Chapter 1424: Reaching an Agreement

Yang Qi was getting down to business with the Second Devil General.

Infiltrating some ordinary sect wouldn’t have been a big deal. But this was the House of the Invincible, and the task wouldn’t be easy. He was confident that he could sneak in as a nobody, then slowly grow to power. But he didn’t have ten thousand years to take things slowly. Time was of the essence; therefore, being able to assimilate the Everlit Godlamp and the Mahātmā Jade was very important to his plan.

The Second Devil General was tempted. He knew that this opportunity to help Yang Qi could theoretically lead to his own freedom. And what was more precious than freedom? To him, nothing. After being imprisoned for hundreds of millions of years, it was the stuff of dreams.

The Second Devil General thought about the matter for a time, then said, “Fine, is that the agreement, boy? I give you the Mahātmā Jade, and you let me free. Then you assimilate the Everlit Godlamp. We both get what we need. I help you solve some of your problems, then we work together to take down King Immortal-Slayer, assimilate the Great Necropolis, and overthrow that group that’s trying to destroy the god world.”

“It's a deal. I'm going to activate the teleportation portal that leads to the Cruiser of Civilization and the purrling. Don’t cause any mischief!”

Yang Qi’s eyes glittered as he considered numerous matters. This deal with the Second Devil General was definitely going to benefit him greatly.

Of course, releasing the general was going to be a very dangerous thing, which was why he wanted to have the purrling ready to step in.

“Even if you try to cause mischief, boy, I'm not worried. Besides, you’re going to assimilate the Everlit Godlamp and kick me out into the open. Other than that lamp, there’s not much in the world that could possibly cause problems for me. You don’t actually have the Great Necropolis with you, otherwise you really could kill me without much effort.”

“Don’t worry,” Yang Qi said. “I've made a promise, and I keep my word.”

“Hmph! You think the Second Devil General believes in promises? If I did, I would’ve been killed a long time ago. The only person I trust is myself. And that's why I’m not just going to hand over the Mahātmā Jade. I'm going to slowly give you more control of the Everlit Godlamp. Then, at just the right moment, you release me, and we both live up to our end of the bargain. I’ll also issue a temporary blood oath to live up to all the details.”

“I didn’t think you were simply going to hand it to me,” Yang Qi replied. He knew the Second Devil General was a wily old fox, and there was no way he was going to just trust him. And in fact, he was ready to turn the tables at a moment's notice.

The two had made a temporary deal, but both had ulterior motives, and the time would soon come in which they were both struggling for the upper hand. Yang Qi wanted to get the Mahātmā Jade and Everlit Godlamp, use them to improve his cultivation base, and ultimately turn the Second Devil General into a puppet. In the end, the general would have a throne in the God Legion Seal, making him as subservient as the Lord of Radiance and Light had been to the Sovereign Lord.

He was confident in being able to do this.

Years ago, the Lord of Radiance and Light had been roughly the same level as the Second Devil General, and the Sovereign Lord had been able to subdue him with the God Legion Seal. Therefore, he should be able to do the same thing to the Second Devil General.

At least, he could do it when he reached the peak Paramount God level.

With his current cultivation base advancement, it was even easier to operate the teleportation portal to the Cruiser of Civilization. Upon activating it, a tunnel of starlight shot off into the distance.

Considering his location, and the fact that they had the God Legion Seal, he was the only person who could possibly do such a thing.

Jadefall and his other friends and family emerged from the portal, and looked around at the star-filled sky. Immediately, gasps rang out.

“The halls of heaven!” Brahma shouted. “This is actually the ancient halls of heaven!”

Even in ancient times, he had never qualified to come to this place, as he had only been a Consummate God, like the bumpkin leader of a tiny village.

As for the purrling, it sat upright in Jadefall’s arms, looking around like a general out on parade. Then it flew up into the air, whereupon the stars above transformed, sending divine lighting smashing down into it. It responded with a look of disdain as it created a bubble that completely protected it. Obviously, the purrling was many, many times beyond the level of Buddha Thunderjolt.

The power of the starlight here was like a walk in the park for the purrling.

It flew higher, heading toward the actual halls of heaven as if to inspect it. That was when the might of the Sovereign Lord flared, and the sky filled with bright beams of light that all shot directly toward the purrling.

However, it didn't matter how strong those beams of light were. They didn't do a single thing to stop the purrling.

Yang Qi looked on in amazement.

Although he hadn’t been injured by that light, he knew that the halls of heaven were so powerful that if he tried to force his way in, he would fail. That was why, for the time being, he wasn’t trying to pry his way inside. Yet the purrling just completely ignored it.


In fact, it even sped up, and moments later, vanished into the halls of heaven. However, as it did, an enormous figure appeared, human in shape, but with features that were impossible to distinguish. It was incomparably mighty, such that Yang Qi felt suffocated just looking at the figure.

It was obviously a spell formation filled with the will of the Sovereign Lord.

The mighty Sovereign Lord reached out, causing immense pressure to weigh down as he reached toward the purrling. Before the hand could close around the purrling, though, it spat out a bubble that blocked the hand’s path. Then the purrling dodged to the side and vanished into the halls of heaven.

The will of the Sovereign Lord seemed to pause as if searching for it, but failed. The purrling had slipped into the halls of heaven like a rat sneaking into a granary.

Moments later, the will of the Sovereign Lord faded away.

Shortly thereafter, the purrling appeared, seemingly swaggering as it flew along. Landing in Jadefall’s arms, it revealed a jade thumb-ring which had obviously been taken from the halls of heaven.

At a glance, it was obviously extremely mysterious and profound, like the deepest of waters.

Nodding, the purrling indicated for Jadefall to put on the thumb-ring.

She did, and immediately felt a pulse of cold running through her, stimulating her psyche and pushing her will convergence to a higher level.

“How could this be happening? After putting this ring on, my psychic scale improved dramatically! What ring is this?” Jadefall was a Paramount God, and her psychic scale was already around eight or nine million, just on the verge of reaching ten million.

It was already incredibly mighty.

But after putting on the ring, her mind expanded many times over, to the point where her thoughts could cover many continents at the same time.

“Incredible!” the Second Devil General exclaimed from within the Everlit Godlamp. “Simply incredible. That purrling managed to get the Heart-Spirit Ring from the halls of heaven. That used to belong to one of the Sovereign Lord’s concubines! It was forged from heart-spirit jade that can boost the psyche. Just putting it on will increase one's psychic scale by at least ten times! The only downside is that removing the ring will return you to the previous level. It’s second only to the Mahātmā Jade in effectiveness. In fact, the Sovereign Lord knew full well that the True Devil created the Mahātmā Jade specifically to counter the might of the God Legion Seal. Therefore, he tracked down that heart-spirit jade and carved it into that ring. Unfortunately, it wasn’t quite on the same level as the Mahātmā Jade. And in the end, the Mahātmā Jade and the God Legion Seal clashed, breaking both. The Mahātmā Jade shattered into countless fragments, and the God Legion Seal broke into three pieces.”

“Well, it sounds quite amazing,” Jadefall said. “Yang Qi, why don’t you wear it?”

With that, she prepared to pull the ring off.

“No,” he said. “I have the Mahātmā Jade, so you keep the Heart-Spirit Ring. It's not good for one person to have everything. Besides, my psychic power actually can't be boosted any further without the Mahātmā Jade. What’s worse, I'm fairly certain the two types of jade would conflict with each other.”

“You’re absolutely right, boy,” the Second Devil General said. “If you tried using them at the same time, the ring would shatter. In any case, not even I could get into the halls of heaven, which shows how incredible the purrling is. Not even the will of the Sovereign Lord is strong enough to keep it in check.”

“Enough with the meaningless jibber-jabber, Second Devil General,” Yang Qi said. “Tell me your plan, and let’s see if we can actually work out some sort of deal.”

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