Chapter 1399: Perfect Return

Yang Qi attacked like lightning and instantly took control of a peak Paramount God. The Second Devil General was completely shocked by what he saw, as the might and psyche on display were many times beyond what he was capable of.

After all, a single sage monarch magistrate had a psychic scale of nine hundred and ninety thousand, so technically speaking, ten thousand could combine their power to a level of nine billion nine hundred million. Of, course, it wasn’t possible to just add their levels together like that. There was a big difference between two people acting together, and one person wielding the strength of two people.

That said, the combined power Yang Qi was unleashing was around two hundred million in terms of psychic scale and godhood rating. Because of that, the target had been unable to fight back and was instantly taken over by Yang Qi.

The others in the group didn’t even have a chance to react.

One of the women looked over at the man, and when she saw him coughing up blood, hurried in his direction. “What's wrong, Elder Brother?”

Sadly for her, by the time she noticed the problem, Yang Qi had already taken control of him.

As she neared, she sensed a projected message of psychic will from him. “This is bad! I've been attacked by devil will. Hurry and send your psyche into me to help drive it out!”

The woman had no reason to suspect anything was awry, so she immediately complied and sent her will into the man. As she did, he reached out and grabbed her, allowing Yang Qi’s godpower and psyche to pour into her.

Face falling, she said, “Elder Brother, what are you doing?!”

Sadly for her, this was the Bastille of the One God, and she was under heavy limitations. She couldn’t even fly, much less resist attacks from Yang Qi.


His divine will flooded into her sea of consciousness and immediately began taking over.

Moments later, another golden throne rose up in the God Legion Seal. After taking control of the man, and drawing on his power as well, it was even easier to take control of the woman.

“This devil will is powerful!” the woman shrieked. “Hurry up and help, you two! I'm pretty sure it’s that devil that was sealed in here. We have to work together to drive it out!”


The other man and woman didn't suspect anything, thus unhesitatingly sent their psyches over.

Just like that, they fell into Yang Qi’s trap.

With each person that he took over, the overall power he could wield against the others grew stronger. As the other man and woman sent their psyches over, they realized something was amiss.

Unfortunately for them, Yang Qi acted in the time it takes a spark to fly off a piece of flint, sending his will into the mind of the man.

Another golden throne appeared.

Having taken over three people, the fourth was simple. Yang Qi expended almost no effort of his own, instead using the power of the first three to invade and take control of the fourth member of the group. Back when they had first entered the Bastille of the One God, Yang Qi wasn't even close to being a match for them. But just now, he had vanquished all of them in less than ten breaths of time.

His success came first because of his sudden ambush, and second, because of the thousands of sage monarch magistrates he had helping him. Of course, the third reason was that the Bastille of the One God was the perfect location for him, making him ten times stronger than usual.

It would never have worked outside.

“Well done, boy,” the Second Devil General said. “I thought there would be some sort of epic fight, but you beat them easily. Your fighting experience has reached the point of perfection, and you have enlightenment of your own dao. You’re definitely beyond the level of ordinary geniuses. Maybe you haven’t reached your full potential yet, but assuming your cultivation base rises, you’ll definitely be a difficult opponent to deal with.”

At this point, Yang Qi assumed his normal form and looked around at the four experts.

“You...” said one of the men, a look of surprise on his face. “You have the God Legion Seal. You enslaved us! Are you that devil that was sealed here?”

“That's right. I'm a top subordinate of the True Devil. I'm the Second Devil General!” He threw his head back and laughed loudly. “The Lord of Radiance and Light sealed me years ago, just after I happened to take the God Legion Seal. Now I've broken free of my constraints and am unparalleled under heaven! You should feel honored to be serving me now.”

‘This brat is quite a braggart! I can’t believe he’s impersonating me!’ The Second Devil General was infuriated, yet found himself caught between laughter and tears. And he was actually curious to see what would happen. Little did he know that Yang Qi had long since been impersonating him in the Deva Dynasty.

“Second Devil General? You’re the Second Devil General?” These four were powerful patriarch-level experts, but even they couldn't compare to the Second Devil General. That said, it didn’t matter. They were under Yang Qi’s complete control right now. Although they might be furious, they could no longer control their own life or death. “Oh exalted Second Devil General, what do you want us to do?”

“I can sense the aura of the Dugu Clan on you,” Yang Qi said. “Your clan established the House of the Invincible in years past, correct? Is it still around? And what about those nine bastards who used to be so obstinate and unruly. Are they dead yet?”

One of the women replied, “Second Devil General, are you referring to the nine founders of the House of the Invincible? They haven't perished yet. But they're all in secluded cultivation trying to reach a higher level. The god world has fallen into decline, and the nine of them are apex entities who can dominate everything else in existence. Second Devil General, is there any chance you might want to work with our founding patriarchs?”

“Yeah!” said the other woman. “Working with them would be a great idea.”

“Shut your mouth!” Yang Qi barked, then laughed. “I control your life and death! Now go back and work for me as spies. I still have some recovering to do. Once I'm back to full strength, I’ll go kill those nine bastards and assimilate them. Now get out of here!”

He waved his hand dismissively, and the four experts, unable to defy his commands, quickly left the Bastille of the One God. Given that they were completely under his control, it was an easy thing for him to scan their memories and learn everything there was to know about the House of the Invincible. And since he could always send them orders remotely through the God Legion Seal, there was no need to stick around chatting about things.

For now, his main plan was to continue his search of the Bastille of the One God. Of course, he had already added to his collection of items from the seventy-two monarchs, thanks to those the four experts had collected.

After the four experts were gone, the Second Devil General grimly said, “I can’t believe you dare to impersonate me, boy. You've got guts. Major guts. How exactly are you going to pay me for this?”

“I'm not paying you a thing. We're working together, so there’s not much difference between me threatening them and you doing it. Alright, I need to work on my cultivation. Hopefully with the Mahātmā Jade, I can reach the late Paramount God level. Heaven-Devouring God Dao!”

A huge primal-chaos elder-snake appeared, which devoured all of the radiance and light in the area. There was no better energy arts when it came to devouring things. Upon seeing the snake, the Second Devil General nodded. “The more time that goes by, the more I realize how much I underestimated you, boy. You actually know King Heaven-Devourer’s consummate technique? King Heaven-Devourer was on about the same level as King Immortal-Slayer. Although, with the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, King Immortal-Slayer was actually able to come out on top. That said, we fiend-devils all feared King Heaven-Devourer, just like the angels did. The only thing he had to worry about was being surrounded on all sides. After all, he could devour anything that got in his way. Anyway, you’ve clearly mastered his techniques. Not bad. Not bad at all.”

Yang Qi ignored the Second Devil General’s comments, and as he used the energy arts of King Heaven-Devourer, the image of an enormous snake appeared behind him. As the snake devoured the surrounding sagepower, Yang Qi took it into himself, causing countless vortexes to spring up. At the same time, he sent his will out in all directions, even under the ground, in search of treasure. Every scrap that he found ended up in the God Legion Paradise.

The God Legion Paradise was transforming again; the trees were growing taller, and all kinds of amazing things could be seen, from the impermanence of human life to the grandeur of the world.

There were even people in the God Legion Paradise now, and their lives were those of the ultimate existence.

Some of the medicinal pills he found went into storage, others he used. Slowly but surely, he was going through the entire base of the Army of Radiance and Light. And more and more soul conglomerations and angels were falling to him.

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