Chapter 1360: Subjugating Them All

When Unbounded experts fought other Unbounded experts, it usually resulted in mutual injury. And even if one party was inferior to the other, they would at least be able to escape alive. For all intents and purposes, it should be impossible for one Unbounded expert to simply kill another.

The most likely conclusion to a lopsided fight would be for one party to be captured. But even then, the captured party wouldn’t be kept suppressed for long. That was why Unbounded experts didn’t often fight each other. Of course, it was a different story when it came to teaming up.

In this case, there were seven patriarchs from the League of the Devil-Dao, all intent on cutting down Yang Immortal-Slayer. Sadly for them, they had fallen right into Yang Qi’s trap. After being devastated by the Grand Tribulation Cannon and having their vital energy harmed, they were easily captured. Of course, they all were still under the assumption they would be able to escape the situation.

But then Yang Qi’s will exerted control.

Previously, Yang Qi had killed five experts from the dao of devils, sacrificing all of them to open a powerful sealing mark. Ultimately, that had been something of a waste. Now he had seven experts, two of whom were Paramount Gods. And he was absolutely, positively not going to simply kill them. Instead, he would secretly subjugate them, turning them into slave puppets. With such people on call in the House of God Ordainment and the Sage Monarch Society, they would be no weaker than the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty.

He had previously been trying to think of a way to kidnap some experts like this. But now they had offered themselves up to him. Obviously, there was no reason not to just trap them like turtles in a jar.

“Who are you?” Sauvastika-Devil Heaven-Gentleman said, his expression one of abject astonishment. “You’re a mid Unbounded expert?”

“Good guess,” Yang Qi replied. The God Legion Seal appeared, sending out a shaft of light that encompassed all seven devil patriarchs, piercing into their seas of consciousness and souls. Three days and nights passed, after which there were seven new golden thrones in the God Legion Seal, indicating that the devils were now completely under Yang Qi’s control. He could even monitor their thoughts.

“You have freedom of thought,” Yang Qi told them. “In other words, you’re not puppets. Nor are you slaves: you’re free to continue growing stronger and stronger. But you’re now part of the legion of gods, subordinates of the Sovereign Lord. You should feel honored.”

Now they understood how mighty Yang Qi was. After all, he controlled the God Legion Seal. As of this moment, Laird Darkevoid, Daoist Nine-Deaths, Corpse King Miragespirit, Archdevil Zombielord, Young Sir Gold-Devil, and the Sauvastika-Devil Gentlemen had all been subjugated by Yang Qi and couldn’t ever betray him.

With a thought, he could kill them.

The warding spells vanished and the seven devil patriarchs rose to their feet, exchanging looks of helplessness.

“I would never have been able to guess that the God Legion Seal would appear again,” said Sauvastika-Devil Earth-Gentleman. “We have no choice but to admit defeat. What are we supposed to do now?”

“Nothing,” Yang Qi replied. “Just go back and grow your power and influence in the dao of devils. I want to have many subordinates like you, so do your best to recruit as many as you can. For now, stay away from the House of God Ordainment. If you joined, it would have too much of an effect on their destiny. And if the Nacrelight Sageland, Eternal-Life God-Dynasty, League of Wretch-Gods, and League of Academies all teamed up against us, it would be hard to survive.

“I’ll provide you with all the resources you need to advance your energy arts and get stronger. Incidentally, I'm aware that the top patriarch in your League of the Devil-Dao is a mid Unbounded expert. Where can I find him?”

“Our top patriarch is Devil-Patriarch Principium,” Young Sir Gold-Devil said. “He resides in the deepest depths of the earth, cultivating the Principium Devil Classic. No one else in the League of the Devil-Dao is even close to being a match for him. There are a few other Paramount Gods other than us, but that’s the sum of our forces.”

There were millions upon millions of experts who were part of the dao of devils in the god world, but the League of the Devil-Dao didn't represent all of them. They only represented a small fraction. No one could possibly guess how many total members of the dao of devils there were. In fact, perhaps the real Second Devil General was still out there somewhere.

“I need to subjugate this Devil-Patriarch Principium. For now, why don’t you seven go into the Cruiser of Civilization and work on your cultivation? I’ll transform your godhood and give you some of the true cultivation methods of the dao of devils. I’ll adjust the flow of time as well, to ensure that, by the time you emerge, you’ll truly be top experts from the dao of devils. You might consider yourselves important patriarchs now, but when it comes to your understanding of the true dao of devils, you’re like children.”

All Yang Qi needed was the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth, and he could crush all hell-born fiend-devils. But he also had the True-Devil Unspoiled-by-Myriad-Kalpas-and-Tribulations Body and the Mahātmā Jade. It was no exaggeration to say that, other than the True Devil, no one knew as much about devils as he did.

“Many thanks, Milord!”

A wise man submits to the circumstances, and these seven devil patriarchs realized that they had no hope of fighting back against Yang Qi.

Thus, they simply went into the Cruiser of Civilization and started working on their cultivation.

Yang Qi could provide them with plenty of resources, and since they were already in the Unbounded level, with the right medicinal pills and ingredients, the five lesser of the devil patriarchs could all become Paramount Gods soon.

Unbounded experts were considered top potentates, but those who weren’t Paramount Gods were obviously inferior to those who were. The crown prince would never have any hope of being the emperor if he didn't become a Paramount God.

Yang Qi’s intention was to, in one fell swoop, ensure that the five devil patriarchs, Yang Immortal-Slayer, and Jadefall all become Paramount Gods.

Counting Yang Qi, the House of God Ordainment now had nine Paramount Gods, which was more than enough to surpass the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty and the Nacrelight Sageland.

The Eternal-Life God-Dynasty only had a single mid Unbounded expert, whose fighting prowess was similar to Yang Qi’s. That meant that, overall, the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty would be weaker than the House of God Ordainment on the battlefield. And with all the training they had received, and the continuing help from Yang Qi, the disciples of the House of God Ordainment were beasts in battle.

Not to mention the fact that they could use thrall troops. By now, Yang Qi could use the Cruiser of Civilization to make morphlings in the Perfect God level. With them, he could overwhelm the forces of the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty in a fight.

With seven new devil patriarchs, the destiny of the House of God Ordainment should have grown dramatically. However, Yang Qi used special methods to ensure that it remained the same for now.

If anyone attacked the House of God Ordainment’s god kingdom now, they would be very surprised to see who was defending it.

Meanwhile, in the Deva Dynasty, on a sprawling continent that housed a huge temple, Yang Qi sat cross-legged, circulating his energy with a smile on his face. “Now that I’ve subjugated those devil experts, I can relax a bit. They can spend three thousand years inside the Cruiser of Civilization and only three months will pass on the outside. With the resources I've given them, they’ll become Paramount Gods, which will make everything a lot easier going forward.”

Having absorbed four pieces of the Mahātmā Jade, his psychic power had reached a higher level than ever. With almost no effort, he could make his monarch godhood vanish, then draw on his Annulled Grand Magic.

His fight with Patriarch Deva had led him to a much higher level of enlightenment. His godhood was in the early Paramount God level, and his will convergence was in the mid Unbounded level.

At this point, medicinal pills were useless trash to him, even those forged by Unbounded Experts. He had to continually temper his own quintessence to reach higher levels. Only things concocted by the Sovereign Lord, the High Priestess, or the Lord of Civilization could possibly benefit his godhood.

A mere single breath on his part was enough to inhale the same amount of power that ordinary Paramount Gods would get in hundreds of years of cultivation.

All of a sudden, he heard footsteps outside, and a moment later, a young woman appeared who was an Unbounded expert. She had an oval face and charming eyes, with luxuriant black hair piled high atop her head.

She was Princess Charming of the Deva Dynasty, a very important person there, and also the leader of one of its top secret societies, the one that was tasked with infiltrating other sects.

All of her subordinates were bewitchingly charming young women who excelled at seducing men. They could even sway the hearts of buddhas! Patriarch Deva had sent her to serve Yang Qi in his guise as the Second Devil General, with the true goal of extracting information from him.

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