Chapter 1370: Tribulation Monarch Cannon

“No! You can't do this! You want to turn me into some thrall that isn’t even a person or a ghost?” the crown prince said, visibly appalled. “I’d rather you kill me than turn me into some cold-blooded freak with no thoughts or feelings of my own. That would be torture!”

“You chose this,” Yang Qi said, reaching out and grabbing the crown prince, then floating up into the air. At the same time, he thrust his palm out, causing numerous cracks and craters to appear on the surface of the Harvestland.

Growing physically larger, he rose into the spatial tempests, looking down at the Harvestland below. Then, with a mere thought, he summoned the Flame of Hope, causing fist-sized tongues of flame to descend on the land below, almost like snowflakes.


He made a grasping gesture, causing the destiny of the House of God Ordainment and the Deva Dynasty to rush toward him. Simultaneously, destiny from the League of the Devil-Dao and the Nacrelight Sageland also flowed in his direction.

After all, he had Mother Voidwalker, Summer Soundfyre, and Summer Vastcold in the Nacrelight Sageland, working for him to acquire resources, and simultaneously advancing their cultivation. They were his pawns in that sect, there to help take destiny.

In the League of the Devil-Dao, he had five Unbounded experts and two Paramount Gods as pawns. With them working for him, it was even easier to take some of the destiny of that sect.

Now he was using all of it to fuel the Harvestland.


The Harvestland trembled as its surface was ripped off and sent into the crown prince’s body, including all of the martial-god soldier-king seeds. As his genes were unlocked and power coursed through him, the crown prince screamed shrilly. However, he couldn’t stop Yang Qi’s will from transforming him from the inside out. The crown prince writhed as he slowly became an unfeeling, merciless, cold-blood, and loyal servant. His life, genes, soul, and thoughts were now a combination of the martial-god soldier-kings, morphlings, and war gods from the commander's tally.

All of a sudden, a deep wailing sound filled the void.

Yang Qi made a grasping gesture and a spatial passageway appeared, out of which a hulking shape emerged. It was none other than the sage monarch magistrate he had created earlier.

The magistrate flew out and landed hard onto the surface of the Harvestland, and almost immediately, his life force and genes began to transform dramatically.

Yang Qi threw out both of his hands, causing complex sealing marks to fly out and make an intricate design that was none other than the Sage Monarch Grand Magic. As it merged into the magistrate, it filled him with all of Yang Qi’s accumulated knowledge of thralls and administrators.

“When the world is at peace, the government requires magistrates such as this. Selfless. Unfeeling. Cold-blooded. Ruthless. They must operate according to the law, not their own will....” As he poured his thoughts and understanding into the sage monarch magistrate, the seed pods throughout the Harvestland started exploding like popcorn, sending genetic material flying into the crown prince.

At this point, the crown prince and the sage monarch magistrate started fusing. Destiny rumbled like an enormous river as Yang Qi drew on everything he had accumulated up to this point and threw it into his new creation.

The new creation sat there in the middle of the Harvestland, a consummate god embryo.

As the Cruiser of Civilization continued pouring resources into him, numerous spell formations popped into being around him.

Blood of the One God!

In the most critical of moments, Yang Qi stabbed his own chest, causing the Blood of the One God to pour forth into the Harvestland.

Countless memories and fractions of civilizations appeared as the blood was sacrificed into the sage monarch magistrate.

Time passed.

Gradually, the crown prince vanished, having been completely absorbed into the magistrate. The Harvestland’s martial-god soldier-kings were also gone.

Something brand new had been created.

This was the true sage monarch magistrate.

He hovered in the void, the perfect man, his features chiseled, his eyes glittering with unswerving determination. It was obvious that this was the kind of man who would never be swayed from whatever tasks he set out to do.

His limbs were like those of an exquisitely sculpted statue, and his skin was fair and glossy. He thrummed with power and ability, making it seem like he could accomplish any mission.

There was a seed of power within him that no one could possibly comprehend. However, as the moments ticked by, it gradually turned golden. That seed had been provided to the crown prince to give him power and further his cultivation, and it only seemed to be growing stronger.


Yang Qi’s will suddenly shot out and pierced into the seed of power.

According to his original estimate, he didn’t think that the sage monarch magistrate would be completed even after absorbing the crown prince. But how could he ever have guessed that the crown prince would actually have the power of a Fateless One within him? That was a power that surpassed humans!

Not even Patriarch Deva could measure up to this power seed’s substructure.

Yang Qi knew that the seed would contain many profundities, so he used the crown prince’s substructure to fool it. As a result, it erupted with power to help the crown prince. But Yang Qi simply used the Life-Death Void-Destruction God-Lightning to ensure that all of the changes benefited the sage monarch magistrate.

Furthermore, Yang Qi could tap into that power to determine the general location of the Fateless One that was its origin.

If someone killed the crown prince, that Fateless One would know it instantly. The same would happen if someone tried forcibly assimilating the power seed. But Yang Qi was using the crown prince’s own cultivation base to do what he was doing. And considering he was also using the Life-Death Void-Destruction Lightning, there was no way the other Fateless One would have any idea what was going on.

Of course, it was all made more complicated by the fact that Yang Qi was also a Fateless One.

With a psychic scale in the tens of millions, it was an easy task for him to send his will into the crown prince’s sea of consciousness and fuse with him. As the crown prince transformed down to his substructure and soul, the seed of power erupted, causing a complex, multilayered design to appear behind him. It was composed of numerous bizarre colors, and depicted palaces and temples that made up a huge nation. Next, a man in white clothing appeared, hands clasped behind his back as he stood in a palace and looked out into the depths of the universe. It begged the question of what he was thinking.

‘This is the Fateless One in question?’ Yang Qi thought. Inwardly, he chuckled, but he didn’t take action yet. He just observed, making every effort to commit this person’s aura to memory, and to remember all the details of his substructure.

‘Time to assimilate this power seed!’

Drawing on the psychic power of the Mahātmā Jade, he forced Eternal Millennium into a standing position. As he rose, the images of the palaces and the white-garbed man collapsed, transforming into a milky fluid that rose up, then descended back down.

The flow of power absorbed the destiny of the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty and fused into the sage monarch magistrate.

A huge explosion occurred as Yang Qi also transformed. Golden strands erupted from this forehead, creating genetic shackles that connected him to the heavenly workings calculations systems in the Cruiser of Civilization.

And the imperial-heaven pre-beginning systems roared to life.

Heaven and earth collapsed as numerous tribulations appeared within the void. Monsters and devils of all kinds appeared, descending with deadly abandon. However, the sage monarch magistrate was alert, his eyes blazing as he vanquished every tribulation that descended.

About twenty hours passed, then everything went quiet.

All of a sudden, an elegant system of order spread out in the area. At the same time, the tinkling of bells could be heard, almost like the gurgle of a fountain.

‘Time to create the ultimate weapon!’

Yang Qi drew on his will, causing an enormous and ancient cannon to form behind the sage monarch magistrate. It was different from the Grand Tribulation Cannon, and was the result of immense amounts of enlightenment that Yang Qi had achieved.

‘Henceforth, every sage monarch magistrate that I create will have unsurpassed martial skill, and the ability to slaughter the enemy on a horrific scale. Now that this initial master version of the sage monarch magistrate has been created, producing duplicates will only require enough godstones.’

To prepare for this day, Yang Qi had created a stockpile of perfect caliber godstones the likes of which couldn’t be rivaled even by the combined stockpiles of the Deva Dynasty, Nine Dragons Court, and Sumeru Temple.

By pouring those godstones into the body of the sage monarch magistrate, it made him capable of unleashing unimaginable destruction.

With those stones used in a formation, they would literally be capable of wiping out continents like the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty or the Nacrelight Sageland.

All of a sudden, the sage monarch magistrate started splitting in half.

Creak, crunch.... Creak, crunch....

A new body formed, a new sage monarch magistrate.

The sage monarch magistrates weren’t humans, demons, devils, or robots. They were an existence unto their own. And they could reproduce asexually.

New body after new body appeared, hundreds in number. Though they weren’t as strong as the master version, as soon as they appeared, their godhood formed and began to rise. From a godhood rating of a hundred thousand, it went to two hundred thousand, three hundred, five hundred, then eight hundred thousand. That was where it ultimately stopped.

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