Chapter 1416: The Dragonswarm Society Attacks

“Enough, Second Devil General. The time hasn’t come for you to die yet, so just sit back. Once I'm in the House of the Invincible, I’ll tap into their destiny to crush you and turn you into a puppet. Or maybe I’ll add you to my sage monarch magistrates, so they can finally surpass the ancient angels of yesteryear.”

By this point, the Second Devil General hated Yang Qi down to his guts. Even in moments of chaos and danger, Yang Qi wouldn’t accept his help, and even talked of killing him.

Of course, Yang Qi knew that crises were the best times to grow and improve. Therefore, he would never give in to the Second Devil General’s suggestion of merging their life force. He considered the Second Devil General to be a major adversary, and the constant struggle with him was good training.

As he slowly worked at assimilating him, he could sense what an incredible cultivation level the Second Devil General possessed. Because of that, his assimilation attempts were constantly thwarted. That said, he wasn’t anxious. Each defeat gave him new insights and enlightenment that he could use in the future.

“You’re delusional, boy! Just wait and see. Once you get into the House of the Invincible, I’ll do everything in my power to expose you. I'm sure the people there will be very interested in the God Legion Seal. You have too many secrets. They’ll definitely slaughter you, force you to tell them everything you know, then bury you!”

Yang Qi snorted coldly and promptly ignored the Second Devil General.

Instead, he turned his attention to the heavenly workings calculations systems of the Cruiser of Civilization, which he activated to check the current progress. The three sects were in such a flurry that he was certain it had already attracted attention.

In fact, that was when a mighty expression of will, filled with dragon energy, appeared in his God Legion Paradise.

“Buddha Swallow. Buddha Lotus. Buddha Trueheaven. Why are your auras so weak? Did something happen? Did anyone dare to harm you? If so, they’ll die!”

“Not good!”

Yang Qi knew full well it was a patriarch from the Myriad Dragons Lair, looking for the three dead apprentices.

Yang Qi had taken what he could of their aura and combined it with the Life-Death Void-Destruction Lightning to keep the illusion that they were alive. But this person had sensed that those auras were weaker, and used a powerful divination magic to track them down.

“Everyone, hear my orders!”

Even as the words left his mouth, he waved his hand, pulling all ten thousand of the sage monarch magistrates back inside of him. “Keep working on the relocation effort. Dragonfolk experts are coming, and I'm going to lead them away.”

“What are you going to do?” Jadefall asked. “Shouldn't we join you to fight them?”

“No. They're too fierce, and I don’t want any of you getting hurt. It was hard work building up the Sage Monarch Society, and it has immense destiny. Damaging or losing it in a fight like this wouldn’t be worth it. I’ll lead the Dragonfolk experts as far away as possible and fight them myself. I’ll drag things out as long as possible.

“That’ll be extremely dangerous!” Jadefall said. “If we work together, we don’t have anything to be afraid of. Besides, the purrling is right here to guarantee our safety.”

“No, the purrling is expending too much effort keeping the Second Devil General suppressed. Any further action on its part could result in the general breaking free.”

Yang Qi knew the purrling was strong. But unfortunately, the Second Devil General wasn’t the type to just sit around and wait for things to happen. He was constantly struggling to break free from the Everlit Godlamp and the purrling’s bubble. That was why the purrling had been spending most of its time in deep sleep.

Even years ago, the Lord of Radiance and Light had barely been able to imprison the general. And although the purrling surpassed the Lord of Radiance and Light, it wasn’t completely invincible.

Therefore, Yang Qi wasn’t going to place all his bets on the purrling.

“Remember, keep the relocation going until everything is cleared out. Don’t leave anything behind. These Dragonfolk patriarchs are going to want to kill me, but it won’t be that easy. And I know the perfect place to take them. In fact, I might even be able to kill them there.”

“Are you talking about the Bastille of the One God?” Jadefall asked.

“Exactly. That place is my territory. If I can lure them there, I’ll definitely be able to keep myself safe and out of danger. Look, I don't have any more time. I'm leaving!”


Unfurling his Tribulation Wings, he became a stream of tribulation that shot out into space-time and vanished. With the speed he was capable of, combined with the use of various teleportation portals, he was easily able to reach the Bastille of the One God.

Suddenly, three streams of vital energy erupted in his God Legion Paradise, along with a howling voice. “Dammit. Dammit! You killed my apprentices! How dare you! And you even assimilated their vital energy! Did you really think you could kill them and keep it a secret? I’ve already locked onto the position of your soul. You’ll never escape!”

Far off in the distance, in some unknown location, he sensed an explosive rage locking onto his soul with incredibly destructive power.

Normally speaking, because he was a Fateless One, it would have been impossible for the Dragonfolk experts to find him. But because he had incorporated the life force and genes of the three experts into the flesh and blood of his sage monarch magistrates, there were clues to be found. And even if he had completely gotten rid of the clues, the Dragonswarm Society would have been able to come to the Nine Dragons Court, and eventually that would have led them to him.

‘That’s an incredible will convergence heading right toward me. I have to get into the Bastille of the One God, otherwise the Second Devil General is going to take advantage of the chaos to break free.’ Yang Qi pushed forward with greater speed than ever, as a sound drew near that resembled the weeping of ghosts and wailing of gods.

‘If I'm not mistaken, this Dragonfolk patriarch must have a psychic scale and godhood rating of around a billion. I wonder if it’s past a billion. If so, this will be a hopeless battle. But if it’s not past a billion, I might stand a chance.’

Psychic scales and godhood ratings at the level of a billion were those of peak Paramount Gods. Old-timers like that were close to becoming God-Lords. The Second Devil General would be in that position, if he weren’t so weak. And any such figure could kill Yang Qi with almost no effort.

That said, a rating of less than a billion was that of the late Paramount God level. Although it was still far above Yang Qi, he could still fight someone like that. For instance, Patriarch Deva had a psychic scale and godhood rating of around two hundred million, and Yang Qi was fairly confident that he could at least hold his own against someone with ratings of three hundred million. But this Dragonfolk expert was definitely at nine hundred million or more.

That was why the Bastille of the One God was his only hope.


Even as Yang Qi slipped into a teleportation portal, a massive force hit the portal and destroyed it behind him. And that wasn’t even an attack! It was just a result of the Dragonfolk expert’s approach!

“Must go faster,” Yang Qi said through gritted teeth. “Must go faster!” He sensed the Bastille of the One God up ahead. However, looking over his shoulder, he saw massive dragon claws rushing in his direction, ripping apart space and time as they neared. He quickly used the Myriad Worlds Greater Teleportation.

‘So strong!’

He was drawing so deeply on his godpower that his monarch godhood had cracks spreading across it as it neared the point of collapsing. However, that didn’t matter. As long as he got to the Bastille of the One God, the sagelight there would replenish him.


Again, he sped up. However, before he could get any farther, everything around him collapsed and a massive dragon began closing in on him.

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