Chapter 1386: The Throne, Seized

Eternal Millennium had been blessed by Yang Qi’s psychic power, pushing his own energy to incredible heights. As a result, his version of the Nation-Fate Godfist revealed to Eternal Nightless an image of himself imprisoned and Eternal Millennium as the emperor of the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty.

That image alone was a devastating blow to him. The seeds of failure were planted in his heart, and quickly sprouted, growing into immense trees.


Eternal Nightless was sent flying backward, his defensive godpower collapsing as blood oozed out of his mouth.

One move. Eternal Millennium had vanquished him with a single move.

Eternal Nightless had been completely confident in his ability to crush Eternal Millennium. Little did he know that Eternal Millennium’s true strength and destiny reserves were far beyond anything he could ever have imagined. The Nation-Fate Godfist could draw on the destiny of a nation in a way that made it virtually impossible to block, making it so strong it could crush all enemies.

But Eternal Millennium had access to destiny vastly stronger than Eternal Nightless. And how could a tiny country stand up to a huge one?

They existed on completely different levels.

Thus, after one clash, Eternal Nightless was completely devastated.

“Be suppressed!”

Eternal Millennium’s Nation-Fate Godfist had been combined with all sorts of other martial abilities, such as the God Tombstone Palms, the Hand of the One God, the Unspoiled Body, and others. It vastly surpassed the previous Nation-Fate Godfist, and was like a river of destruction that could overwhelm anything in its path.

“I won’t let you get away with this, you unfilial son! Imperial Grandfathers! Emerge from the depths of space-time! Someone is trying to seize the throne and take over the dynasty! The nation is in danger!” Eternal Nightless threw out a jade seal, which exploded and became a beam of golden light that pierced out into the void.

“You’re asking the imperial grandfathers for help? That’s fine. That’ll save me the effort of going after them. After I subjugate them, the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty will be completely under my control.”


All creation trembled, and Eternal Millennium sensed a mighty power debuting on the scene, piercing into his sea of consciousness.

It was none other than Yang Qi, taking over his thinking.

As of this moment, Yang Qi was using Eternal Millennium’s body to personally deal with Eternal Nightless.

Yang Qi’s martial path was vastly superior to Eternal Millennium’s, and it instantly caused an influx of vital energy in him, raising him to an even more perfect level.

Compared to Yang Qi, Emperor Eternal Nightless’ fighting experience was like that of a child compared to a grizzled general.

And the grizzled general that was Yang Qi instantly resorted to a killing move.

Sage as the Master!

Monarch Invincible!

Hegemon Without Bounds!

It was the Sage Monarch Grand Magic, and he wasn’t hesitating to draw fully on it. In fact, it was at a level so high that even if he was fighting Patriarch Deva, he would be able to crush him, much less Eternal Nightless.

He unleashed three moves in a row, and Eternal Nightless was shoved backward relentlessly, completely unable to deal with the Sage Monarch Grand Magic.

The final blow struck him in the chest, yet again sending him flying backward to land spread-eagle on the ground, unable to move a muscle.

Without hesitation, Yang Qi stepped forward, grabbed him by the top of the head, and sent psychic power flooding into him to bind him to the God Legion Seal.

Even as he did that, three streams of energy approached, and three old-timers stepped out of the dimensional passageway that had been opened earlier.

All of them were mid Paramount Gods, and they were the true protectors of the dynasty.

The imperial grandfathers were previous emperors of the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty who had eventually abdicated to focus on their cultivation. They would only come out for major matters relating to the survival of the dynasty itself.

They were known as Eternal Longevity, Eternal Health, and Eternal Peace.

When they appeared on the scene and saw the ‘crown prince’ holding the emperor by the top of the head, they erupted with rage.

“What outrageous gall!” Eternal Longevity shouted. “How dare you try to seize the throne. Did you think the three of us were dead?”

With that, he attacked with the Nation-Fate Godfist, using a stance called Beautiful Scenery Like a Painting.

It caused a beautiful scroll painting to unfurl, containing a vision of an epic saga from the dynasty’s past. It was neither vicious nor merciful, but it pulsed with energy of the highest nature. It was none other than a complex display of the destiny of a nation.

Eternal Nightless’ version of the Nation-Fate Godfist contained the aura of armies and warfare. But Eternal Longevity’s version contained the flavor summed up in the saying ruling a big country is like cooking a small fish. In other words, an effective ruler should respect the natural order of society, and refrain from interfering too much in the lives of the people. [1]

That was the highest level of the Nation-Fate Godfist.

“A brilliant general comes to the fight prepared!”

“Excellent Nation-Fate Godfist, Eternal Longevity. Just what I’d expect of the founding emperor of the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty. Impressive. Very, very impressive!” Although Yang Qi was indeed sighing in admiration at the exquisite nature of the technique, the truth was that it wasn’t enough to truly impress him.

Eternal Longevity couldn't compare to Buddha Testimony, Dibarra, or the imperial uncle of the Deva Dynasty. Those three had godhood ratings and psychic scales that were beyond compare. As for Eternal Longevity, he was only at the level of sixty million, and the other two imperial grandfathers were at fifty and forty million, respectively.

As for Eternal Nightless, his psychic scale and godhood rating were at twenty million, which was even more pathetically weak. Combined, the four of them couldn't even match up to Buddha Testimony alone.

In other words, even these three patriarchs couldn’t pose a threat to Yang Qi in the body of Eternal Millennium.

Facing the move Beautiful Scenery Like a Painting, Yang Qi flicked his finger, causing an immense rift to open up and rip the painting in half, destroying the image.

Endless Rivers of Heroic Blood!

The three patriarchs all attacked in unison. Normally speaking, any one of them should have been enough to deal with Eternal Millennium. But seeing him deal so easily with Eternal Longevity’s move, they were shaken, but also certain that they had to work together, otherwise the consequences would be too horrible to contemplate.

Behead Endless Numbers of Commoners!

The three patriarchs attacked from three different directions in a complex move.

When Will the Dirges Cease?” Yang Qi wasn't afraid. He thrust out his palm, smashing the incoming attacks left and right, completely crushing them.

Then he strode forward, using the Heaven-Defying Eight Steps of Buddha Testimony to attack the three patriarchs from unpredictable angles. It took only a moment for the three patriarchs to realize that they were in extreme danger.


Next, the three patriarchs combined their energy and voices, saying, “Eternal-Life God-Dynasty; Shield of Destiny; Nation-Fate Convergence; End in Mutual Destruction!

The destiny of the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty converged, igniting into a spectacular suicidal technique.

“You want to end things in mutual destruction?” Yang Qi said. “You pig-headed old-timers. You really plan to use the destiny of your nation to stop me via suicide? Sever your dragon meridians and die together? If you're willing to throw your own foundation away, it seems I need to put you in your place for all eternity. Henceforth, you’ll be working for me!” [2]

They wanted to take all the destiny of the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty and pack it into the dragon meridian, then sever it. Doing that would cause the dynasty to physically collapse, ending in its destruction.

These three patriarchs were extremely vicious.

They had worked hard to build the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty, and they would rather destroy it than see it fall into the hands of someone else.

“Hmph! Dragon Meridian Suppression. Heaven-Defying Seven Claws!”

Yang Qi once again threw out a consummate technique he had picked up from Buddha Testimony, exhaling a breath of draconic energy. As a result, the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty’s immense dragon meridian trembled and swelled, even as the three patriarchs tried to destroy it.

Sadly for them, Yang Qi was filling the dragon meridian with the energy of true dragons. Not only was the dragon meridian not breaking, but it was actually growing stronger and fighting back against the patriarchs.


Within moments, the patriarch's psychic power was smashed by the backlash from the dragon meridian, damaging their vital energy and provoking miserable screams as blood oozed out of their eyes, ears, mouth, and nose.

Yang Qi then used that opportunity to send his own almighty will piercing into them.

Soul Seizure.”

Although Yang Qi’s will wasn’t literally almighty, it wasn’t something these three patriarchs could deal with. It stabbed right into their hearts and minds, crushing them with the power of the God Legion Seal.

1. The saying ruling a big country is like cooking a small fish comes from the Dao De Jing, written by Laozi.

2. The ‘dragon meridian’ is the primary geomantic meridian that supports a mountain range, or figuratively, a nation. Of course, in cultivation novels it can also function as a literal thing.

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