Chapter 1371: Tribulation Monarch Cannon (Part 2)

Godhood rating: eight hundred and eighty thousand. Psychic scale: eight hundred and eighty thousand!

Those were the ratings that all of the sage monarch magistrates achieved. Already, there were several hundred, representing hundreds of millions of perfect caliber godstones. And they were continuing to split apart into new versions.

What did it mean to have a godhood rating of eight hundred and eighty thousand? Paramount Gods only had a rating of one million. And the same went for psychic scale.

In other words, each of these sage monarch magistrates could actually escape from a conflict with an Unbounded expert.

Back when Yang Qi created his morphling king, it only had a psychic scale of three hundred thousand. These sage monarch magistrates were beyond compare!

It was a given that they needed to be strong. And although they weren’t in the Unbounded level, they were definitely powerful. Even more impressive was that, with enough perfect caliber godstones, it was easy for them to split apart and create new versions.

Of course, the only reason they were so incredibly strong was because they had benefited from the martial-god soldier-kings, the Harvestland, the War God Commander’s Tally, various morphling kings, and an incalculable amount of resources. Plus, there was even the power of an ancient and almighty Fateless One, thanks to Eternal Millennium.

Only Yang Qi was capable of something like this. And going forward, he would have the sage monarch magistrates continue to reproduce.

“Gather!” Yang Qi said, drawing on his divine will.

The sage monarch magistrates grouped together in ranks, according to Yang Qi’s wishes. Visible on their right arms were ancient cannons, which they extended and pointed forward.


A massive roar echoed forth as they fired the cannons, carving out a huge path ahead of them that stretched far into the distance.

It was an ancient road filled with tribulations and the energy of monarchs.

After all, the sage monarch magistrates also had the genes of the seventy-two monarchs in them. They were so incredible that it would be very difficult for anyone to kill them.

‘What power!’ Yang Qi thought, looking at the road of tribulations with a smile on his face. ‘Who could be a match for me now? With the sage monarch magistrates, my power is only going to grow going forward. With these thrall troops, I can go to the Bastille of the One God unafraid of any sort of crafty plots and machinations.”

‘Each magistrate wields a Tribulation Monarch Cannon, which is superior even to the Grand Tribulation Cannon. There’s no need to even mention what the sage monarch magistrates can do when working together. Even one of them alone is strong enough to injure an Unbounded expert.’

With that, Yang Qi flicked his sleeve and sucked in the sage monarch magistrates. The Harvestland and Eternal Millennium also vanished.

Then, he headed back to the House of God Ordainment.

“What happened, Yang Qi?” Jadefall asked. “Did you subjugate Eternal Millennium? Why did the sage monarch magistrate suddenly fly away? Did something go wrong?”

“Everything went perfectly. In fact, I encountered something good that I wasn't expecting. And I succeeded in completing my sage monarch magistrates.” With that, he went on to explain everything that had played out, including the discovery of a power seed from another Fateless One.

Jadefall was shocked, and couldn’t help but say, “Are you telling me that the sage monarch magistrates are strong enough to match up to an Unbounded expert? And maybe even fight early Paramount Gods?”

Yang Qi smiled. “You could say that. I now have several hundred sage monarch magistrates. With the addition of the master version, they’re incredibly strong. And I’ll continue making more on a daily basis. As long as the sage monarch magistrates have enough godstones, they can split apart and make new versions of themselves.”

“Incredible!” Jadefall exclaimed. “Their potential for further growth is staggering. The sage monarch magistrates are the ultimate type of thrall. They even surpass the ancient angels, although they're still not quite as powerful as archangels.”

“Well that’s a given. My cultivation is still relatively limited. Once I get to the peak of the Paramount God level, and my thralls become Paramount Gods, things will change. I'm taking the sage monarch magistrates with me, but I’ll leave behind the master version, which can assume the form of Eternal Millennium. He can be used to take over the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty.”

Yang Proudworld, the Shepherd, and everyone else chuckled.

“Perfect,” said Yang Proudworld. “We’ll help the sage monarch magistrate infiltrate the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty and slowly take control of it.”

“Upon your return, Yang Qi,” said the Shepherd, “we all hope to rise to the Unbounded level.”

“Indeed. Just wait for me to come back.” With that, Yang Qi left with the host of sage monarch magistrates, leaving behind only the master version, who had already assumed the physical appearance of Eternal Millennium.

The massive stockpiles of resources the House of God Ordainment had been working on were almost completely used up, and the destiny reserves had all gone into making the sage monarch magistrates. Any expert who came along and checked the destiny of the sect would think that they had befallen some sort of calamity. It would actually serve as a great distraction.

“Pass along orders to have everyone hunker down and pretend we’ve suffered a huge loss,” Jadefall said. “And send Eternal Millennium back to the dynasty to start taking over. Let everyone know that the House of God Ordainment now belongs to the crown prince and has offered him complete loyalty!”

“Yes ma’am!” Numerous experts nodded in affirmation and then went about spreading the orders.

Three days passed.

Far, far away, in the Deva Dynasty, which would take even Paramount Gods years of flying to reach, Yang Qi’s true self opened his eyes. At the same time, he opened a space-time passageway within himself.

The sage monarch magistrates poured into him, causing his monarch godhood to shiver as though it might rise to a higher level.

Up until now, his godhood had been unable to reach the mid Paramount God level, but with the sage monarch magistrates within him, he was reaching a higher level of enlightenment.

The sage monarch magistrates were his thralls, and as such, were a part of him.


As the sage monarch magistrates entered his true self, he tapped into the collection of godstones and godpower he had built up over the past three days.

As that happened, more sage monarch magistrates split off. Each one was like having a new Unbounded expert on his side, ready to fight to the death for him.

If he got another piece of the Mahātmā Jade, and could improve his psychic power even more, then he could make more perfect caliber godstones and sage monarch magistrates.

‘Excellent,’ he thought, sensing the rise in his fighting prowess. He sensed that he could now hold his own for even longer against people like Patriarch Deva, and as time went on, his cultivation base would only continue growing stronger.

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