Chapter 1385: A Plot to Seize the Throne (Part 2)

The top members of the Sage Monarch Society had reached the Unbounded level, and revealed this fact with great fanfare. And part of it involved Eternal Millennium seizing the throne.

That was the most simple and effective thing to do. With him in charge of the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty, the place would essentially be under the control of the House of God Ordainment. And there wouldn't be any risk of rebellion, as the crown prince was already the rightful heir. After all, if the House of God Ordainment attacked the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty and defeated it by force, it would cause significant damage to its destiny.

But if the crown prince just took over, the destiny would remain completely intact.

A simple change in the specific leader was something that most people in an organization could accept. Furthermore, Eternal Millennium had his Crown Prince Society, filled with people who already wanted him to become the emperor as quickly as possible.

That said, seizing the throne wouldn’t be an easy task.

Grand Prince Yong was a Paramount God with plenty of people on his side, top experts who were in opposition to the crown prince. And it was without hesitation that Grand Prince Yong unleashed a deadly attack from the Nation-Fate Godfist.

Nation-Fate Godfist: Son of Heaven Subdues the Border Regions!

A huge fist pierced through the air, filled with a domineering imperial aura. This was a consummate art of the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty, which drew on the destiny of the nation to power its devastating attacks.

Surging with energy, Eternal Millennium snorted coldly and said, “Your Nation-Fate Godfist doesn’t have what it takes to match up to me. Watch and learn as I show you the true Nation-Fate Godfist. Sovereign and State Die Together!


The two fists struck each other, and Grand Prince Yong was sent flying backward until he flopped on the ground, his flesh mangled and bloody. There he lay, still, unmoving, and gasping raggedly for breath.

“Arrest the crown prince!”

The old-timers in the study all lunged forward, preparing their own various versions of the Nation-Fate Godfist.

“This is a plot to seize the throne. How dare you use the Nation-Fate Godfist here, Crown Prince! You rebel! We won’t let you do this. Nation-Fate Godfist: Break the State, the Lands Remain!

We have control of the national destiny. We’re the loyal subjects of His Majesty the emperor, and our job is to crush traitors. Because of that, our Nation-Fate Godfist is tens of times stronger than yours. See if you can handle this move: Blood Stains Spring and Autumn!

Sacrifice Oneself during National Crisis!

View Death as Returning Home!

Long Live the Spirit of Heroes!

Righteous Energy of Heaven and Earth!

All of the various stances of the Nation-Fate Godfist were on display, and it was more obvious than ever that it was an invincible, consummate art. The old-timers weren’t holding anything back, and were drawing deeply on the destiny of the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty, such that any opponent they faced would feel like they were going up against an entire nation.

Meanwhile, Eternal Millennium casually met all of their attacks with his own Nation-Fate Godfist.

“I’m the legal successor, tasked with bringing the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty to greater levels of glory. The fact that you want to stop me, the official crown prince, and are even going to the length of attacking me, shows that you are the true rebels. You even dare to use the Nation-Fate Godfist against me? The matter of who sits on the throne is something between me and my father. How dare you people interfere! This is unforgivable insurrection and treason! So screw the hell off!”

He unleashed a torrent of fist strikes full of immense energy and psychic power. Of course, it was godpower that had been given to him by Yang Qi, and it made him so singularly powerful that not even an entire nation could stand in his path.

“Observe a true trump card from the Nation-Fate Godfist: Sun and Moon Propagate New Leadership!

A sun and moon shot up into the air above Eternal Millennium, rotating rapidly to create something like a burning fire that could shake the heavens and topple the earth.

The Nation-Fate Godfist didn’t actually include this stance; it had been added into it by Yang Qi. His Sage Monarch Grand Magic had the dual daos of the Emperor and the Sovereign, which were specifically designed to deal with the destiny of nations. As a result, he had a deep understanding of such matters and could surpass the original Nation-Fate Godfist.

The move of Sun and Moon Propagate New Leadership was fundamentally about rebellion. The idea was that when a nation was broken and overthrown by powerful forces, new leadership would be installed. However, the nation would remain the same and the change would elevate the country to a higher level, boosting its destiny.

Normally speaking, a plot to seize the throne wouldn’t be considered righteous and just. But when Eternal Millennium used this move, everyone could sense the destiny of the nation shifting in his direction. They could tell that when he wielded the national destiny, the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty’s glory would increase. It was an expression of the highest national idea, something that not just any ruler could accomplish.

Bam. Bang. BANG!

In the blink of an eye, countless people were thrown back into the walls, or even out of the study. Some of the princes were knocked unconscious, depriving them of the opportunity to actually see the crown prince take power.

The study went quiet, and Eternal Millennium walked over to Emperor Eternal Nightless, who was simply sitting there on his throne. “Father, the time has come for you to write an edict explaining that you’re stepping down and handing authority to me. I’ll arrange a lovely place for you to relax and work on your cultivation. Incidentally, the other patriarchs also need to go into retirement with you.”

“You’ve won here, Eternal Millennium, my unfilial son,” Eternal Nightless said, his expression placid. “But you should know that your cultivation base isn’t quite up to snuff. You really need to reach the mid Paramount God level before you can consider yourself impressive. Don't forget, there are other mid Paramount Gods in the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty besides myself. For instance, there are the three imperial grandfathers, currently in seclusion trying to reach a higher level of cultivation. If I called them here, you’d end up dead in short order. So I’ll give you one more opportunity to stop this nonsense. I won't hold any of this against you, and considering how strong you are, I can even give you a higher position in the dynasty. What do you say?”

“Cut the crap, Eternal Nightless,” Eternal Millennium replied. “Imperial grandfathers? After I finish dealing with you, I’ll go handle them. I’ll put them in their place and ensure they don't cause any problems for me later. Big changes are coming to the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty, and you half-baked eggheads are only holding us back. Only after I kick you to the side will I be able to bring true peace and harmony!”

As the words left his mouth, the crown prince prepared to attack.

A major fight was about to take place between father and son!

“You unfilial bastard! Prepare to see why I'm the emperor. I control the entire destiny of the nation. I have access to thousands of times more destiny than you.


The eternal destiny of the nation erupted, focusing solely on the emperor, and not allowing the crown prince access to any of it! That was simply how powerful the emperor was! The emperor had a golden mouth and jade words, which meant that once given, his orders would be strictly enforced, no matter what.

“Without the destiny to power the Nation-Fate Godfist, what will you do, my unfilial son? I can draw on every scrap of destiny, and that’s what I'm going to use to absolutely crush you!” Immense power was building up behind Eternal Nightless, like a vast ocean that caused wild colors to flash everywhere.

Ai...” sighed Eternal Millennium. “You're trying to show off with the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty’s pitiful destiny? Alright, Eternal Nightless. Allow me to show you what real national destiny is, and what a truly flourishing dynasty is like!”

A spatial passageway opened above Eternal Millennium’s head, and in the briefest of moments, a destiny ten times greater than that of the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty poured out. It was like a river of magical laws that could transform the void and alter life itself.

“Th-this....” Eternal Nightless stammered as he stared at the destiny, which made that of the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty seem almost like nothing.

All of a sudden, he was faced with incontrovertible evidence that the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty was more like a village than a nation. Meanwhile, Eternal Millennium was in charge of a true nation.

Of course, the destiny Eternal Millennium was drawing on came from the Nine Dragons Court, Deva Dynasty, and Sumeru Temple.

“Where did you get that destiny? Are you... using power from an outsider? You must be! You’re working with foreigners to steal the destiny of the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty! You’ll damn our nation to myriad tribulations!”

“You really talk a lot,” Eternal Millennium said. Stepping forward, he extended his hand and said, “I prepared this move just in case you refused to pen that edict. Prepare to see what it means for a ruler to pass away with his nation. Nation-Fate Godfist! Sovereign and State Die Together!

Mountain-toppling, sea-draining force erupted out, powerful enough to shatter great daos, and it forced Eternal Nightless to stagger backward.

“Resign, Father. You don’t deserve to be an emperor. My time has come!” Eternal Millennium continued walking forward, his every step causing the area to tremble. He was out to found a new dynasty, and behind him, his father Eternal Nightless could see an image of himself in chains, while the crown prince ruled as emperor, leading the nation to new heights of glory.

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