Chapter 1351: Putting Things Aside Secretly

Thanks to Yang Qi constantly funneling goods to the House of God Ordainment, its destiny was climbing at a breakneck pace. Hordes of morphlings were being created, each of them like numerous ordinary thrall troops put together. Together, they made an army that could crush virtually any invading opponent. Whenever the House of God Ordainment actually clashed with forces from the dao of devils, they absolutely devastated them.

They destroyed devil dao sects one after another. Occasionally, Yang Immortal-Slayer joined in when Unbounded experts were in the opposing force. And with the secret reserve power of the sect, Yang Immortal-Slayer always had the upper hand.

Because Yang Immortal-Slayer had monarch godhood, he could normally defeat three or four Unbounded experts at the same time. But with the Cruiser of Civilization and the secret reserve power, he could hold his own against even greater numbers.

In the various battles, he never managed to kill any of the truly elite experts from the dao of devils, but he did manage to grow the prestige of the House of God Ordainment.

Everyone knew the House of God Ordainment had an Unbounded expert now, someone who could tangle with Paramount Gods. And that helped when it came to the increase in destiny.

There were even other sects roughly on the same level as them who seemed interested in joining them as allies.

In this region of hundreds of thousands of continents, the major powers were the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty, Nacrelight Sageland, League of the Devil-Dao, League of Wretch-Gods, and the League of Academies. As for groups like the House of God Ordainment, there were thousands of them, encompassing righteous sects, devilish sects, and wretched sects. There were groups of all sorts.

Other than the five major sects, there were some first-tier groups who had multiple Perfect Gods as chief elders, or perhaps secret reserve powers that gave them similar levels of strength.

But none had Unbounded experts.

Therefore, the fact that the House of God Ordainment had gained such an expert really disrupted the balance of power.

What was more, that Unbounded expert was the same as several early Paramount Gods working together. It really changed everything.

The top entities in the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty and Nacrelight Sageland were both eying the House of God Ordainment now.

There were even chief elders from the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty who were interested in directly meddling with the House of God Ordainment, except they were stopped by Eternal Millennium. He wanted the House of God Ordainment to keep growing, so his martial-god soldier-kings could benefit from its destiny. Any interference in that effort would be detrimental to him, so he obviously wouldn’t allow it.

And although no one could tell whether it was intentional or otherwise, Jadefall was giving more power to Yang Qi’s clone, which made it even easier for Eternal Millennium to benefit from the destiny of the sect.

All in all, it was currently a given that Eternal Millennium wasn't going to let anyone bother the House of God Ordainment.

Thus, days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into an entire month.

In his role as Patriarch Bloodcloak, Yang Qi continued doing business with the Deva Dynasty and sending resources back home. He also worked on his cultivation. Every time Ser Temple saw ‘Patriarch Bloodcloak’, he could sense that his energy arts had improved.

He was secretly marveling at this.

“Ser Temple, I'm here to pay for another Deva Baptism!”

Six months later, Yang Qi had funneled so many resources back to the House of God Ordainment that all of his friends and family had achieved major progress. The time had come for another baptism.

It was a much simpler affair this time. Yang Qi handed over a hundred perfect caliber godstones and received the baptism.

This time, Patriarch Deva didn’t personally do anything, nor did Yang Qi even see him. It was only the nine apprentices that handled the matter.

Yang Qi took the power of the baptism, and just the same as last time, gave it all to Jadefall.

Jadefall’s cultivation base was rising constantly, but unfortunately, she still couldn’t break into the Unbounded level. She needed more enlightenment.

But Yang Qi didn't stop. In fact, after another month passed, he went in for another baptism.

Proud Void from the Proud Clan had been baptized ten times, whereupon he reached the Unbounded level. As far as Yang Qi was concerned, twenty or thirty baptisms wouldn’t be a big deal.

Slowly but surely, two years passed.

During that time, Yang Qi bought fifteen baptisms. He would also purchase more items, all of which he sent back to the House of God Ordainment, whose stockpiles were reaching mountainous levels.

Jadefall had benefited from the power of fifteen baptisms, and had also furthered her enlightenment. Considering how busy she was, Yang Immortal-Slayer took care of day-to-day affairs, along with the clone Yang Qi had left behind.

Fifteen baptisms was an incredible number. It was essentially the same as fifteen of the ceremonies Summer Soundfyre had carried out. Yang Qi was throwing caution to the wind in his effort to get Jadefall into the Unbounded level.

With all of the resources they had to spare, Yang Qi’s friends and family were all rising to the level of peak Perfect Gods.

Meanwhile, Bai Yin, Elder Sister Xue, Zhang Jufang, and others like them were all peak Consummate Gods. After all, they could go into the Cruiser of Civilization for a thousand years of cultivation, then come out with their life force and genes completely transformed, and their godhood made anew. Even a fool who benefited in that way would make advancement.

Because these people were rising through the ranks with Yang Qi’s help, even if they faced hundreds of opponents on the same level, those people would all be slaughtered.

They couldn’t deal with Unbounded experts, but beneath that level, they were virtually invincible. And if they did encounter someone in the early Unbounded level, they could unleash their hordes of thrall troops to at least come out of the conflict alive.

In the two years Yang Qi had been in the Deva Dynasty, the House of God Ordainment’s power and destiny had become a hundred times greater than before. In the eyes of Eternal Millennium, the sect was like an endless sea of fire. In fact, it was reaching the point where he wondered if he would be able to keep control of it.

Even if the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty were to mobilize, they would probably suffer eighty percent casualties if they invaded it.

Meanwhile, Jadefall was in a session of cultivation, dazzling light streaming down around her. At a certain point, she finally saw the shackles within her heart and soul, which meant she was now able to grasp at the Unbounded level. She felt like a chained dragon, and if she could only break through the fetters that bound her, she would be able to fly to the highest heavens.

‘Great,’ she thought. ‘I’m finally at a key cultivation juncture. Another half a step and I’ll break through the fetters to become Unbounded!’

Just because someone was a Perfect God with Paramount will convergence didn’t mean they could break through to the Unbounded level. That breakthrough required a huge stockpile of power, as well as the right circumstances. Yang Immortal-Slayer had benefited from Summer Soundfyre’s sacrifice and a Wisdom and Knowledge God Pill, yet had still failed to break through. He had needed assistance from King Immortal-Slayer in the critical moment to do so.

But Jadefall, with the benefit of fifteen Deva Baptisms, was just on the cusp of succeeding.

It was a rare position to be in. After all, of all the countless Perfect Gods in the god world, only one in a trillion would be able to cultivate to this point.

Yang Qi had sensed what was happening with Jadefall.

‘She’s finally ready,’ he thought, rising to his feet. ‘Just a bit more, and she’ll break through. She only needs the right circumstances and the resources. Soon, I can move on to the next phase of my plan. It's time to see if I can really just purchase that piece of the Mahātmā Jade.”


Bloodcloak Island trembled as a boundless will rumbled forth, like endless waves of blood. It was filled with domineering majesty, a clear announcement to everyone in the world that ‘Patriarch Bloodcloak’ had reached the Unbounded level.

Of course, Yang Qi was really just revealing some of the true nature of his cultivation base.

After achieving his ‘breakthrough’, he flew back to the Deva Dynasty, and was soon back in the presence of Ser Temple.

The sight of the new ‘Patriarch Bloodcloak’ was quite a shock. “Patriarch Bloodcloak, you’ve broken through! You’ve reached the Unbounded level!?”

“It's all thanks to your Deva Consortium,” Yang Qi replied. “With those fifteen baptisms, I got enough power to assimilate the devil seed of the Second Devil General. The seed sprouted, and it helped me to break through all fetters to reach the Unbounded level!”

“You’ve really made some amazing progress, Patriarch!” Ser Temple had no choice but to grovel obsequiously before the newly elevated ‘Patriarch Bloodcloak’. However, his eyes still glittered with defiance, envy, and hatred.

“I’m here to buy some more goods,” Yang Qi said. “As well as that piece of the Mahātmā Jade. After reaching the Unbounded level, I fully opened the treasure trove of the Second Devil General. I now have access to incredible wealth, including all the perfect caliber godstones I need to buy that jade. Soon, I’ll go far away from the Deva Dynasty and establish my own kingdom. I’ll create an organization so amazing it’ll last for generations to come! And that's why I need so many resources. Here’s the list of what I want!”

He waved his hand and sent out a blood-colored book.

Ser Temple took the book and looked through it to find that there were ten times as many resources as Yang Qi had purchased up to this point. His expression one of delight, he said, “This is going to cost at least ten thousand of the same godstones as before. I don’t have the authority to seal a deal like this. I need to report this to my superiors. Please wait here. I have to ask, considering you've already spent four or five thousand godstones, who could you possibly be buying all these resources for? It couldn’t be for you alone.”

“That’s my business,” Yang Qi said with an enigmatic smile. “Please keep the questions to a minimum, Ser Temple.”

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