Chapter 1387: Unification Begins

The three patriarchs had been vanquished by a single attack from Yang Qi’s will. They had hoped to sever the dragon meridian of the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty, ending the fight in mutual destruction. But Yang Qi had redirected the destiny of the three experts from afar, sending it into the dragon meridian and causing it to attack the patriarchs.

Then he had sent the energy of the God Legion Seal directly into them.

Now they couldn’t even talk. Yang Qi simply hated the idea of them viciously destroying their own nation just to defeat him. So he wiped out their thoughts, ensuring that they would be, not ministers of his, but slaves.

“From now on, you’re no longer ‘imperial grandfathers’ of the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty. You’re eunuchs. And no one in the dynasty will even remember that there were once three imperial grandfathers.”

The change was made, and the three old men dropped to their knees.

The emperor did the same.

“Rise, Eternal Nightless. Write the imperial edict of resignation. Give power to me, and issue orders for all the other princes to be sentenced to death. They do nothing but cause chaos for the dynasty and siphon away its destiny. Killing them will only lead to rejoicing among the commoners.”

“Y-yes, yes, of course....”

Not daring to be defiant, Eternal Nightless nodded, his eyes blank as he wrote out the edict.

Soon, news of the shocking event was spreading.

Thanks to teleportation portals that linked the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty, news of the shift in leadership spread far and wide within only ten days. And of course, the reputation of the House of God Ordainment rose as a result.

Everyone knew that they had over a dozen Unbounded experts who were loyal to Eternal Millennium. He had led them into the palace to depose the emperor, execute the other princes, and purge the government officials.

The Crown Prince Society had a lot of members, many of them among the officialdom. As a result, the general change in the government itself wasn’t particularly momentous. Of course, some of the imperial princes fought back, but in the end, they were crushed.

Some people were executed. Some were only crippled. That was how things went in a revolution. Outside of the court itself, there was no chaos.

No one knew where the old emperor had gone after it was all over. There were even rumors that he had been puppetized.

There were also three mysterious new eunuchs serving in the court, all of them immensely powerful.

Because the three imperial grandfathers had rarely made public appearances, no one recognized them. They fit right in as eunuchs.

One of the new emperor’s first acts was to integrate the House of God Ordainment into the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty. It was renamed the Sage Monarch Department, and it had the authority to make arrests even among the most prominent members of the court. They were truly a terrifying group.

Of course the new emperor was really a sage monarch magistrate, so the ultimate goal of all his actions was to allow the Sage Monarch Society to take over everything.

However, he couldn’t make too big a scene in that regard. Therefore, he started the Sage Monarch Department in the government to allow the disciples of the Sage Monarch Society to slowly build power within the dynasty. Later, the time would come to fully seize control.

And having the Sage Monarch Society disciples watching over the various ministers and officials would be a good way to keep corruption and conspiracies in check.

Jadefall was the official leader of the Sage Monarch Department, and she was also given a leadership position in the armed forces.

When everything was handled, there was little damage done to the destiny of the dynasty.

The first step of Yang Qi’s plan had succeeded.

Now he had access to the entire dynasty’s destiny.

Of course, he didn't really care that much about it. In the grand scheme of things, it didn’t matter. For him, controlling the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty was only done out of convenience.


Jadefall and Eternal Millennium were meeting in the imperial study with all of the important members of the Sage Monarch Society. After offering greetings to Eternal Millennium, the group began discussing important matters.

“The situation is stable here in the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty. But our work isn’t over. We need to expand, and our next target is the Nacrelight Sageland.”

“That won’t work. We can’t make a move on them for the time being.”

“Why’s that?”

“The Nacrelight Sageland has incredible reserve powers. They also have a dimension set aside for the High Priestess. If we destroy the Nacrelight Sageland and free the will of the High Priestess, it could cause major problems. Yang Qi has already installed Mother Voidwalker, Summer Vastcold, and Summer Soundfyre as pawns there. Now that we have the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty under control, we can move on to the League of the Devil-Dao and the League of Wretch-Gods. After all, no one will fault us for ridding the world of devils and demons.”

“I suppose that will work. We might as well wage a war to exterminate the devils. They're a very destructive force among the countless islands and continents, constantly killing, kidnapping, and robbing people. Without destroying them, it’ll be hard to collect the destiny of the locations they control.”

Of course, dealing with the League of the Devil-Dao would be a very different matter than handling the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty. Every member would need to be either killed or enslaved. After all, the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty was a place of general order, with its own laws designed to protect itself and its people.

The dao of devils was different. It had no specific laws, and each member had committed countless blood-soaked crimes. Devils didn’t respect order, and liked sowing chaos wherever they went.

Because of that, getting them to acknowledge allegiance wasn’t an option. They had to be puppetized to be used, which was something that the God Legion Seal could accomplish. That said, Yang Qi wasn’t at the point of being able to control so many devils. It would be too great a drain on his psyche. That was why he had only subjugated a few Paramount Gods with Unbounded wills from the dao of devils.

Not even the Sovereign Lord had considered conquering the dao of devils. He had only been interested in wiping it out.

It was the same with the wretch-gods.

In the millions upon millions of continents in existence, the dao of righteousness was espoused by the League of Academies, Nacrelight Sageland, and the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty, whereas the dao of devils was championed by the League of the Devil-Dao and League of Wretch-Gods.

Of course, in the dao of righteousness, the Nacrelight Sageland and Eternal-Life God-Dynasty were diametrically opposed to each other, and both sought the other’s destruction.

The League of Academies was willing to just sit on the mountaintop and watch the tigers fight, then reap the spoils when they tire out. Of course, there was plenty of fierce infighting in the League of Academies as well, with various groups such as the Truth Academy and the Righteousness Academy trying to wipe each other out.

“Alright. First, we’ll wipe out the dao of devils. Then, we’ll unify all of our conquered territory. As the saying goes, to catch brigands, first catch their chief, so the key to this all is taking out the devil patriarchs. Get rid of the mid Paramount Gods, and the alliance will crumble. And the upside is that they hate each other so much that none will come to the aid of the others.”

“We’ll start immediately,” Eternal Millennium said. “This will do a lot to boost my reputation and authority.”

If they absorbed the League of Wretch-Gods and League of the Devil-Dao, the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty would truly rise to prominence. Then they could get to work dealing with the League of Academies and the Nacrelight Sageland.


Meanwhile, back in the Bastille of the One God, Yang Qi was working on his cultivation in what were the perfect surroundings.

Now that the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty was taken care of, and his friends and family were all in the Unbounded level, he didn’t need to directly control things on the other side of the teleportation portal.

Now, he could focus fully on his cultivation.

He ceaselessly absorbed all of the angels and soul conglomerations that he could.

After some time, he thought, ‘It’s time to leave.’

Carefully hiding the teleportation portal he had made, he made his way toward the border of the Bastille of the One God.

It was there that his heart suddenly pounded as he heard an intense rumbling sound and could sense the space in the area being ripped open. Immense power suddenly appeared.

‘What’s going on?’ he thought. From what he could tell, this new influx of energy surpassed even Patriarch Deva! Hiding himself, he prepared to see what top expert was making an appearance.

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