qi wouldn’t even need to use a bit of his own energy arts to fight an expert like Buddha Thunderjolt. And he could fit a hundred Deva Dynasties inside without it being cramped.

That would be very helpful when it came to making his own dynasty.

He wanted his Sage Monarch Society to be a true refuge, similar to how the Myriad Dragons Lair was a refuge for the Dragonfolk.

“You can use that formation to take god vitality and turn it into a godstone with a higher caliber than perfect?” the Second Devil General said. “That’s incredible. It seems to me you must be thinking of founding your own dynasty. Look, I have a very impressive plan that I’ve created. Want to hear it?”

“Impressive plan? Do go on.” Yang Qi was still leery of the Second Devil General. He couldn't control him with the God Legion Seal; at most, he could ensure that the general couldn’t suddenly attack him without warning.

“Simple. The Cruiser of Civilization has a weakness in that it's not on the same level as the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart or the Myriad Dragons Lair. You see, the Lord of Civilization was relatively weak, and didn’t have the enlightenment he needed. Why don’t the two of us work together? We can sacrifice the blood of all the Dragonfolk in the Myriad Dragons Lair, then use my heaven-defying divine abilities to combine that with the Cruiser of Civilization. At that point, you’ll have a truly precious god kingdom treasure. Call it the Sage Monarch Lair! Or the Sage Monarch Kingdom. Whichever you want. What do you think?”

“No thanks. You really think I’ll let you drag me into some war? There are countless Dragonfolk experts there, and some of their original patriarchs are still around. You see, I was able to take some of Buddha Thunderjolt’s memories when I assimilated him, so I know the truth. Maybe I can do something like that later when I'm stronger, but not right now. You're weak, Second Devil General. You just want to devour the souls of some of those Dragonfolk patriarchs to restore your cultivation base. If you want to do something like that, do it on your own. I'm not helping.”

“It’ll help you too, boy! But if you don’t agree, then forget about it. Rewards come only with risk, but you want to play it safe. That’s not how you accomplish big things. If you’re going to go to the House of the Invincible, you can’t do it as a weakling.”

“I'm fine where I am. I’ll be sneaking into the House of the Invincible. And that’s not to mention that I haven’t finished assimilating the Everlit Godlamp. I’ll worry about other things once I'm finished with that. When that lamp becomes my physical form, I’ll be many times stronger than before.”

“Going to the House of the Invincible will be very, very dangerous. There are patriarchs there that not even I could deal with unless I recover my full strength. If you get into a tricky situation there, don’t expect me to save you.”

“I’ll be fine. I have a plan.”

“Fine, boy. I'm curious to see what you have up your sleeve. I’ll just wait until you’re a peak Paramount God, which is when you’ll remove my throne from the God Legion Seal. If you don’t live up to your word, I’ll make sure you regret it.” The Second Devil General didn't say anything further.

Yang Qi spent the next several days working on his cultivation while the relocation work continued. Thankfully, his sage monarch magistrates made the work much faster. Without them, it would never have gone so quickly.

The three major sects previously had a few hundred Paramount Gods each. Combined, that gave them barely over a thousand. Therefore, the addition of ten thousand Paramount God level sage monarch magistrates was simply shocking.

When people of the various sects saw that force, they suddenly realized what kind of person their new ruler was.

Everyone knew calamity was coming. However, the fact that they had over ten thousand Paramount Gods to help keep order indicated that they had immense potential for future growth.

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