Chapter 1358: Destiny like a Furnace

In the House of God Ordainment, in the depths of the Cruiser of Civilization, an enormous teleportation portal had been activated.

Jadefall was there, working hard on her cultivation. Although Yang Qi had imparted the power of fifteen Deva Baptisms to her, she still hadn’t been able to reach the Unbounded level. Although she was on the cusp of the breakthrough, she still lacked what she needed to reach the next higher level of enlightenment.

However, as she was working so hard on her cultivation, a huge influx of destiny emerged from the portal, like a burning furnace, a hundred times as powerful as the destiny of the House of God Ordainment. It swirled around the Cruiser of Civilization and entered Jadefall.

Of course, it was what Yang Qi had taken from the Deva Dynasty.

In his guise as the Second Devil General, he had fooled Patriarch Deva and become a vassal chief elder, thus gaining access to a portion of the dynasty’s destiny. He had also purchased a host of new supplies, which he sent through the portal alongside the destiny. Among his purchases were hosts of slaves, servants, killers, and puppets, all of them elites among their various people.

Included were Cyberfolk and Mechfolk, both of whom were adept with creating machinery. And there were slaves with the blood of war gods, who were skilled at fighting, as well as thrall troops who were Perfect Gods. It was an army like a horde of locusts.

Only the Deva Dynasty could procure things like this. And it was thanks to the huge amount of perfect caliber godstones Yang Qi had given them, which allowed them to go to other places such as consortiums run by the Sumeru Temple.


This was destiny that could transform heaven itself, and it was pouring into Jadefall, causing her eyes to snap open as she broke through the final barrier and rose into the unbelievable Unbounded level.

The House of God Ordainment finally had three Unbounded experts.

Yang Qi was currently an early Paramount God with mid Unbounded will convergence. His next task was to build up enough power and resources to rise to the mid Paramount God level.

As soon as she broke through to the Unbounded level, Jadefall came to realize everything that had been occurring with Yang Qi. “You got that piece of the Mahātmā Jade, didn’t you, Yang Qi! You fooled Patriarch Deva perfectly. With the Deva Dynasty as a temporary headquarters, it’ll only take ten years before the Sage Monarch Society will surpass the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty. Now, we just continue with the plan, and make sure as much destiny as possible gets into the crown prince’s martial-god soldier-kings.”

“Congratulations. Congratulations!”

Meanwhile, the core members of the Sage Monarch Society hurried over to offer congratulations. Yang Immortal-Slayer, Yang Zhan, Brahma, the Shepherd, Proud World, and all of the others were delighted that Jadefall was now an Unbounded expert. Instead of needing to be extremely careful in everything they did, they knew they could now operate with much more freedom.

With Yang Qi working behind the scenes, they were confident that the rest of them would eventually reach the Unbounded level as well.

“All of us must work hard to carry out Yang Qi’s plans,” Jadefall said. “He has access to the destiny of the Deva Dynasty, which he’ll use to fool the crown prince, and secretly further his aims. For now, don't tell anyone that I reached the Unbounded level. Keep it a secret, lest it provoke the crown prince. We mustn’t allow him to directly oppose the House of God Ordainment.”

“The crown prince is an obstacle that we’ll kick out of our way eventually,” the Shepherd said through gritted teeth. “Look at all these god pills we have. Let’s split them up and start working on our cultivation. I want to be the next one to break into the Unbounded level.”

“Split things up fairly, everyone,” Jadefall said. “It's going to take time to go through all these resources. And not all of them can be converted directly into fighting prowess. Make sure plenty of resources go into recruiting new disciples and expanding our territory.”

“I'm afraid that's not quite appropriate,” Yang Immortal-Slayer said with a frown. “The House of God Ordainment is reaching its limits. If we expand too much, it’ll destabilize the larger balance and attract the attention of Paramount Gods. Right now, the League of Academies, League of Wretch-Gods, and League of the Devil-Dao all have Unbounded experts. And the Paramount Gods from the dao of devils are watching us. If we just start expanding randomly, they might make a move on us. And if a life-or-death struggle results, the crown prince will just swoop in and take advantage of the situation.

“Stop worrying,” Jadefall said. “Yang Qi already gave orders to expand. If problems arise, he’ll take action. He's already in the mid Unbounded level, and his cultivation base is ten times what it was before. Before, he needed seven days to teleport things here, but now it only takes two hours. Furthermore, he can easily keep tabs on what’s happening here. When the time comes, he’ll help us deal with any Paramount Gods that become a problem. Besides, I'm also an Unbounded expert now. If you and I work together, and Yang Qi sends his will to help, we can easily kill early Paramount Gods. And how could we truly establish our might without taking the heads of some Paramount Gods?”

Many plans were coming to fruition....


Meanwhile, in the Harvestland, the crown prince was sitting cross-legged in the middle of a session of cultivation.

All of a sudden, he shivered and looked over in the direction of the House of God Ordainment, an expression of disbelief on his face. The destiny from there was like a burning ocean now, vastly beyond anything from before.

It was like a furnace filled with millions of little suns, banging back and forth as if to free themselves.

‘So strong!’ the crown prince thought. The destiny of the House of God Ordainment was like a furnace. Going forward, every disciple in the sect would experience immense fortune when out on missions, and the cities of the sect would be even more protected from the destructive elements of the god world.

‘What is Yang Qi doing to improve their destiny so much?’ Even as he pondered this question, something like a red stream of fire shot out from the ‘furnace’, heading straight toward the Harvestland and the martial-god soldier-kings.

‘This surpasses the destiny of the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty. Excellent! I almost can't believe this is happening. It seems turning that Yang Qi into a pawn was really the right choice. But why is this happening?’ The crown prince couldn’t come up with any viable theories. In the end, he shook his head. ‘It doesn’t matter. The main obstacle to deal with now is that purrling. Maybe I should just sacrifice my martial-god soldier-kings to take it out.’

As the House of God Ordainment expanded, the crown prince simply waited in anticipation.

Considering the circumstances, many other organizations were furious because of the protection he was offering them.


Far away in the deep, wild mountains, in a location filled with temples and altars, it was possible to see disciples of the dao of devils flying everywhere. Many had demonlings in their hands, which they would slaughter on the altars to receive blessings of power from the Supreme True-Devil.

The aura of blood, carnage, and sacrifice filled the area. Obviously, this was territory controlled by the League of the Devil-Dao.

The fastest cultivation progress that disciples from the dao of devils could achieve didn't come from killing victims and draining their blood, but from sacrificing them directly to the True Devil to gain devil vitality.


In one huge temple, a host of patriarchs from the dao of devils had gathered. Some were peak Perfect Gods, yet they were respectfully waiting for someone more powerful than them to arrive.

Devil energy filled the area as a young sir arrived, clad in golden garments, a fan in his hand. He was an Unbounded expert, although he wasn’t a Paramount God.

He was Young Sir Gold-Devil, who was considered a top genius in the League of the Devil-Dao. He had once captured a Paramount God from a buddhist school and sacrificed him to the True Devil. That had given him a blessing of immense power, which enabled him to rise all the way to the Unbounded level.

In the past, the True Devil had built an immense god kingdom in the void that surpassed even the High Priestess’. As a result, when disciples of the dao of devils offered sacrifices, the blessings they received were incredible. Unfortunately, most disciples came away emptyhanded.

It was really a gamble to offer sacrifices in this way. And one was gambling not money, but power.

The True Devil had set it up that way. In some ways, it wasn’t an arrangement of sacrifice, but of harvesting.

That was why Yang Qi hadn’t set up a system of sacrifice in the House of God Ordainment; he didn't want to take advantage of the disciples.

He could have set up altars to himself, then taken most of the sacrificed power, while doling out only a few rewards. But that would only make the disciples hate him.

Along with Young Sir Gold-Devil came several other devil kings who had Unbounded will convergence. Upon seeing them, Young Sir Gold-Devil laughed and said, “Laird Darkevoid! Daoist Nine-Deaths! Corpse King Miragespirit! Archdevil Zombielord! You're all here! It's been a long time since we called a full meeting of the League of the Devil-Dao. Presumably this meeting was called to talk about dealing with the House of God Ordainment.”

“That’s right,” said an expressionless man who looked like a zombie, who was none other than Corpse King Miragespirit. “As of late, our League of the Devil-Dao has been having trouble dealing with the wild actions of the House of God Ordainment. They're expanding too rapidly. They even attacked one of our continents recently, freeing all the people we’d intended to turn into thralls or sacrifice. The time has come to destroy the House of God Ordainment!”

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