Chapter 1383: Breakthroughs for the Brethren

Yang Qi absolutely had to set up a teleportation portal.

Considering he had the God Legion Seal, the Bastille of the One God was like his own backyard. In other words, he could do exactly as he pleased here.

Of course, the Bastille of the One God was still a mysterious location that numerous top experts would come to explore, so he had to be careful. What would happen if some expert the likes of Patriarch Deva came along? If someone like that discovered that he had created a teleportation portal, what would happen? After all, who would possibly set up a teleportation portal in the Bastille of the One God? It was such a shocking thing that it might lead them to the conclusion that he had the God Legion Seal. And if they realized that the portal led to the House of God Ordainment, it could lead to a path of complete destruction.

The god world was huge, and filled with hidden dragons and crouching tigers. Patriarch Deva and his Deva Dynasty were only one of many similar forces that could only be considered as important as provincial capitals in an empire.

And Yang Qi refused to believe that Patriarch Deva represented the highest level of expert in the god world.

After searching around a bit, he found a temple that, even from the outside, appeared to have been completely picked clean of any treasure. It was the type of place that top experts weren’t likely to enter. After all, this area was still considered to be the periphery of the Bastille of the One God.

Venturing further inside to explore wasn’t something that could be done in a day or two. In fact, not even one or two years would be enough.

Long ago, this was a place that members of the legion of gods would have to pass through to reach the halls of heaven.

In other words, the Bastille of the One God was a stepping stone to the halls of heaven.

Likewise, if powerful experts from the dao of devils wanted to attack the halls of heaven, they would have to get through the Bastille of the One God first.

It was a battlefield, and that was why the Mahātmā Jade had been shattered here.

The palace he selected was solid and quite large. Looking around a bit, he selected a secluded side chamber where he would set up his teleportation portal. He didn't need physical items to set it up. Reaching out with his will, he could connect to heaven and earth and use the vital energy of the God Legion Seal.

Before long, complex designs could be seen on the surface of the formation, featuring people, mountains, rivers, oceans, space, suns, moons, and other magical symbols, all of which pulsed with godpower and the aura of tribulations.

Power of the Bastille of the One God, come to me,” Yang Qi roared. “Pierce through space and time. Connect worlds to worlds. Remove all barriers!

Surpassing the barriers of space-time, the God Legion Seal reached out with streaming light, causing cracking sounds to ring out.

This was no ordinary teleportation portal.

Yang Qi was using his boundless arts, including his enlightenment of the imperial-heaven pre-beginning systems, Annulled Grand Magic, and Sage Monarch Grand Magic to create it. It was far more exquisite than any other type of teleportation portal, as it was drawing on the natural laws of the Bastille of the One God to connect to another distant location.

A sound echoed out like the wailing of ghosts or weeping of gods, and as the portal slowly activated, something like a beehive of wormholes appeared.

I hereby call on my own energy to reach out to the House of God Ordainment!

Yang Qi circulated his energy, pouring it into the teleportation portal and causing the crackle of lightning to be seen as it stretched out to the Cruiser of Civilization in the House of God Ordainment.

The experts of the Nine Dragons Court, Deva Dynasty, and Sumeru Temple that he had just subjugated were people of immense power and authority. As a result, their destiny was in no way inferior to that of the emperor of the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty. That was especially true of Buddha Testimony, the imperial uncle, and Dibarra, who surpassed even the patriarchs of the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty and the Nacrelight Sageland.

And all of that destiny was flowing into Yang Qi.

Meanwhile, in the Cruiser of Civilization, Jadefall shivered as she sensed a teleportation portal opening up. Then destiny erupted out like lava from an exploding volcano, spreading out to fill the Cruiser of Civilization.

[Beep-beep-beep. Beep-beep-beep. Immense destiny and power detected. Absorbing. Storing. Transforming....]

Normally, destiny couldn’t be seen without special techniques and methods. For instance, the Son of Heaven’s Horoscopy. Yet this flow of destiny was visible. That was how dense and powerful it was. Thankfully, the Cruiser of Civilization was there to collect it into the reserve tanks. [1]

The cruiser was a magical device created by the Lord of Civilization, and it was specially designed to collect the destiny of different civilizations and store it up.


Everything shook violently, and the disciples of the House of God Ordainment sensed that something extremely dramatic was happening. It was an explosion of a benign nature, and it caused an aura of radiance and light to fill everything around it. Palaces rose up in the god kingdom, and soft light filled the air. It was even possible to see flower petals falling down.

“Yang Qi succeeded in getting more destiny!” Jadefall said, rising to her feet. “Accelerate the plan! Brethren, speed up your cultivation with this influx of destiny. I refuse to believe that we can’t break through to the Unbounded level!”

Yang Zhan, the Shepherd, Brahma, and all of Yang Qi’s other friends and family were in the middle of sessions of hard cultivation. Ever since Yang Qi had left, they had been working hard to improve, and making use of the immense resources he’d left them to seek enlightenment and break through whatever barriers were in their path.

Not too long ago, Summer Vastcold and Summer Soundfyre had requested billions upon billions of godnotes in their attempt to reach the Unbounded level.

Now, Yang Qi’s friends and families were making use of resources that, if they were to be quantified in terms of godnotes, would definitely be in the level of trillions, or even tens of trillions. And of course, there were some unique treasures of heaven and earth that couldn’t even be purchased with godnotes.

All of Yang Qi’s friends and family were Ascendants, so they were far more qualified than Summer Vastcold and Summer Soundfyre in every regard. However, they had less abundant foundations. Thankfully, Yang Qi had allowed them to practice cultivation in the Cruiser of Civilization for three thousand years. He had also sent them immense amounts of resources from the Deva Dynasty, including numerous streams of destiny. If they still couldn’t reach the Unbounded level with all that, they might as well just kill themselves for being so useless.

Burning, lava-like destiny poured right into Yang Doom.

He had been a previous bearer of the God Legion Seal, and as such, was one of the most preeminently qualified of them all. Therefore, it was no surprise that he was the first one to break through to the Unbounded level.

The destiny was just what he had needed to succeed, and now he was surrounded with godpower so intense it formed something like a heavenly net that could destroy god kingdoms.

The Shepherd was the next to succeed.

The destiny Yang Qi was sending was equivalent to roughly one third of the totals of the Deva Dynasty, Nine Dragons Court, and Sumeru Temple, and the results it provided were shocking.

Next came Yang Manifestation, Yang Memory, Yang Celestial, Brahma, and the others. One after another, they succeeded in reaching the Unbounded level, causing immense space-time fluctuations to roll out in the Cruiser of Civilization. [2]

“This is excellent,” Jadefall said, her eyes flickering with surprise. “Everyone's succeeding at the same time. With this, the power of the House of God Ordainment will be in no way inferior to the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty and Nacrelight Sageland. The time has come to announce what we’ve done. Before, we had to be careful about everything, but no longer will we slink about in the shadows. We don’t need to wait for Yang Qi to come back and protect us. We can start expanding now!”

“Exactly,” said Yang Doom, clenching his hands into fists. “Now that we have Unbounded will convergence, we're a hundred times stronger than before. I can’t wait for a big battle! Let's lead the forces of the House of God Ordainment to war against the other powers!”

“Congratulations, everyone! The time has come for the House of God Ordainment to rise to prominence!”


Jadefall issued orders, and before long, word was spreading about all of them reaching the Unbounded level. It didn’t take long for the news to spread to even the distant continents.

The first to get the news was, of course, the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty. The emperor, Eternal Nightless, had called a meeting in his study, gathering all the top officials. After all, there were always countless issues to handle in a dynasty this large. All of a sudden, the destiny of the entire dynasty experienced a sharp drop.

“What did you just say?”

“There’s no mistake,” said one of the court eunuchs. “The House of God Ordainment announced that they now have numerous Unbounded experts on their side. Our intelligence reports can't be wrong. What should we do, Your Majesty?”

This particular eunuch was on a similar level to Nie Yinyang. He was a peak Consummate God, and although he wasn't a Paramount God, he was a court eunuch, so he was very famous and powerful.

Of course, there were other imperial princes present during this meeting, and they weren’t about to let a good opportunity pass.

“How could this have happened? I thought the House of God Ordainment was working for the crown prince? How could they suddenly have numerous Unbounded experts? They’re supposed to be a vassal of our Eternal-Life God-Dynasty! The crown prince won’t be let off the hook for letting this happen!”

1. It’s been awhile since the Son of Heaven’s Horoscopy was mentioned. He acquired it in chapter 892, and it was mentioned a couple of times before that. Also, I missed a couple references because of a change in how the author used the Chinese characters (he does this a lot, and I usually catch those, but in this case I missed them). I’ve since gone back and replaced those errors, which were in chapters 934 and 1262. In the original release of those chapters, I didn’t mention Son of Heaven’s Horoscopy, when in fact they should’ve been in there.

2. Yang Celestial is the previous Peaklord Celestial.

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