Chapter 1411: Getting them Under Control

“Well, well!” said Buddha Trueheaven, exchanging a nod with the two women. “Very straightforward of you, Buddha First-King. And you're even offering to take us to the Nine Dragons Court? You’re not trying to pull a fast one, are you?”

Smiling wryly, Buddha First-King said, “You think I’d try to fool the three of you? The Nine Dragons Court isn’t possibly in a position to defy the Dragonswarm Society. It was only a matter of time before we had to back down. That's the only way we can avoid meeting a violent end. Besides, maybe I can benefit some in the end.”

Buddha Trueheaven burst out laughing. “A wise man submits to the circumstances, right, Buddha First-King? Good decision. I’ll make sure to take care of you going forward. After all, you’re roughly on the same level of strength as the three of us. With all of us working together, we’ll all benefit. Let’s get going. Take us to your Nine Dragons Court.”

“Of course, right away,” Buddha First-King said, obsequiously nodding his head.

“Let’s go!”

The three of them shot with incredible speed out of the greyspace of the Myriad Dragons Lair. Outside, the spatial tempests were violent and chaotic; however, it wasn’t anything difficult to deal with. The group flew for several days, until they were over the open ocean. Eventually, they reached an area where enormous sea creatures existed that would take in seawater and spray it into the air, creating a region of mist that blocked the rays of the sun.

“Down below you’ll see the crystalline palace of the Nine Dragons Court. Please, you first. The government officials are all gathered and have been notified that we’ll soon announce the Nine Dragons Court is swearing allegiance to the Dragonswarm Society. Afterward, you three will be able to take command of all the destiny here. Of course, there’ll be a ceremony to make it all official.”

“How much destiny does the Nine Dragons Court have?” said Buddha Swallow. “Not that it matters. We’ll be taking it no matter what. Also, don’t forget that you’re with the Dragonswarm Society now. If any other group comes along and tries recruiting you, what will you do? Will you be tempted?”

“Never!” Buddha First-King said, bowing at the waist. “It would never happen. I know exactly what would happen if we allowed ourselves to be tempted in that way.” Given his subservience, he almost didn’t look like the consummate expert that he was.

Waving his finger, he summoned a passageway of pure, glowing crystal, which they all entered.

“Wonderful! Excellent!” The three experts seemed right at home and were completely oblivious to the fact that they were entering a place as dangerous as a dragon’s pool or a tiger’s den. They seemed completely and utterly confident.

At the end of the crystal passageway, they entered a sprawling palace hall, which was where court would normally be held.

Seeing the throne at the end of the hall, Buddha Trueheaven strode over and looked it up and down. “Call the younger generation here, Buddha First-King. They’re also Dragonfolk, and I'm curious to see what kind of geniuses you have. The best of them might qualify to become thralls for us.”

“What? You want to turn the geniuses of the Nine Dragons Court into thralls?” Buddha First-King seemed shaken.

Buddha Trueheaven’s face hardened. “What, you have a problem with that? You’re loyal to the Dragonswarm Society now, so you should be ready to sacrifice your best to it. What the Dragonswarm Society needs most now is material to make good thralls. You see, we didn’t want to recruit the Nine Dragons Court because you’re strong. In fact, you’re so weak it’s pathetic. We want your top geniuses; their flesh and blood will make perfect thrall troops. With enough of the Dragonswarm Society’s thrall troops in a fight, it’s possible to kill people of a higher cultivation level than you.”

“Er, I suppose I’ll have to ask my lord about that,” Buddha First-King said.

“Your lord?”

The three other Dragonfolk exchanged glances, realizing something was not as they had assumed.

“Milord! Patriarch Deva. Please, come out!”

Chuckling, Yang Qi appeared. “You three are very impressive. Unfortunately, Buddha First-King and the Nine Dragons Court are already loyal to me. And should I just stand around while someone tries to take what belongs to me?”

Out here, he had nothing to fear from these three.

The environment was different, and the truth was that it was like a huge bubble at the bottom of the sea. In fact, it was a world of its own, with godtrees, flowers, and a divine lamp that shone with radiance and light.

It was a spell formation Yang Qi had set up, and these three had walked right into it.

Now, he knew they couldn’t just flee.

“What do the three of you think of my spell formation? I've been waiting for you for some time now. It seems to me that it's quite a waste for you to be members of the Dragonswarm Society. Why not join my Sage Monarch Society? And of course, I'm the Sage Monarch.”

“You?” Buddha Trueheaven said, his expression one of utter rage. “How dare you, Buddha First-King! You actually lured us into a trap!? Do you have any idea what’s going to happen to you now? This is an unforgivable crime!”

“An unforgivable crime? I don’t think so. The three of you are going to be working for my lord soon, too. We’ll be colleagues!” Suddenly turning to Patriarch Deva, he said, “The two of us will handle the women while our lord handles Buddha Trueheaven!”

“Alright!” Patriarch Deva said. Looking at Buddha Lotus, he smiled oddly and said, “What’s so special about you Dragonfolk? You make good mounts for us humans, but that’s about it. In fact, I think you’ll make an excellent mount.”

Without hesitation, he attacked, using a very vicious move. Although he had been defeated by Yang Qi, he was still the founder of an immense sect and a powerful late Paramount God.

Meanwhile, Buddha First-King was unleashing deadly attacks on Buddha Swallow.

As for Yang Qi, he flicked the sleeve of his God Legion Battle Robe, causing the space around Buddha Trueheaven to shrink as he used another technique he had created, the Dragon-Beheading Seven Stances.

His Dragon-Capturing Seven Claws had proved useless in the face of the Seven Stances of Creation. But after taking Buddha First-King’s dragonpearl, he had come to understand the true quintessence of the Dragonfolk.

Therefore, he had altered the Dragon-Capturing Seven Claws, transforming them into the Dragon-Beheading Seven Stances. Now, his hands were like incredibly sharp blades that created a torrent of slashing destruction. Buddha Trueheaven's defensive energy arts were instantly sliced apart, and before he could do anything, his skin was pierced, causing blood to spray out like a fountain.

Not only had Yang Qi improved a lot after assimilating that dragonpearl and improving his draconic substructure, but Buddha Trueheaven was also arrogant and conceited. Therefore, Yang Qi beat him with a single move.

“Dammit!” howled Buddha Trueheaven. “I'm gonna slaughter you! I'm gonna slaughter your whole family! Have a death wish?! Vast Ocean Transverse Overflow!


Drawing on a consummate art of the Dragonfolk, he caused the ocean to reverse its flow and push away in all directions!

Normally, all rivers flowed into the ocean, but now it was the opposite, indicating the arrival of universal destruction and chaos. And in the midst of that chaos, Buddha Trueheaven was like an unparalleled hero.

“A very impressive technique. Sadly, it's not enough to deal with me. Everlit Godlamp!” Tapping into his God Legion Seal, he activated the Everlit Godlamp. “If you hadn’t waltzed right into my trap, it would’ve been a lot more difficult to deal with you. But in your arrogance, you fell right into my spell formation!”

The Everlit Godlamp unleashed a blazing radiance and light that made it almost impossible to see.


Then he unleashed the Tribulation Monarch Canon.

Three volleys slammed into the three experts. Buddha Trueheaven had already been hurt, and couldn’t avoid this trump card attack.

The three experts were sent flying, blood spraying out of their mouths, until they slammed into the greyspace. Yang Qi exhaled a stream of shining fire that wrapped them up and slammed them onto the ground.

Then, with practiced ease, he prepared to forcibly subjugate them. However, the moment he unleashed the power of the God Legion Seal, something completely unpredictable happened.

Vicious expressions appeared on the faces of all three experts. “You think you can plot against us? We’re Dragonfolk! We’ll never surrender! You can kill Dragonfolk in battle, but you can never conquer them. There are no losers among Dragonfolk, and no slaves! Patriarch, avenge our deaths! Heaven-Startling Explosion!

“Not good!”

To Yang Qi’s surprise, they were unleashing a devastating energy that wasn’t their own power, but rather a self-destructive power their patriarch had inserted into them to ensure that they would never be captured!

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