Chapter 1359: Attack from the Dao of Devils

“Have you seen the destiny of the House of God Ordainment? It’s burning like wildfire! And that Yang Immortal-Slayer reached the Unbounded level. Normally speaking, I’d stay out of their business, but they’ve been meddling in ours. At this point, we have no choice but to wipe them out.”

Laird Darkevoid was a sinister-looking middle-aged man. He was also in the Unbounded level, but had yet to become a Paramount God. His organization had recently been attacked by the House of God Ordainment and his disciples hadn’t been able to put up even a passable defense.

“That's right!” growled Daoist Nine-Deaths. “The House of God Ordainment has been too aggressive lately. Our disciples are too weak to fight them, which means we have to take action ourselves. Their people all have special godhoods, and are exceedingly capable fighters. They also have a huge army of thrall troops. I even had an apprentice who was a peak Perfect God, but was captured by them and turned into a thrall. It was infuriating!”

“So, what do we do now?” said Corpse King Miragespirit. “Join forces and strike to kill? We need to take out their strongest figure, Yang Immortal-Slayer. With him gone, the rest will be easy to handle.”

He exchanged a glance with Archdevil Zombielord, who said, “It won’t be a surefire win with only us. I think we need help from the two ultimate patriarchs of our League of the Devil-Dao, the brothers known as the Sauvastika-Devil Gentlemen. After all, they’re Paramount Gods! With all of us working together, we would cut down Yang Immortal-Slayer before he can fight back. I wonder if he’s called Yang Immortal-Slayer because he has something to do with King Immortal-Slayer.”

As these masters from the dao of devils discussed matters, two newcomers arrived.

They were both Paramount Gods, and they resembled each other perfectly. They were twins, and both of them had bright red hair and long beards. And their armor looked as though fresh blood flowed down it.

These were the brothers, the Sauvastika-Devil Gentlemen.

One was named Sauvastika-Devil Heaven-Gentleman, the other was Sauvastika-Devil Earth-Gentleman

They were well known for their ferocious nature, and there were few people who could stand up to them. After all, they would fight together, complementing each other by using devil energy as yin and yang to make themselves far more powerful than ordinary Paramount Gods. One could only imagine what it would be like for twin brothers to jointly become Paramount Gods.

“Greetings, Patriarchs!” chorused Young Sir Gold-Devil, Laird Darkevoid, Daoist Nine-Deaths, Corpse King Miragespirit, and Archdevil Zombielord, all of them offering respectful salutes.

“Enough with the formalities,” Sauvastika-Devil Heaven-Gentleman said. “We're aware of the situation with the House of God Ordainment. Although our League of the Devil-Dao is generally as disunited as a dish of loose sand, we can always stand together when the circumstances require it. These people have been gobbling up our territory and killing our disciples. We can’t tolerate them any further. We’ll join this fight, help you kill Yang Immortal-Slayer, and destroy the House of God Ordainment!”

“Excellent!” said Young Sir Gold-Devil. “We’ll work together to destroy the House of God Ordainment. But, Patriarchs, do we directly assault their god kingdom, or do we set up some sort of ambush?”

Sauvastika-Devil Heaven-Gentleman chuckled darkly. “Of course we set up an ambush! We start with guerrilla tactics, destroying some of their outlying cities. There’s no way Yang Immortal-Slayer will tolerate that, and once he's out in the open, we surprise him and kill him!”

“Where do we start?”

“Simple. The Sage Monarch Consortium’s headquarters in the Heaven-Wretch Continent. It’s been growing rapidly, and is definitely full of all sorts of goods and resources. Nobody knows where they get all the goods that they auction off, but it’s the perfect place to launch an attack, kill some disciples, and steal some treasure.”

“Great! Destroying some of their smaller cities won’t do anything. But taking out their consortium in the Heaven-Wretch Continent will definitely be a big loss for them.”

“Let’s go!”

Whoosh. Whoosh. Whoosh...!

With that, the five Unbounded experts and the two Paramount God twin brothers vanished into thin air. Shortly after, they appeared in the air hundreds of kilometers above the Heaven-Wretch Continent.

It was such an incredible height that ordinary people could never go there, filled as it was with tempests of natural laws and primal-chaos. Even Consummate Gods would die there; only Unbounded experts could possibly survive.

It was said that treasure troves existed there, which was why some Unbounded experts and Paramount Gods would explore the area, looking for remnants of the ancient halls of heavens.

“Look, that's the Sage Monarch Consortium down there.”

The area being pointed to was a collection of mighty buildings that was much more impressive than the consortium’s original base. There were countless spell formations everywhere, manned by servants and powered by holy caliber godstones.

It currently spread out over about a third of the entire Heaven-Wretch Continent, which was shocking even to these masters from the dao of devils. And some of the slaves down below were Consummate Gods, the spell formations they powered such that it would prevent anyone from invading very easily.

Not even the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty or Nacrelight Sageland had Consummate Gods as slaves to man their defensive spell formations.

“Look at that!” Laird Darkevoid said. “They have Cyberfolk experts!” He pointed down, and sure enough, there were some Perfect God slaves manning the forges whose bodies were half metal and half flesh. Obviously, they had immense fighting prowess, and none of the devil patriarchs had any idea where they might have come from.

“Incredible,” said Sauvastika-Devil Earth-Gentleman.”Our continent has never seen a single Cyberfolk slave. It seems the House of God Ordainment has opened a new channel of commerce. Everyone, prepare to attack. We’ll strike right into their treasure storehouse, then kill as many of their people as we feel like. None of them will be able to stop us!”


All of them began pooling their strength in preparation to attack.

However, even as they were simply clenching their hands into fists, one of the spell formations in the consortium below activated, and an enormous, pure-white cannon appeared!


Tribulation erupted. Pure, deadly tribulation.

It ripped forth, screaming up into the air in the most devastating of attacks. Yang Qi had previously used the Grand Tribulation Cannon to kill a Paramount God and four Unbounded experts. Now, his cultivation base was far beyond that level. As a result, the seven experts above his consortium were instantly shredded to bits and engulfed in burning sagefire, provoking miserable screams.

“What happened? What power is this? This is tribulation! Grand tribulation of heaven and earth!” The Paramount God twins watched in crazed horror as their vital energy drained away and their godhood shattered.

“We've been waiting for you,” someone said. A huge spacecraft appeared, pulsing with power that reached out, grabbed the masters from the dao of devils, and sucked them inside. Then the spacecraft vanished.

No observer had any idea what had just happened.

Just like that, seven experts from the dao of devils, including five Unbounded experts and two Paramount Gods, were taken captive by the House of God Ordainment.

“That went smoothly,” said Yang Immortal-Slayer. “Yang Qi really knows how to plot and scheme. He said these people would attack us like this, which is why he sent us the Grand Tribulation Cannon. One shot was enough to shred their defenses and seriously injure them. Afterward, capturing them was simple. If Yang Qi had been here, he definitely could’ve killed them. But why kill them when we can enslave them?”

Yang Immortal-Slayer and Jadefall were in the Cruiser of Civilization, where the Engine of the One God burned brightly as the two of them fed perfect caliber godstones into it. With that fuel, the imperial-heaven pre-beginning systems were activated, making it almost as if the Lord of Civilization himself had reached out to capture the seven devils and throw them onto an altar in the middle of the spacecraft.

“Yes, it went very well,” Jadefall said. “Although, it's going to be hard to control those seven. And it's a big drain of perfect caliber godstones to keep them immobilized. We need to completely subjugate them as quickly as possible. Yang Qi, you should know about all of this happening even so far away in the Deva Dynasty. Hurry and subjugate them!”

The seven experts lay splayed out on the altar like toads, no idea what was happening, their faces full of shock.

However, they actually weren’t afraid. Even if they had been captured by the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty, and were being kept suppressed in a huge formation, they knew that such formations would quickly drain supplies of perfect caliber godstones. So as long as they struggled hard enough, they were convinced they would eventually get free. Little did they know that the House of God Ordainment would never need to worry about running out of perfect caliber godstones.

“Who are you people?” Sauvastika-Devil Heaven-Gentleman said angrily. “Jadefall? Yang Immortal-Slayer? How did you get so strong?”

Smiling, Jadefall said, “I’d like to welcome you to the Cruiser of Civilization. I have some news for the seven of you. You’re going to become puppets of the House of God Ordainment. More precisely, you’re going to be puppets of the Sage Monarch Society. So please prepare your minds to start working for us!”

“You’re dreaming!” shouted Young Sir Gold-Devil. “You might have some warding magics to imprison us temporarily. But you’ll run out of godstones eventually. And then how will you control us? You lunatics! You can’t just control Unbounded experts! Even if you’re in the same level as us, that just means we’re equal enough that you can’t kill us!”

“You people really are ignorant and ill-informed,” a new voice said.

It was none other than Yang Qi.

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