Chapter 1369: The End of the Line for the Crown Prince (Part 2)

Unexpectedly, Eternal Millennium had a power seed from some top expert hidden within him, allowing him to suddenly achieve incredible fighting prowess. In fact, he was now able to fight Yang Qi’s will clone.

A beam of sword light shot forth as Eternal Millennium used a consummate sword technique from the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty, combined with something called the Eradication God Claws.

A thousand hills with no birds in flight, ten thousands paths with no human tracks.[1]

His Eradication God Claws were a truly consummate technique, merciless and vicious. The sword energy within it easily pierced through Yang Qi’s defensive empyrean energy, and the claws then attempted to rip out his soul.

“A very impressive claw technique,” Yang Qi said, nodding in admiration. “Not bad at all. Unfortunately, you’re dealing with me, so that’s not going to cut it. I'm curious to see what martial quintessence this Fateless One left within you. Is it enough to stop me?”

He stretched his fingers out and unleashed one of the consummate abilities of the Sage Monarch Grand Magic.

All of a sudden, something that sounded like zither music filled the air.

The Eradication God Claws started crumbling, and Yang Qi casually sent what appeared to be strands of silk out to wrap up Eternal Millennium until he couldn’t move.

“You coward, Yang Qi! Fight me like a man! I want to see how strong you are!”

“Fight you like a man? Alright.”

Seeing that the fight had reached this point, Yang Qi unleashed a palm.

Intense rumbling sounds could be heard as a huge tombstone appeared, stone-colored, but green with age, mottled with the passage of time, and slashed by swords and sabers.

The God Tombstone Palms were on display.

Yang Qi had a better understanding of the God Tombstone Palms than ever, and could use them to conquer everything in his path.

That was especially true now that he had monarch godhood to back them with.


The Eradication God Claws met the God Tombstone Palms, and the former couldn't pierce the latter. Instead, immense power rose up within the tombstone, which then exploded outward.

Then, Yang Qi leapt forth with another instance of the God Tombstone Palms, adding a second tombstone to the mix and instantly putting immense pressure on Eternal Millennium.

The tombstones slammed into him, causing blood to spray out of his mouth.

“What energy art is that?” he said, shocked.

“After you acknowledge allegiance to me, I’ll tell you all about it. In fact, I might even teach some of it to you. It's called the God Tombstone Palms. For now, just enjoy it. And watch how I use its power to bury your soul!” He chopped both hands out, causing numerous tombstones to appear that filled the Harvestland until it looked like an enormous graveyard.


Tombstones slammed into Eternal Millennium, sending him staggering backward, dazed and shouting in rage. He tried drawing on the godpower seed within him, but sadly, his will convergence was too weak, making it impossible for him to unleash the full extent of its potential. He was like a child holding a sledgehammer; how could someone like that possibly defeat a powerfully built martial arts expert?

All of a sudden, Yang Qi vanished amidst the tombstones.

‘This crown prince has a very impressive godpower seed in him, left behind by a Fateless One. If I can take it and assimilate it, then temper it with my god legion angst, it’ll be a perfect asset to add to my sage monarch magistrates.’ Two tigers cannot live on one mountain, and now that Yang Qi had evidence there was another Fateless One in the god world, he knew he had to kill the other one to remain on the top.

“Power, activate!” Eternal Millennium screamed. “Oh mighty figure, consummate expert, I'm about to die! I need your will to help control the godpower within me!”

‘I can’t let him go around praying like that,’ Yang Qi thought. He was actually unsure if the spell formations he had set up outside would prevent such prayers from leaving the Harvestland.

‘I’ll use my god legion angst to combine the two crown princes, down to their very soul!’

Yang Qi suddenly unleashed a consummate move.

The Crown Prince shivered, and a blank expression could be seen on his face as he shot toward Eternal Millennium, flying along inside a huge bubble.

Eternal Millennium couldn't do anything to stop it. The Crown Prince from the impure lands smashed into him, then popping sounds could be heard as the two of them combined.

The Crown Prince from the impure lands was under the control of the God Legion Seal, and now he was becoming one with Eternal Millennium. Immense shockwaves rolled out as they struggled, but eventually, the godpower seed ceased to move.

Hmph. Not even that Fateless One could have predicted this would happen. I captured Eternal Millennium’s sliver of will, controlled it with the God Legion Seal, then combined it with the original. Now I have the true self under my control!’

Yang Qi flew over, clamped his hand down onto Eternal Millennium's true self, and sent golden light streaming into his sea of consciousness.

Deep within the God Legion Seal, a golden throne arose and fused with another throne that had already existed there.

Another god had been subjugated.

The Harvestland went still and quiet as Yang Qi's will spread through it, taking control of everything.

He quickly realized that the Harvestland was a treasure, but it was incomplete. And there was an inherent preheaven vital energy in it that he needed to study further before he could understand it.

However, he didn't need any extra time to deal with the martial-god soldier-kings.

After taking control of everything, he sent his will out to stimulate Eternal Millennium.  Eternal Millennium howled and his eyes snapped open.

Then he looked over at Yang Qi with clarity in his eyes, but at the same time, mixed emotions.

“So, it turns out you're the bearer of the God Legion Seal.” By this point, he had completely fused, and was both the Crown Prince from the impure lands, and Eternal Millennium, crown prince of the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty.

That said, they had started out as a single person anyway.

“You’re whole again, Crown Prince,” Yang Qi said. “So now what do you think? I can do whatever I want to you. You're like the ancient legion of gods, subservient to something greater and more glorious than you.”

Venom flaring in his eyes, Eternal Millennium said, “If you’ve got what it takes, Yang Qi, just kill me. You've already done it once. You killed me in the impure lands, and now you need to kill my true self. If you don’t, the time will come when you’ll eventually fall completely into my hands.”

Eternal Millennium had been consumed by hatred that could never be washed away.

Yang Qi chuckled coldly. “That’s fine. If you think you can kill me, you’re welcome to try. You see, even if you want to chop me into a million pieces, you can’t actually defy my wishes. That said, I don’t think I’ll give you a chance to try. What’s your plan? Become a Paramount God and then go against me?”

“Look, Yang Qi, either kill me, or I’ll kill you. Maybe you can monitor my thoughts, but don’t rejoice quite yet. The God Legion Seal is powerful, but remember what happened in the past. The legion of gods rebelled, bringing tribulation with them. In the end, the Sovereign Lord perished. That’s what he got for trying to control the thoughts of the gods. Death! And the same thing is going to happen to you.”

At this point, he had no hope left. He had been killed in the impure lands, and thanks to Yang Qi’s plots, his true self had been captured. Now he was Yang Qi’s puppet, without even the capacity to kill himself if he wanted.

“If that's what you want, so be it.”

However, Yang Qi had already planned for this. “I want to make the ultimate thrall, and what I'm missing is a backbone for it. That's where you come in. As a Paramount God, you’ll serve as the perfect foundation. You even have the godpower seed of a Fateless One. I'm going to take you and this Harvestland, as well as the martial-god soldier-kings, and add them to my sage monarch magistrates. You’ll still be Eternal Millennium, but you’ll be colder and more ruthless. And you’ll be just the tool I need to take over the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty and seize its destiny.”

1. This is a famous line of poetry by Liu Zongyuan, a Tang Dynasty writer, politician, and poet.

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