Chapter 1405: Capturing Patriarch Deva (Part 2)

Yang Qi had succeeded in his enlightenment of Hero’s Last Stand after encountering the four experts from the House of the Invincible. Their Central Grand Tempest had psychic power that could rip anything to shreds, and a very unique deployment method. Thanks to the battle experience in the God Legion Seal, Yang Qi had been able to imitate certain aspects of it. He could even use it as a spell formation.

It was definitely a trump card now.

Combined with the might of twenty-five thousand sage monarch magistrates, he was definitely in the position to strike a deadly blow on Patriarch Deva.


Patriarch Deva had no time to dodge, and was hit. As he was thrown backward, Yang Qi’s psyche stabbed into his sea of consciousness, striking a stunning blow that caused blood to pour out of the man’s eyes, ears, nose, and mouth.

In the blink of an eye, he was a blood-soaked mess.

However, he wasn’t dead. As he stood there, blood dripping off of him everywhere, he howled, “What attack was that? How could your psychic power be so incredible! It's beyond my own? You're clearly nothing but a mid Paramount God. You haven’t broken through!”

Patriarch Deva had gravely underestimated Yang Qi.

Of course, he had no idea that Yang Qi had the force of sage monarch magistrates to draw on, all of whom were just on the verge of major breakthroughs. Once Yang Qi pushed them all to the point of having psychic scales of a million, in other words, the Unbounded level, Patriarch Deva’s end of days would be around the corner.

At the moment, they were at the level of nine hundred and ninety-nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety-nine. All they needed was a bit more to reach the next major watershed point.

Yang Qi couldn’t do it at the moment, but it would happen eventually. In fact, all he needed to do was subjugate Patriarch Deva, then move on to the leaders of the Nine Dragons Court and the Sumeru Temple. With those streams of destiny, he would have ultimate control, and his sage monarch magistrates would definitely break through.


In the depths of space, countless streams of will burned brightly. Yang Qi waved his hand to ensure that Patriarch Deva didn’t have a chance to fight back, unleashing a dazzling stream of light from the God Legion Seal. It was the type of light that could crush the cosmos and reverse reality, and it rushed like the tide toward patriarch Deva.

“Are you looking to die, boy? How dare you attack me! I've lived since primeval times! I survived the God Legion Tribulation! You think that counts for nothing? Watch and see why I'm called Patriarch Deva! The word deva 天人 is made of heaven 天 and man 人. I'm the patriarch of all heaven, and of all men. I'm the patriarch of everything!”

Patriarch Deva was enraged at having been wounded, so he lifted his hands above his head, causing a shaft of light to shoot up, like a pillar that propped up the heavens. And its target was obviously Yang Qi’s psychic power.

Then he threw his hands down. “Divine Dao of the Deva; Deva Communication; Deva Path; Man Wishes to Ascend to Heaven; Heaven wants to Destroy Man; Man Marvels at Heaven; The Lands have No Heaven!

The Deva Path appeared, almost like the Ancient Road to the Gods, rumbling toward Yang Qi with deadly force.

It was an extraordinary counterattack, and all of the true energy, radiance, godpower, and spell formations that Yang Qi threw up in defense were crushed.

A smile appeared on Patriarch Deva's face, and he said, “Prepare to die! You hurt me, boy. And that’s an unforgivable crime. I'm going to slaughter you to ease my rage and cleanse my humiliation!”

However, that was when the Deva Path met the God Legion Seal.

Brilliant light hit the Deva Path, and it collapsed after only a few breaths of time passed. Face grim, Yang Qi strode forward, psyche and energy thrumming.

Myriad Worlds Capturing Method!


His hand became a projection of a myriad of worlds, which then shrank down into a stream of true energy that created something like a chart. It wrapped around Patriarch Deva, whereupon the God Legion Seal shot into him.

The Myriad Worlds Capturing Method was something Yang Qi had gained enlightenment of after creating teleportation portals. He could use his godpower to create a version of the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, which he could then use to bind an enemy and take them captive.

“What technique is this? The ancient Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart? What's that golden light?”  Despite seeing the golden light, it still didn’t occur to Patriarch Deva that it might be the God Legion Seal. However, as the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart bound him, his alarm grew. “Just who exactly are you? I can’t believe you have a consummate energy art like this!

“But that doesn’t matter. You still can’t deal with me. Eternal Deva Separation!

Patriarch Deva shoved both hands out, causing an eruption of power from seemingly nowhere. It penetrated Yang Qi’s daoist technique, then suddenly exploded, destroying the Myriad Worlds Capturing Method.

‘Incredible,’ Yang Qi thought. ‘I can’t believe Patriarch Deva is this hard to deal with.’

As it turned out, late Paramount Gods really were difficult to deal with. If Patriarch Deva were in the Bastille of the One God, Yang Qi could mop the floor with him in only a moment or two. But here on the outside, he had no special advantage in terms of terrain.

It was a tough battle, but it went to show how Yang Qi was advancing toward a position of such incredible superiority.

Yang Qi staggered backward, creating a string of afterimages that made it impossible to tell which one was actually him. Thinking that Yang Qi was trying to run away, Patriarch Deva smiled viciously and lunged forward like a crazed tiger. “Where do you think you’re going, boy? Are you looking to die?! You’re not going anywhere! Three Cycles of the Deva: Capture Destructive Devils; Snatch Away Heaven; Apprehend Myriad Ages!

All three of these moves were consummate techniques that could be used to capture an enemy. In other words, they ensured that Yang Qi had no avenues of escape.

My Life is Like a Lamp!

Yang Qi suddenly stopped in place and exhaled, causing him to transform into an enormous, burning lamp. As soon as Patriarch Deva’s hand touched him, his hand burst into flame that traveled back up his arm until his entire body was on fire.

This was another of Yang Qi’s trump cards, a consummate technique from the Everlit Godlamp. Although he didn’t have complete enlightenment of the lamp yet, he had definitely made progress in recent days.

The lamp was a treasure similar to the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart. The Lord of Radiance and Light hadn’t quite measured up to King Immortal-Slayer, but his lamp wasn’t some item he had created. It had existed even before the god world came to be. Therefore, it contained profundities of heaven and earth that Yang Qi had absorbed and converted to his own use. By combining those elements with the God Legion Seal, he could unleash godly power that surpassed even that of the Lord of Radiance and Light.

After all, the Lord of Radiance and Light didn’t have the God Legion Seal.

Zzzzzap. Zzzzzap.

As the flames engulfed Patriarch Deva, he howled, and at the same time, was battered by the power of the God Legion Seal.

The lamp was powerful enough on its own. But backed by the God Legion Seal, it was more than enough to subjugate Patriarch Deva.

Take Control!

The power of the God Legion Seal filled Patriarch Deva’s mind, simultaneously extinguishing the flames and leaving him in a state of blankness.

“You're at the end of the road, Patriarch Deva,” Yang Qi said. “Surrender. Acknowledge defeat.” Yang Qi spoke with a smile, and his words contained charming power. Stepping forward, he clasped his hand down onto Patriarch Deva’s head and began to take control of his psyche.

The process lasted several hours. When it was over, Patriarch Deva opened his eyes, and although they flickered with killing intent, he quickly sagged in defeat. “Y-y-you... you used the God Legion Seal to take control of me? You’re not the Second Devil General. Who are you?”

“You don’t need to know who I am. You just need to know that you belong to me now. You’re my servant, Patriarch Deva. And now that I have control of you, the Deva Dynasty is going to be mine. I’ll control its destiny going forward. Furthermore, I know everything that goes on in your mind. Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you. However, if you ever try anything funny, I can kill you with a thought. Anyone who’s been subjugated by the God Legion Seal loses their ability to cause mischief.”

Even as he spoke, he felt the immense destiny of the Deva Dynasty shifting in his direction.

Crack! Snap!

As it entered him, fusing with the particles inside, he began evolving, climbing closer and closer to the late Paramount God level. Unfortunately, no significant transformations occurred and things soon calmed. He had reached a major obstacle.

“It seems I need to go subjugate the Nine Dragons Court and the Sumeru Temple. Once I do, their destiny will lead me to a breakthrough.” With that, he pulled out a medicinal pill and handed it to Patriarch Deva. “This is a Deathless God-Lord Pill. Consume it, and all the injuries you’ve suffered at my hands will be healed. Once you’ve recovered, we’ll move on to Patriarch Dragon.”

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