Chapter 1366: Sage Monarch Magistrates

Early Lesser Gods had a godhood rating of one and a psychic scale of one. With that as the basis, it was possible to accurately assess a person’s fighting prowess.

Normally speaking, a Lesser God’s godhood would progress from the early level to the mid, late, and peak level. And in terms of godhood or psychic scale, their rating could never surpass ten.

It was only Common Gods who could go into the tens. Greater Gods rated higher than a hundred and could climb into the hundreds. Consummate Gods would surpass a thousand and go into the thousands.

Then there were Perfect Gods, who would go over ten thousand and reach the tens of thousands. Peak Perfect Gods were considered elite experts. For instance, Houselord God Ordainment had a godhood rating of over seventy thousand. The psychic scale operated similarly.

Even the most powerful Perfect Gods would never have psychic scales or godhood ratings that surpassed a hundred thousand. That was a hard and fast threshold. To break through it, one would have to have an immense level of genius, as well as incredible resources.

For instance, some of Yang Qi’s brethren had special types of godhood which enabled them to surpass a hundred thousand as peak Perfect Gods.

Jadefall and Yang Immortal-Slayer were even more impressive.

Both of them were already in the Unbounded level, which was beyond the level where people used numbers to calculate strength. As for someone like Yang Zhan, he had a godhood rating somewhere between one hundred and eighty thousand and two hundred thousand. And others in the group were higher than two hundred thousand.

Yet this prototype morphling had come into the world with a godhood rating and a psychic scale of three hundred thousand! It was stronger than any of Yang Qi’s brethren!

His brethren were all outstanding figures from the impure lands who had ascended to the god world and were considered top geniuses. And ever since he’d reached the Unbounded level, he had been giving them even more help to advance. He gave them the best resources and best advice, enabling them to reach incredibly high levels.

While ordinary peak Perfect Gods would have ratings of a hundred thousand, they had two hundred thousand. And it was much more than simply double the level of fighting prowess. After all, they were from the impure lands! In terms of power, reactions, senses, thinking ability, and life force, they were many times superior.

“Dear lord,” Jadefall said. “Am I seeing things, Yang Qi? That morphling king has a godhood rating and psychic scale of three hundred thousand!? The troops in the War God Commander’s Tally only have psychic scales and godhood ratings of about ninety thousand. This single morphling king could slaughter tens of thousands of those war gods!”

“None of us measure up to it!” Doom said. “Photonic computers, assess my godhood and psychic power!”

Light swept over Doom.

[Beep-beep-beep. Beep-beep-beep. Yang Doom, your godhood rating and psychic scale are in perfect balance, both being two hundred and eighty thousand!]

“You’re not even on the same level as this prototype!” Proud World exclaimed. “And if it was the full morphling king, how strong would it be? None of us could possibly measure up to it. Is it made of pure power?”

“A complete morphling king would be equivalent to an Unbounded expert,” Yang Qi said. “Jadefall, let’s assess you.”


She stepped forward, and the light slid over her.

[Beep-beep-beep. Beep-beep-beep. Unbounded expert. Godhood rating: five hundred thousand. Psychic scale: one million, two hundred thousand. Psychic scale surpasses godhood rating, which is not quite on the Paramount God level.]

“See?” Yang Qi said. “It seems early Unbounded will convergence rates at about a million. And the godhood of Paramount Gods requires a million as well. An Unbounded expert is definitely many times more powerful than a peak Perfect God.”

Peak Perfect Gods would rate around a hundred thousand. And someone with a rating of a million could obviously kill someone with a rating of a hundred thousand as easily as popping a bubble.

Even the prototype morphling king, with its rating of three hundred thousand, would be ripped to shreds by an Unbounded expert.

“Now, assess me!” Yang Immortal-Slayer said.

The lights flashed.

[Beep-beep-beep. Beep-beep-beep. Godhood rating: three million. Psychic scale: one million, eight hundred thousand. With monarch godhood, advancement will be difficult, and breakthroughs challenging....]

“What?!” Yang Immortal-Slayer said. “My godhood rating is three million? Ordinary Paramount Gods would have a rating of one million. Shouldn't I be many times stronger than an early Paramount God? Although, I’m actually not a Paramount God myself.”

“That's because you have monarch godhood,” Yang Qi said. “If my speculations are correct, early Paramount Gods will have a godhood rating of a million, or millions. The mid level will surpass ten million, and the late level will surpass a hundred million. I suppose I might as well assess my own psychic scale and godhood rating.”

With that, he stepped forward.

A moment later, claxons started blazing in the Cruiser of Civilization, as though an incredible event were underway, which was draining the power in the ship.

[Monarch godhood and a Paramount God! Godhood rating, fifty million! Psychic scale... psychic scale... eighty million!] Even the photonic computers seemed surprised.

[According to the data in the heavenly workings calculations systems, monarch godhood normally surpasses psychic scale. Why is that not the case here? Further assessment required. Genetic systems, activate....]

He nodded.

His monarch godhood was currently in the early Paramount God level. Normally speaking, the godhood of a Paramount God would be rated at a million. Some such gods who practiced cultivation in that level might push their godhood rating into the millions.

As for mid Paramount Gods, they would break past the level of ten million. What that meant was that Yang Qi’s current godhood rating was actually superior to normal mid Paramount Gods.

And his psychic scale was at an even more terrifying level.

Once he broke past a hundred million, he would be ready to hold his own against Patriarch Deva, and possibly even crush him.

Everyone was so shocked it took them a few minutes to gather their senses. Finally, Jadefall said, “Yang Qi, your godhood rating is fifty million? And your psychic scale is eighty million? Doesn’t that mean you could create a psychic tempest that would destroy the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty?”

Smiling coolly, Yang Qi replied, “Given my current cultivation base, yes, I could. I'm fairly certain the current patriarchs of the dynasty, and the emperor as well, have godhood ratings and psychic scales of around twenty million. At most, their strongest member might be at around thirty or fifty million. In other words, beneath me. I could single-handedly go there and crush them with my will alone.

“I purchased a fourth piece of Mahātmā Jade from the Deva Dynasty, and that made me strong enough to handle both the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty and the Nacrelight Sageland. I even fought with Patriarch Deva himself. I've definitely reached a higher level of enlightenment. In fact, my will convergence is basically in the mid Unbounded level.”

“So are we going to kill Eternal Millennium right now?” Jadefall said. “Take his martial-god soldier-kings?”

“There’s no rush,” Yang Qi said. “I've gained enlightenment of a way to make a new type of thrall. With all of the resources I've purchased, we should be able to make some more of these prototype morphling kings. Jadefall, bring out the War God Commander’s Tally.”


She produced the commander’s tally and summoned the numerous peak Perfect God thralls from within it.

Heaven and Earth Furnace!” Yang Qi said, then filled it with thralls and morphlings when it appeared, including the morphling king they had just created.

“And now for the resources!” he waved his hand, sending countless resources from the stockpiles into the furnace.

Settling down cross-legged in front of the furnace, he sent the golden light of the God Legion Seal streaming out.

At the same time, the power of the Cruiser of Civilization activated, connecting with the Heaven and Earth Furnace to create a new form of life. Lightning crackled as flesh and blood came into existence.

Meanwhile, Yang Qi was mumbling an enchantment in some unknown language, causing intense psychic fluctuations to roll out. Genetic combinations swirled as all sorts of bizarre images appeared.

The depths of hell, the halls of heaven, the god world, the immortal worlds, the Great Necropolis, ancient images, seas, jungles....

Destiny also appeared, flowing directly into the Heaven and Earth Furnace.

The process lasted nine days and nights.

Suddenly, the Heaven and Earth Furnace trembled as an immense figure appeared within the tempest of blood inside, of humanoid shape, with a perfect body.

He wore a cloak that depicted mountains and rivers, plants and flowers, suns and moons, stars and asteroids, fish and game, great daos, and the yin and the yang.

This was a figure of immense authority, a top expert in all creation.

[Scanning. Unknown creation. Thrall troop. Unique life force and genetics. Unable to assess. Godhood rating: five hundred thousand. Psychic scale: five hundred thousand.]

“Did that many war gods really get combined into one form?” Jadefall asked. “He's strong, but he doesn't seem to be on the same level as the thrall troops in the commander’s tally.”

“This is just the first state of my new creation,” Yang Qi replied. “He's not complete. Eventually, he’ll form a new body. Then he’ll split into multiple forms. Furthermore, I need the martial-god soldier-kings to be part of the mix.”

“What kind of thrall is this?” the Shepherd asked, clicking his tongue in admiration. “It's definitely strong. Impressive, Yang Qi, but if you think you’re going to surpass the ancient angels, you might as well give up now.”

“I need to keep working on it,” Yang Qi said. “As for what we’ll call this new kind of thrall, it will be something completely unique. They’re going to be similar to the ancient angels in the halls of heaven.”

“What are we going to call them?” Jadefall asked.

“Sage monarch magistrates!”

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