Chapter 1344: Ocean Travel (Part 2)

When the junior houselord learned that Jadefall had control of the secret reserve power, he fell into complete despair. During the entire time he’d been trapped with the houselord and chief elders, he had held onto the hope that they could use the reserve power to turn things around.

But now Yang Immortal-Slayer of the Sage Monarch Society had reached the Unbounded level, and there was no reserve power to call on. The Sage Monarch Society was on the rise, and those trapped in Mount God Ordainment were simply waiting to be executed.

They had no options at hand.

“I have some further advice for you,” said the weary houselord. “Do not under any circumstances cross the Sage Monarch Society. There’s no way you can compete with the power that backs them. It’s even possible they might take down the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty one day. So hurry over to Jadefall and offer her your allegiance. Dissolve the Mystery Society, and give her the roster of former members. That's your only hope of coming out of this alive. I can’t protect you. However ruthless you think you are, they’re unimaginably worse. And remember, with them in control, the sect could very well grow in dramatic fashion.

“Truth be told, the House of God Ordainment has grown a lot in recent years, thanks to them. The treasures stored up are far more plentiful than they ever were before. The Sage Monarch Consortium in the Heaven-Wretch Continent has suppressed countless cultivators from the dao of devils, and swallowed up multiple competing consortiums. Even some of the confucian academies give them respect. And the Demonfolk from the wild parts of the continent will work with them. Their daily profits are incredible. On top of that, their disciples are constantly becoming stronger and breaking through, which has led to the god kingdom expanding and the cities growing larger.

“Remember, for years we’ve been warring with the other powerful sects from the dao of devils, groups similar in strength to us, such as the Hell-Breaking Church, Ghostface Assembly, Wretch-Dao Gang, House of Blood and Gore, and the like. Although none of them have Paramount Gods, they’re still very strong, and have impressive destiny. We’ve been struggling with groups like that for millions of years, but nowadays they’ve been falling left and right, and providing us with plenty of new slaves.”

Most of the chief elders were relieved to hear the houselord talking in this way, as they had all been thinking of joining the Sage Monarch Society anyway. They had only feared what might happen if the houselord finally managed to turn things around. But now they could see that there was only one way to get out of this situation alive.

“Go. All of you. Surrender to the Sage Monarch Society!”

Although the destiny of the sect was being shaken dramatically, it was still growing with blazing speed.


Meanwhile, in the Harvestland, Eternal Millennium was in a session of secluded meditation with Nie Yinyang, God-King Ruthless, and a handful of other trusted advisers. Suddenly, he opened his eyes, looked down at his map of the House of God Ordainment, and immediately noticed its destiny, which was expanding as if it were a fire that was doused with oil.

“What is it, Crown Prince?” one of his advisers asked. “Why is the House of God Ordainment’s destiny increasing so dramatically? It's definitely different from before.”

“Yang Immortal-Slayer returned, and with the help of the Lord of the True Void, he’s reached the Unbounded level.” Eternal Millennium rose to his feet and started pacing back and forth. “The houselord is powerless, and even gave the secret reserve power to Jadefall. The sect is being united, and given that the houselord is capitulating, our Eternal-Life God-Dynasty has no excuse to interfere. Because of that, the previous instabilities and holes in their destiny are gone. The House of God Ordainment has become ironclad!”

“What? If Yang Immortal-Slayer is an Unbounded expert, and they also have the secret reserve power, it means they can definitely unleash the might of a Paramount God. No wonder their destiny is so much more impressive. But what do we do now, Crown Prince? We have a pawn in Yang Qi, but is he going to be useful?”

“Yang Qi will definitely prove useful. Remember, we have plenty of time to work with. There’s no need to get antsy. The House of God Ordainment has better destiny than before, but it's still not good enough for me. Let Jadefall keep expanding and absorbing other sects. Let her create a fantastic dynasty for me to snatch up when the time is right. You see, I have big plans for Yang Qi. Once the martial-god soldier-kings are finished, I’ll impart their immense energy into him, then use him to ambush Jadefall and force her to submit to me! I’ll also use him against Yang Immortal-Slayer!”

He threw his head back and laughed.

All of a sudden, the Harvestland trembled as a massive column of destiny shot into it, piercing its depths and causing the fetal martial-god soldier-kings to grow larger.

“It’s working!” Eternal Millennium exclaimed. “Jadefall is giving Yang Qi greater authority in the Sage Monarch Society, and he’s using that authority to deliver more destiny here. Excellent. Excellent! That will increase the growth speed of the martial-god soldier-kings by a good ten percent. But I need more. Too many people in the imperial court are watching me, making it impossible to get more nation-fate. For now, I need to rely on the House of God Ordainment. All of you, listen. Draw on every resource available to widen the path to the House of God Ordainment. Make sure the destiny from there can flow freely! Got it?”

Several of Eternal Millennium’s trusted confidants smiled.

“Yes sir! The House of God Ordainment is already your property, oh great Crown Prince. We’ll naturally make way for their destiny.”

“With destiny constantly flowing into my Harvestland, my power will grow on a daily basis. My day of ultimate control only continues growing closer!”

Meanwhile, back in the House of God Ordainment, Jadefall watched as one particular stream of energy flowed in a seemingly random direction. Looking at Yang Immortal-Slayer, she said, “Yang Qi’s plan is already working. After giving control to the clone he left behind, he's sending destiny to Eternal Millennium's martial-god soldier-kings. That sweet taste of what is to come will only get him to trust Yang Qi’s clone even more, and help him to grow the House of God Ordainment. Although we're losing a bit of destiny in the process, the long-term gains will be well worth it! And little does Eternal Millennium know that the day he completes his martial-god soldier-kings will also be the day he dies. Yang Qi has already prepared for that moment, and will easily take control of the martial-god soldier-kings. The Crown Prince from the impure lands is his greatest trump card!”

Yang Qi had planned everything out, and everything was going according to plan.


Yang Qi was flying over the open water, moving trillions of miles with every moment that passed. With his Unbounded will convergence, and his endless supply of godpower, he could easily rip through the void and make dramatic progress.

He was far from the location of the House of God Ordainment, Eternal-Life God-Dynasty, Nacrelight Sageland, League of Wretch-Gods, and League of the Devil-Dao. In fact, he wasn’t familiar at all with his surroundings.

Opening his Lord's Eye, he looked around and saw a complicated seascape, filled with continents, islands, sects, and groups, including those from the dao of devils and dao of demons. There were even buddhist nations. In addition, there were all sorts of unique races here, including Spritefolk, Aeriefolk, Savagefolk, and Cyberfolk.

The Cyberfolk traced their heritage back to the robots humans had created in the ancient god world’s mechanical civilization. The Cyberfolk were made primarily from metal, and were extremely intelligent. They had started out as little more than puppets, but as time progressed, they developed their own type of life force and genes, then eventually learned to procreate. That was when they became the Cyberfolk. They were different from humans in that they were extremely strong; even their children were astoundingly powerful. Unfortunately, the actual bearing of children was difficult for them. That in turn made it difficult for them to be a domineering force in the god world.

There were all sorts of alliances and groups. It really went to show how amazing the god world was, and the incredible level of diversity there was there. And it reinforced the fact that the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty and Nacrelight Sageland only occupied a tiny corner of the god world as a whole.

It took him an entire month of flying before he found what he sought: a group of landmasses roughly as large and powerful as the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty.

That was very telling, considering he could fly as quickly in a month as most Paramount Gods could in a year. He could fly nonstop without his godpower running out, whereas most Paramount Gods would need to take time to rest and build up their reserves.

Yang Qi might as well have been a perpetual motion machine.

If Paramount Gods could only travel this distance in a year, it went without saying that most ordinary people could never come to locations like this without teleportation portals.

Yang Qi flew along, taking in the scenery and learning a lot just from the process of traveling. His energy arts and godhood were constantly at work, replenishing him.

Because of that, his path toward the realm of Nevasaññānāsaññāyatana advanced.

Of course, that was also the realm of Nothing. Beyond the Unbounded level was the Annulled level, which no one in the god world had ever succeeded in reaching. But Yang Qi was confident that he could do what had never been done.

He flew for several more days, until he felt like his godhood was about to vanish. It was as if he could become removed from the world, leaving behind only his thoughts. He was definitely closing in on the Paramount God level.

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