Chapter 1426: Breaking Free

Yang Qi had yet again come out on top.

Instead of relying on the purrling to save him, he was using his own wits and abilities. It was the might of the Sovereign Lord himself that was stabbing into the Everlit Godlamp to vanquish what remained of the Second Devil General.

Unfortunately, the Second Devil General was strong. Although he was being vanquished at every turn, and was already seriously injured and in retreat, he was still strong enough to fight back against the might of the Sovereign Lord without dying.

“Very crafty of you, boy!” the Second Devil General growled hatefully. Sadly for him, he had no options. His plan had been to switch Yang Qi for himself, then take the Everlit Godlamp and slowly assimilate it. Eventually, he would take the God Legion Seal from Yang Qi and become unparalleled under heaven, surpassing both the True Devil and the Sovereign Lord.

Unfortunately, he had lost his chance and was now being boxed into a corner. And likely, he would never be able to escape.

‘The might of the Sovereign Lord is so formidable!’ Yang Qi thought. ‘Seems I've succeeded! The Second Devil General is definitely ambitious, but he still can’t surpass me.’ The combination of the Sovereign Lord’s might and the Second Devil General’s devilishness had combined, fueling a massive transformation. Not only had his force of sage monarch magistrates grown larger, but his godhood rating and psychic scale were also climbing.

Before, his hundred thousand sage monarch magistrates had boosted his psychic scale and godhood rating by around a hundred million. But now, that number was more like two or three hundred million.

Furthermore, he was gaining more control over the Everlit Godlamp. He could sense how the lamp had existed before heaven and earth, and that it was a true body of radiance and light, something that would fuse perfectly with his Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth.

“Everlit Godlamp. Be assimilated!”

Not even Yang Qi would have guessed that he would be able to assimilate the lamp and the Mahātmā Jade at the same time.


The piece of the Mahātmā Jade in the Second Devil General’s chest was vibrating violently, then finally transformed into a rippling blur and shot into Yang Qi’s sea of energy, where it merged with the other pieces of the Mahātmā Jade.

His plan had finally succeeded!

Yang Qi threw his head back and howled in exultation. Every additional piece of Mahātmā Jade that he collected didn’t just provide a linear boost in power, but an explosive eruption that caused his psychic scale to skyrocket with abandon.

It was considered impossible for any person to have such a dramatic increase in such a short time. That was why the Mahātmā Jade deserved its reputation as an eminently precious treasure.

His psychic scale shot from five hundred million to six hundred. Then eight hundred million. And finally, nine hundred million, where it finally stopped. In that short moment, Yang Qi shot right into the peak Unbounded level. However, his monarch godhood remained in place. After all, the Mahātmā Jade could only improve his psyche, not godhood.

However, he still had the ability to improve his godhood rating, as he wasn’t done assimilating the Everlit Godlamp. As he sucked it into himself, his monarch godhood rose to higher levels, providing an experience that would have been hard to replicate in any other circumstance.

“No!” the Second Devil General screamed as the Mahātmā Jade vanished from his chest. Then he saw Yang Qi powering up dramatically, and knew he was in an extremely dangerous situation.


He erupted with devilishness as he went all out, trying to fight and kill Yang Qi right there.

Unfortunately, all Yang Qi did was transform into an image of the Great Necropolis, and the devilishness was sucked inside. Then he drew on the power of the Everlit Godlamp, the Mahātmā Jade, and the Sovereign Lord.

At the same time, the God Legion Seal erupted with the dramatic power of the god world itself.


Golden light stabbed into the devilishness of the Second Devil General.

Deep in the God Legion Seal, an immense golden throne rose up, one that the other thrones could hardly compare to. This was Yang Qi’s ultimate move. Unexpectedly, he was subjugating the Second Devil General!

“Dammit! You’ve sucked me into the God Legion Seal?! You shouldn’t be strong enough to do that?! How dare you try to subjugate the mighty Second Devil General!”

The Second Devil General knew that if this happened, he would become a puppet, little more than the walking dead. His thoughts would be monitored, just like the Lord of Radiance and Light and others like him in the past. And worst of all, the Second Devil General was at his weakest right here and now.

Devils Exterminate the World of Men!


Without hesitation, he threw his most powerful efforts into resisting. “There’s no way the God Legion Seal can take control of me! The True Devil actually researched how to slip free from the control of the seal, as did the Lord of Radiance and Light! I learned enough from them that I can make sure this doesn’t work!

Devilishness Floods Heaven!

Ocean of Myriad Devils!

Heaven-Devil Creates the Earth!

Primeval Devil Patriarch!

Devil Among Devils!

Tempests of devilishness smashed into the God Legion Seal and flowed toward the forming throne. To Yang Qi’s shock, he watched as the God Legion Seal actually stopped working! This was something that had never happened before. What was going on?

Ultimate Freeing; Devil Invincible!

As Yang Qi continued transforming, the Second Devil General took advantage of the moment to make his move. An immense explosion rocked the interior of the Everlit Godlamp, causing a black, devilish cloud to rise up as the godpower of the Sovereign Lord was smashed into oblivion.

The Second Devil General was finally free.

Everlit Godlamp; Be Absorbed!

Yang Qi quickly sucked the Everlit Godlamp into him and started assimilating it. It was now free of devilishness and didn’t have the Second Devil General in it, so the God Legion Seal immediately accepted it.

Having formed a new body, the Second Devil General looked around with delight, then fixed his eyes on Yang Qi.

“I'm free, Yang Qi. What do you think?” As he spoke, he surged with devil power that would cause most people to faint just sensing it.

“Whatever. I have half of you sealed already. Although I’m not sure how you managed to fight back, the fact that I already have a throne forming for you indicates that you’re no real threat to me.”

After all, Yang Qi had known all along that assimilating the lamp would involve the Second Devil General getting free. And although he didn't fully control the general now, the fact that he was partially sealed in the God Legion Seal meant that he couldn't attack Yang Qi.

“You’re courting death, boy! You can’t fully control me. And I can make sure that both of us die together, if I have to!” Although the Second Devil General was at his weakest state ever, he was still many times stronger than Yang Qi.

Around this time, the purrling flew over with all of Yang Qi’s friends and family in tow, safely contained in a bubble. Without the slightest nervousness, Yang Qi unleashed the God Legion Paradise to protect them.

Smiling, Yang Qi said, “If you hadn’t tried to switch places with me, Second Devil General, things wouldn’t have gone so smoothly for me. You broke your promise first, remember that. And although I can’t control you right now, once my cultivation base gets a bit stronger, I will. That said, I'm still interested in making a deal. Let's work together. You help me whenever I want, and eventually, I’ll remove you from the control of the God Legion Seal. What do you say? Neither of us are strong enough to defeat the other, and neither of us are willing to let the other leave. And I definitely don’t want you spreading word about the God Legion Seal.”

“Work together?” the Second Devil General said quietly. “The two of us?”

Looking over, he had to admit that Yang Qi was really turning into a threat. If his cultivation continued like this, he would soon reach the peak Paramount God level, at which point he would be very dangerous.

“Fine. Let’s work together. But this is only temporary. Once you’re a peak Paramount God, you have to release me from the God Legion Seal’s fetters.”

“No problem,” Yang Qi replied with a cheerful smile.

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