Chapter 1421: Major Counter Attack

In the light of the halls of heaven, Yang Qi made a major counterattack, using the Sage Monarch Grand Magic to full effect. His opponent had been chasing him with deadly intent, and because of that, Yang Qi wouldn’t show any mercy.


Starlight poured into him, until he was nearly translucent. His every move seemed profound to the extreme, pulsing with the majesty of the Sovereign Lord and filled with the ability to injure and kill.

And with the power of the sovereign grade godstones pouring into the Everlit Godlamp, the Second Devil General’s devilishness was completely suppressed. The burning of the lamp also tempered Yang Qi’s fleshly body, and the sage monarch magistrates’ bodies as well.

As for the sage monarch magistrates, they were now clad in battle garments that radiated bright light, as did their flesh, blood, meridians, godhood, and godpower. They were stronger than ever. Before, their psychic scale and godhood rating had been at a million, placing them in the Unbounded level, but now they were beyond that.

Each and every one of them was turning into a true Paramount God.

The previous transformation had only involved Unbounded will, not the Paramount God level. Yang Qi had known that it would take the right opportunity for them to transform into something like the true angels of the past.

Now that opportunity was here.

Suddenly, Buddha Thunderjolt started chanting in a strange and mysterious voice, causing him to transform into a strange-looking dragon, complete with wings that pulsed with demon energy.

“You’re forcing my hand, boy. This is my ultimate trump card, a talisman that was personally crafted by the Demon Master. It can block the will of the Sovereign Lord, and is perfect for this scenario. The fact that you’re making me waste this talisman ensures that I won’t let you leave here alive.”

A demonic talisman flew out, and the cascade of light from the stars instantly ceased. A projection of the Demon Master appeared behind Buddha Thunderjolt, and dark clouds spread out in all directions.

Myriad Demons Canopy!

The clouds turned into a huge canopy, like one that an emperor would sit under while on patrol. And beneath it, there were countless demon kings roving about. The starlight immediately increased in intensity, but the demon energy on display shoved it back. As a result, the restrictions on Buddha Thunderjolt began loosening.

It was just one what would expect of a talisman created by the Demon Master to counter the might of the Sovereign Lord.

Unfortunately, the talisman would only work for a limited time. Furthermore, it would cause the stars to increase the intensity of their light. It was almost as if they were furious at the insult to the Sovereign Lord.

In the blink of an eye, Yang Qi felt the stars surging with indescribable might.


Each stream of starlight became like a burning sea of fire, and as he was bathed by them, he sensed himself rapidly growing stronger. At the same time, the sage monarch magistrates started splitting even faster than before.

By this point, all of the sage monarch magistrates had completed their rise to the Paramount God level. And that meant that Yang Qi was also reaching the point of his breakthrough. He had already been just on the verge of the late Paramount God level, but had been unable to complete the final step. But it seemed that being close to the halls of heaven, and fighting with Buddha Thunderjolt, was exactly what he needed for that ultimate transformation.

Pop. Pop. Pop. Pop. Pop.

Countless halos appeared around Yang Qi, causing him to grow taller, with his every step able to crush continents and seas, and reach the past and future.

In the chiliocosm of worlds, countless shocking things could occur.

As the psychic transformation occurred, Yang Qi surged with power, and the God Legion Seal changed in incredibly dramatic ways, drawing in more godpower than seemed possible.

Inhale, exhale. Inhale, exhale. Inhale, exhale.

As Yang Qi breathed, godly might filled him, surging into him through his forehead, nose, and even his pores.

At long last, he had broken into the late Unbounded level, as well as the late Paramount God level. He was now on the same standing as Patriarch Deva! Of course, this breakthrough made him vastly stronger than Patriarch Deva, considering he had monarch godhood. Furthermore, he had the Everlit Godlamp, the God Legion Seal, and the Mahātmā Jade, all of them unique and one-of-a-kind treasures.

And all of them would improve as he got stronger.

God Legion Seal; Invincible Vitality and Might; Substructure of the God World; Vivid in My Mind!

By means of the God Legion Seal, Yang Qi could see into the true substructure of the god world, and as it happened, he smiled. At the same time, the sage monarch magistrates proliferated madly, with dozens and dozens popping into being every moment. Ten thousand. Fifteen thousand. Twenty thousand....

The moment he experienced his breakthrough, he doubled his reserve! And all twenty thousand were shockingly powerful Paramount Gods. It was almost absurd to think of even the most powerful sect having twenty thousand Paramount Gods. Not even an uncharacteristically formidable group like the House of the Invincible could amass a force like that. And if someone like Patriarch Deva saw it, he would likely pass out from terror.


Meanwhile, Buddha Thunderjolt was calling on the most immense power possible to lunge forward and hit Yang Qi with a deadly attack. Sadly for him, the Yang Qi of this moment was very different from the Yang Qi of the previous moment.

Even more shocking, thanks to the Mahātmā Jade there to unleash the potential of what he had built up in preparation for this moment, his psychic scale had just jumped all the way to the level of three hundred million.

Yang Qi truly felt as though he was unparalleled in all heaven and earth.

Now, he had control of numerous spell formations in the Everlit Godlamp, ensuring that the Second Devil General was instantly vanquished on numerous fronts there.

Shocked, the Second Devil General thought, ‘This boy is strong! I can’t believe he made an advancement like that in such a short moment. Incredible. But if he thinks he can take me out, he’s crazy. That said, he now has access to more tools in this lamp, which is going to make things more difficult for me. And if he gets the Mahātmā Jade out of my chest, his psychic scale will reach an even higher level. At that point, he’ll probably be able to assimilate me. What do I do? There’s no way that the shocking and mighty Second Devil General is going to fall to the hands of a brat like that. Is there? Impossible.’

The Mahātmā Jade in his chest was wriggling, as if it were alive and wanted to unite with Yang Qi. The Second Devil General was no fool. Despite the fact that he had cultivated the consummate divine abilities of the True Devil, he knew that he would eventually lose control. Could he hold on much longer?

“Buddha Thunderjolt, you vile dragon, the time has come. On the outside, I could barely fight you. But now, thanks to you using the Demon Master’s talisman, I actually experienced a breakthrough. Many thanks! Although, how exactly should I show my gratitude? I think the best way would be to kill you and assimilate you! You’ll make my thrall troops much stronger! Or maybe I’ll take control of your mind and turn you into a puppet!” Surging with might, Yang Qi went on the offensive, and the two began fighting fiercely.

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