Chapter 1384: A Plot to Seize the Throne

In the emperor’s study in the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty, Eternal Nightless was holding a meeting. The most important ministers were in attendance, as well as generalissimos and nobilities of all sorts. There were also Unbounded Paramount God patriarchs there. This was obviously a very important meeting.

For the House of God Ordainment to suddenly have over a dozen Unbounded experts of their own was an extremely astonishing thing. For even one person to rise to the Unbounded level was a shocking event. For instance, when Eternal Millenium had done it, all of the ministers and generals of the imperial court had been dumbfounded, and the crown prince had completely solidified his position because of it. After all, throughout all the years that had passed, not a single other person among the genius princes had achieved the same thing.

Therefore, the House of God Ordainment getting over a dozen in one instant was obviously a major, destabilizing event. It went against the ‘rules of the game’, and was obviously going to cause a huge stir.

Already, opposing factions in the court were starting to blame Eternal Millennium.

Everyone knew that, only a few years back, Jadefall had made a huge scene in the House of God Ordainment, seizing power, imprisoning the houselord, and beating the junior houselord near to death. Afterward, she had come up with an excuse to seal the House of God Ordainment shut, and ever since, no one had any idea if the junior houselord was even alive.

The power in the House of God Ordainment had centralized in the Sage Monarch Society, with no other factions even operating.

As time passed after those events, the House of God Ordainment had continued expanding its borders and recruiting more experts.

The court in the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty had previously debated whether or not to crush the House of God Ordainment. But the crown prince had always said he was grooming it to be assimilated. In other words, it was his personal property that no one could touch.

Unfortunately, it seemed that the House of God Ordainment was no longer under his control. After all, how could the crown prince keep numerous Unbounded experts in line?

This new turn of events had the other imperial princes feeling very excited.

Eternal Millennium had finally made a huge error, and therefore, the time had come to overthrow him.

Stepping forward, the third prince said, “Father, I think we need to call the crown prince here and demand an explanation of what's going on.”

“I agree,” said the fifth prince. “Father, the crown prince has obviously lost control of the situation. Yet the House of God Ordainment is still benefiting from his protection, and using that to grow and expand. The fact that they’ve announced they have numerous Unbounded experts makes them an obvious threat to us.”

“The crown prince had better provide a good explanation for all this,” said the ninth prince, his voice thrumming with a decisiveness that could sever nails and chop iron.

There were several dozen princes present, and all of them joined in to berate Eternal Millennium.

Emperor Eternal Nightless couldn’t really say much about the matter. Although he was the emperor, he knew he had to keep a very close eye on the crown prince, who he knew had extremely high ambitions and was obviously eyeing the throne. According to what everyone understood, the crown prince had been in seclusion recently, seeking enlightenment and offering sacrifices to some great dao.

After a long moment of thought, the emperor nodded. “Men, call Crown Prince Eternal Millennium here. If he’s in seclusion, use a transmission talisman to reach him. This is extremely urgent. Even if he's at a dangerous, critical juncture, he must come!”

“Yes sir!”

A group of eunuchs complied, and soon enough, they were burning transmission talismans, which sent streams of silver light vanishing into the depths of space-time.

Several hours passed, then a thrumming power descended on the study and the voice of Eternal Millennium could be heard. “Allow me to kowtow in salute, Father.”

“Come in,” Eternal Nightless said. “Something big has happened.”

The door creaked open, and the tall, muscular Eternal Millennium appeared. He currently pulsed with a terrifying power so intense that everyone present, especially the other princes, suddenly felt inexplicably wary.

The other princes had all been preparing sarcastic and biting things to say, but all of a sudden, they realized that probably wasn't a good idea. The situation with the House of God Ordainment was obviously a big deal, but there was something about the crown prince that had them all feeling completely horrified.

Of course, this Eternal Millennium wasn’t the previous crown prince. He was a thrall, the master version of the sage monarch magistrates.

Although Yang Qi hadn’t taken him with him, he had sent power and destiny back to him, provoking numerous transformations, and making him stronger and stronger. Right now, he didn’t have a godhood rating and psychic scale of nine hundred and ninety thousand. That would be far too weak.

He was already at the level of over a million! He was the master version, with the power of the crown prince and a combination of the martial-god soldier-kings, the Harvestland, the seed of a Fateless One, and incredibly powerful morphlings. All kinds of precious treasures had been thrown at him to improve his cultivation, and he was now no weaker than Grand Prince Yi.

Within his godhood was a vortex that sucked in all surrounding energy in terrifying fashion.

Eyes glittering Eternal Nightless said, “Eternal Millennium... did you succeed in cultivating some sort of special divine ability? Why does your aura seem so different?”

Of course, he didn’t even need to point this fact out verbally, as all of the various ministers and princes had noticed the same thing.

“That’s right, Father. I’ve finished my martial-god soldier-kings, and am now as strong as a mid Paramount God. Sir, why did you call me here? Is it because of the House of God Ordainment? I wouldn’t worry about that. I have them under complete control. Jadefall and the others are all gathered in my personal mansion. In fact, with a single word, I can summon them here to offer formal greetings to you. Would you like that?”

He spoke smoothly and with confidence. After all, his strength had improved by leaps and bounds, and right now he was no weaker than his father, Emperor Eternal Nightless. Not even the top patriarchs of the dynasty could do anything to him. And upon hearing his words, the other princes broke out into cold sweat as they realized that their plans to overthrow him were pointless.

It was enough of a miracle that the crown prince was a Paramount God, but the fact that he was a mid Paramount God, the same level as the patriarchs, meant that he was going to be impossible to control.

“What? You're a mid Paramount God now? And you control the House of God Ordainment?” Eternal Nightless seemed both pleased and shocked at the same time. He was pleased that the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty was in such a good position, but at the same time shocked at Eternal Millennium’s cultivation advancement. After all, it meant the crown prince was now a greater threat than ever.

However, this wasn’t a forum to discuss matters of succession. The top priority at the moment was ensuring that Jadefall and the others in the House of God Ordainment surrendered and paid allegiance.

There wouldn’t be anything to worry about having them here. It shouldn’t be too difficult to keep a dozen or so Unbounded experts under control.

After all, the emperor was himself a mid Paramount God.

“Call them in immediately!”

“Yes, Father,” Eternal Millennium said, bowing slightly at the waist. He snapped his finger, and a paper talisman ignited. Then, a moment later, a voice rang out.

“Jadefall of the House of God Ordainment’s Sage Monarch Society is here with the key faction leaders to offer greetings to His Majesty the emperor.”

“Excellent. Come in, all of you.”

The emperor waved his hand and a pathway appeared. Jadefall entered, along with all the key members of the Sage Monarch Society, each of whom had Unbounded will convergence, making them comparable to early Paramount Gods. And all of them had special types of godhood.

Upon entering, Jadefall led her people to flank Eternal Millennium.

“What gall!” one of the ministers shouted. “How dare you enter the presence of the emperor and refuse to kneel! You’re subservient to the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty, and would do well to know your place. Understand?”

Ignoring the minister, Jadefall looked at the crown prince and said, “Exalted Magistrate, how do you view this matter?”

After all, he wasn’t the crown prince of old, but a key administrator of the Sage Monarch Society, tasked with keeping the sect going on a daily basis and serving with complete impartiality.

“I’ll handle it,” Eternal Millennium said. Looking at Eternal Nightless, he said, “Father, Your Majesty, the House of God Ordainment has chosen to serve me with full loyalty. Not the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty. And they’re here today to bear witness to history in the making.”

Already, Eternal Nightless could sense that something was off, and his face went slightly pale before turning bright red.


Slapping the table in front of him, he said, “How dare you! What are you saying? Are you trying to depose me, you unfilial son?!”

Everyone present was completely stunned, and didn’t know what to say. None of them would ever have guessed that the crown prince would say something like this. He was obviously on the path of full rebellion, his heart full of defiance.

“There’s no need to get so angry, Father. I've been the crown prince for a long time, and it’s definitely reached a point where you need to retire and focus on your cultivation. Don’t let mundane matters bother you. After all, you’re getting very close to the late Paramount God level.” The crown prince’s voice was ice cold. As the master version of the sage monarch magistrates, he was completely devoid of emotions, and could speak with cold clarity.

“Rebellion!” Eternal Nightless shouted madly. “This is outright rebellion! Men, arrest this unfilial son immediately!”

It was now more than obvious that the crown prince had been plotting to do this for a long time, and the fact that he had the gall to do it in the open seemed to be pure madness. Either that, or it stemmed from pure confidence.

Thump. Swish. Rustle.

Some of the experts in the study prepared to take action.

One of them, the extremely loyal Grand Prince Yong, lunged toward the crown prince and said, “Crown Prince, I can't believe you’re being such a defiant rebel. Get on your knees and maybe you’ll be spared the death penalty. Either way, you obviously don’t qualify to be the crown prince any longer!”

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