Chapter 1415: Mass Migration

Just like that, Yang Qi completely crushed Buddhist Lord Sumeru and took the reins of power in the Sumeru Temple. As its flows of destiny shifted to him, joining those of the Deva Dynasty and Nine Dragons Court, his thinking rose to a higher level.

As they flowed through him, they created something like godpower, causing a river of fate to roil through his meridians.

‘Perfect!’ Yang Qi thought. ‘The more destiny I get, the more I benefit. It won’t be long now before I break through to the late Paramount God level. Then I’ll be a matchless patriarch with endless magical power. But for now, I still need to pull off this big move. The last thing I need is to have to deal with the Dragonfolk right now. I can’t leave the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty out of it. Everything is going to go into the Cruiser of Civilization. I suppose I can use this as a chance to pull all of these organizations into the Sage Monarch Society. It would be too chaotic to have them all be independent entities.’

“Everybody, get ready to relocate,” Yang Qi ordered.

“Relocate?” Buddhist Lord Sumeru said. “To where? If we abandon our ancestral home, we’ll experience a big drop in destiny.”

“The arrangements have already been made. We're going to the House of the Invincible. You see, I already have some low-level spies there who can get me an official position. The fact is, I killed three experts from the Dragonswarm Society, and once the truth comes to light, they’ll definitely want to destroy me. But if I'm in the House of the Invincible, I’ll be safe. Besides, I’ll eventually be able to tap into their destiny as well, and even work on seizing power.”

After providing the explanation, Yang Qi concluded by saying, “Now get to work!”

Yang Qi had been planning to infiltrate the House of the Invincible all along, and the invitation card had only cemented his intentions.

If he could go there and get information about Yang Susu and the Invincible Dugu, and possibly even figure out what Proud Heaven was planning, what reason was there not to go?

Any ordinary patriarch, such as Buddhist Lord Sumeru, would think it a completely insane idea to try infiltrating the House of the Invincible.

But Yang Qi already had four of their top experts working for him. Of course, while people like that might be considered ‘patriarchs’ outside their sect, they obviously weren’t very powerful in their own hierarchy.

They probably wouldn't even know much about the secret inner workings of their sect. Yang Qi’s plan was to get into the House of the Invincible just like he had joined the House of God Ordainment via the Bloodgore Trials.

The House of the Invincible had such incredible destiny that it was obviously a rare and incredibly powerful force in the god world.

Compared to it, the Deva Dynasty was like a backwater town. And when people in the Deva Dynasty got in fights, it was like local thugs getting into a scuffle.

But the House of the Invincible was like the imperial court. And the internal struggles of the court were fundamentally different.

“I understand. We’re relocating.” Buddhist Lord Sumeru was sad to part with the location he had worked so hard to develop. But after hearing Yang Qi’s explanation and plans, he fully understood. A random ‘hair’ from the House of the Invincible would be bigger than a ‘leg’ from the Sumeru Temple!

Even a little bit of their destiny would be worth far more than everything he had ever collected.


The Deva Dynasty, Sumeru Temple, and Eternal-Life God-Dynasty were all preparing to relocate.

Back in the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty, Eternal Millennium was issuing orders. The Cruiser of Civilization flew over to the imperial palace and unleashed a gravitational force. Jadefall and the other Paramount God assisted, and all of the resources and government officials were sucked into the cruiser.

The cruiser was now roughly the size of a continent, at least on the outside. And as it floated from location to location, entire cities vanished beneath it.

Within less than a day, all of the important cities, people, and resources of the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty had been pulled inside.

By evening, the thousands of continents that made up the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty were completely empty, as if they had never been inhabited to begin with.

The Eternal-Life God-Dynasty had been wiped off of the map.

It now existed inside the Cruiser of Civilization. For the time being, it would work well. However, it was hard to say what would happen with the Deva Dynasty, Nine Dragons Court, and Sumeru Temple. They were vastly larger than the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty, and it wouldn’t be possible to get them into the Cruiser of Civilization in a short time.

Eight years? Ten years? It was hard to say how long it would take.

Regardless, it was certain that the Dragonfolk would learn about the death of their three experts before then.

“Move it, move it, move it!” Jadefall announced inside the Cruiser of Civilization. “Activate all relevant systems. The Cruiser of Civilization was designed to escape the great tribulation of the past. And now tribulation is coming our way. Complete annihilation! Head to the Deva Dynasty!”

“Yes ma’am!”

Yang Qi’s other brethren, all of them Paramount Gods, held nothing back to send the Cruiser of Civilization speeding along as quickly as possible. Perfect caliber godstones were being sucked up like mad, but they didn't care. It was a critical moment, and definitely not the time to be worrying about saving money.

After a bit of flying, and by making use of certain teleportation portals, they soon arrived in the Deva Dynasty. There, Yang Qi sent his ten thousand sage monarch magistrates out to help with the relocation effort.

Considering how disciplined and hardworking they were, it helped a lot.

The city magistrates throughout the Deva Dynasty had already received orders from Patriarch Deva, and they sprang into action, clearing out their storehouses and preparing all of their top experts. Many of them even shrank their cities down into personal god kingdoms, making them easier to transport.

Inside the Cruiser of Civilization, whirring sounds could be heard as countless cities popped up like ants.

Meanwhile, Yang Qi, Patriarch Deva, Buddha First-King, and Buddhist Lord Sumeru were working together to create a teleportation portal that would bring items from the Nine Dragons Court and Sumeru Temple.

“The Cruiser of Civilization lives up to its reputation,” Buddhist Lord Sumeru said. “This is going a hundred times faster than we could manage alone.”

“Yes,” said Buddha First-King. “According to the stories, the Lord of Civilization built the Cruiser of Civilization in the face of coming tribulation. He’d hoped to carry the seeds of countless civilizations inside it. Although we can’t unleash its full potential right now, at least it’ll help us survive.”

“It's too bad we can’t take all the people and resources with us. It won’t be long now before the Dragonfolk realize something unusual is going on. A relocation operation this big can’t be hidden forever. I wish I had more sage monarch magistrates. If I had a hundred thousand, or a million, it would barely take a day to clear out the three sects.”

How much strength would a million Unbounded experts represent?

The Deva Dynasty only had about two hundred such experts, and even adding in the Nine Dragons Court and the Sumeru Temple, the total would only be about eight hundred.

It was impressive enough that Yang Qi had ten thousand. Besides, they were all expert fighters, and what was more amazing, they could communicate with each other to make their actions like those of a single person.

With them in his service, Yang Qi didn’t need to recruit more geniuses and experts. What he needed now was more destiny. Thankfully, the three sects had provided a huge influx.

Three days and nights passed, during which the teleportation portals were constantly at work. At the same time, more and more god kingdoms appeared inside the Cruiser of Civilization.

Doing something like this would obviously take a huge amount of power.

“You need more time, boy,” the Second Devil General said with a dark chuckle. “That’s the only way you’ll clear out all three of these sects. You’re just not strong enough to do it. You don’t have enough perfect caliber godstones! But if you let me out, I can do it all in a short moment. Of course, if you let me free, there wouldn’t even be a need to relocate. I could subjugate that damned Dragonswarm Society with ease.”

“Shut your mouth!” Yang Qi said.

He had his plan. And although it was going to waste a lot of godpower, once he got to the House of the Invincible, he would be able to recoup his losses.

“You’re really stubborn, boy! You’d better not fall into my hands. If you do, I’ll make you wish you could die!”

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