Chapter 1373: The Trump Cards of the Dragons and Buddhists

The Dragonfolk experts and elite buddhists were all present.

But there were two who had especially attracted Yang Qi’s attention. One was the young monk with the crewcut. Normally speaking, monks who had taken their oaths couldn’t grow their hair out even a little bit; perhaps this fellow had such a high rank that he could ignore the rules.

The other noteworthy figure was the sickly looking young man in the forces of the Dragonfolk.

Both of them seemed to be Paramount Gods with ordinary auras, but Yang Qi got a sense of extreme danger when looking at them.

Of course, there were experts from the Deva Dynasty present as well. In addition to Grand Prince Yi, there were fourteen experts, four of whom were mid Paramount Gods, with the rest being ordinary Paramount Gods. Among the ordinary Paramount Gods, there was a particularly handsome young man who sat there with eyes closed, wooden-faced, as if he were in a trance. He wore a brand new suit of armor, and although there was nothing specific about him that seemed impressive, Yang Qi also got a sense of danger from him.

Perhaps he had some sort of secret weapon.

Yang Qi’s ability to assess the cultivation level of other people had reached the point of perfection. He had entered the realm of Nevasaññānāsaññāyatana, and could sense that these three individuals were the trump cards of their respective organizations, likely the ones who were going to try to kill him.

He was going to have to be very careful.

Upon seeing ‘Mister Second’ arrive, Grand Prince Yi rose to his feet and said, “Alright everyone, let's get going. We've been waiting for you, Mister Second. For an entire month! Our friends from the Nine Dragons Court and the Sumeru Temple are getting impatient.”

“I’ve been very patient, actually,” said the sickly young man from the Dragonfolk. “This Mister Second is so incredible, I’d wait three months to see him, let alone one month.”

“You flatter me,” Yang Qi said in a cold voice, trying to seem as distant as possible. He was worried that if he engaged in too much conversation, this mysterious, sickly young man might see through to some of his secrets. “If everyone is ready, let’s go.”

“Yes. Let’s be off!”

Grand Prince Yi gave a meaningful glance to the people in his immediate vicinity, then flew up into the air, where the empyrean winds were filled with frigid energy that could instantly freeze even Greater Gods. Of course, these people didn’t have anything to fear from such winds. All they had to do was exhale, and a path opened up in front of them.

The larger group was split into three main groups. The forces of the Deva Dynasty were being led by ‘Mister Second’, with the Nine Dragons Court and Sumeru Temple remaining separate. However, any observer would be able to see that the forces of the Deva Dynasty weren't particularly united. They clearly weren’t interested in following the lead of Mister Second, although he didn’t seem to care about that.

It was almost as if he were just along for the ride, because he didn’t know the way to the Bastille of the One God.

In contrast, Grand Prince Yi knew exactly which way to go. After setting up a spell formation to clear the path, they flew onward.

Seeing the odd look on Yang Qi’s face, Grand Prince Yi said, “Mister Second, why does it seem you aren’t pleased with the route we're taking? This is the best path to the Bastille of the One God. It's a bit long, but it's free of danger. Other roads are shorter, but too close to ancient and dangerous creatures. Overall, this way will save us a lot of time.”

“How long will it take us to get there?” Yang Qi asked.

“About five months, if things go well,” Grand Prince Yi replied confidently. “If things don't go smoothly, perhaps seven or eight months.”

It was a common thing in the god world to have to travel for months to get places. After all, the place was huge. And ordinary gods would generally stick to the same areas most of the time.

For example, in the area of the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty and Nacrelight Sageland, it would take a Consummate God from the House of God Ordainment months to get to the Heaven-Wretch Continent.

And that was a small, out-of-the-way place.

“Five months?” Yang Qi frowned, but was secretly pleased. That just meant he had another five months to get stronger.

And these people wouldn’t attack him on the road, which meant he wouldn't be in any sort of dangerous situation until they got close to the Bastille of the One God.

“What, not pleased, Mister Second?” Grand Prince Yi said. “That’s actually not a long time.”

“I'm neither pleased nor displeased,” Yang Qi replied coolly. “Five months is like the snap of a finger as far as I'm concerned. Look, enough talking. Let’s be on our way.”

With that, he continued flying along. He was capable of such incredible speeds that their current rate seemed like a stroll in the park to him.

They flew along for about ten days, whereupon some in the group expressed the desire to rest. Therefore, they stopped and set up a temporary god kingdom where they could stop for a time, consume some medicinal pills, regulate their energy, and proceed. After all, Paramount Gods were still made from flesh and blood, and their godpower could run low.

To the shock of many, though, Mister Second didn’t seem to need to rest at all. Despite all the flying, he thrummed with just as much godpower as before.

The young sir from the Dragonfolk, the monk with the crew cut, and the wooden-faced young man from the Deva Dynasty all seemed surprised by this. They were elite experts, and trump cards in their respective groups, yet even they had to worry about running out of power. But Yang Qi clearly wasn’t in that situation. By this point, many were becoming thoroughly convinced that he was an almighty being from ancient times.

As a result, many were now hesitating about whether to take action against him.

Hmph,’ Yang Qi thought. ‘Even if you people were more amazing than you are, how could you possibly surpass the profundities of the God Legion Seal?’ Looking around coldly at the forces around him, Yang Qi decided to further assess the three ‘trump cards’ present. Although none of them could match up to Patriarch Deva, they were definitely impressive.

From what he could tell, their godhood ratings and psychic scales were all around the level of ninety million. In other words, none were past a hundred million, and all of them were either on the same level as him, or possibly higher.

Even fighting one-on-one, he wasn't confident that he could achieve victory over any of them.

For now, it was a waiting game. During the past ten days of travel, he had kept his God Legion Paradise open within himself, and had produced ten more sage monarch magistrates. If things kept going at this rate, it was hard to say how many he would create during the coming months of travel.

Of course, they were Yang Qi’s trump cards, and he would only reveal them in a critical moment.

“Let’s go!”

After enough rest, everyone headed back out into the spatial tempests. After some travel, they suddenly noticed a beastly aura around them, violent and vile.

Apparently, they had stumbled into the lair of some sort of animalistic creature.

“Watch out, everyone,” said Grand Prince Yi. “The road to the Bastille of the One God is stained with the aura of the ancient halls of heaven. And because of that, the spacetitans that can appear here are extremely powerful. Don’t underestimate them.”


Almost as soon as the words left his mouth, the space-time around them collapsed, revealing a horde of beasts rushing in their direction. Apparently, when spacetitans like this smelled the aura of a Paramount God, they were like sharks encountering blood in the ocean.

‘So, these are spacetitans,’ Yang Qi thought. He’d never seen them in person, but had read about them in the ancient daoist texts he had come across. They were gigantic beasts formed from the vital energy of the god world itself, and only appeared in the most profound depths of space-time. In that respect, they were like enormous whales and other sea creatures that would never be seen in the shallows, only the deep ocean.

Many Paramount Gods had died after being attacked by spacetitans.


One of the spacetitans honed in on Yang Qi.

Its head was enormous, and looked like a book, while it had the body of a tiger, with human limbs. It was extremely bizarre, and its roars caused everything to tremble violently.

‘So strong!’ Yang Qi thought. However, he casually waved his hand and the spacetitan shrank down, landing on his palm, the size of an ant. Then, true flame erupted out, melting it into a ball of pure vital energy. It was so intense that it seemed to surpass the power of the God Legion Seal.

‘This thing is incredible. It’s perfect for an instant replenishment of godpower during a fight.’ He quickly absorbed the flaming ball, which provided plenty of fuel for his sage monarch magistrates.

The others present reacted with shock. ‘This guy is incredible! He just killed a spacetitan with hardly any effort, then assimilated it with ease. Isn't he worried about the negative side effects? This guy’s definitely some sort of consummate devil.’

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