Chapter 1342: Plotting against Eternal Millennium

Preheaven vital energy of the martial path was perfect for use with a consummate technique of a Paramount God from the dao of devils, such as the Shadow-Devil Heart-Devil Sauvastika-Devil Divine Ability. With that technique, one’s own soul would become like a shadow on the target, making it possible to spy on their every move, and even exert control over them.

In other words, it would make Yang Qi like a reflection of Eternal Millennium.

Whatever Eternal Millennium wanted Yang Qi to do, he would do. Eventually, it would transform Yang Qi down to his soul, flesh, and blood, and would allow the crown prince to absorb his destiny. Eternal Millennium was downright vicious and merciless. Despite the fact that Yang Qi had agreed to do everything he asked, the crown prince still wasn’t letting him off the hook. And that was after he had promised to help Yang Qi reach the Unbounded level.

Actually, it was the moment in which he made the promise about the Unbounded level that Yang Qi had realized he was full of hot air. He had obviously been randomly making some impressive promises in preparation for a vicious move.

After all, breaking through to the Unbounded level was no casual thing. Eternal Millennium himself had gone through countless trials and tribulations to do that, and as for Yang Qi, he had only succeeded by unlocking the secrets of the Mahātmā Jade.

As for Yang Immortal-Slayer, he had benefited from the help of King Immortal-Slayer and the purrling, as well as the tutelage of the Lord of the True Void. Yang Qi had also given him some of the legacy power of the High Priestess in the form of the Wisdom and Knowledge God Pill. Add in the power they had taken from Mother Voidwalker, and that was how he had reached the Unbounded level.

As such, Yang Qi knew full well that Eternal Millennium’s promise of helping him reach the Unbounded level was completely empty.

Thankfully, Yang Qi could deal with a vicious technique like the one Eternal Millennium was using; the God Legion Seal could crush it like dried twigs. However, he didn’t do that. After all, the technique was being used on a fake body. Even if the vilest of curses were used on that body, he could detonate it any time he wanted, sending the destructive power back to whoever had cursed it to begin with.

Besides, the preheaven energy of the martial path could actually be beneficial to him. Therefore, he made the fake body rise to a higher level, until it was in the mid Perfect God level.

Furthermore, he secretly sent a devil embryo back through Eternal Millennium’s true energy, right into his body.

Both were plotting against the other, but in this case, Eternal Millennium was being obvious about it, and Yang Qi was being very stealthy. Furthermore, since Yang Qi had the aura of the Crown Prince from the impure lands, it made it that much easier. And in the end, Eternal Millennium had absolutely no idea what was going on.

‘Eternal Millennium has some spectacular godpower in him. I definitely can’t activate the devil embryo. If I did, he would destroy it immediately!’

The devil embryo became like a speck of dust in Eternal Millennium's energy, where it would rest quietly near his godhood waiting for a chance to possess him.

To Yang Qi, Eternal Millennium’s godhood looked like a burning sun that could dispel all darkness and gloom, and keep all wretched evil away.

If Yang Qi didn’t have the Crown Prince’s aura from the impure lands, his devil embryo would never have been able to get close. But at least it was inside Eternal Millennium. Now Yang Qi just needed to wait until he got a bit stronger, and then he could activate it! Then he would be able to take all of Eternal Millennium’s quintessence.

‘I need another piece of the Mahātmā Jade,’ he thought. ‘Then I’ll be able to take control of Eternal Millennium, and have the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty in my pocket. At least I can use the devil embryo to spy on him and figure out how he’s growing these martial-god soldier-kings.’

Of course, Yang Qi didn’t dare to do anything rash.


Meanwhile, Eternal Millennium watched as his technique caused ‘Yang Qi’ to rapidly grow stronger. Smiling, he said, “Not bad. Not bad at all. I’ve already enhanced your godhood and your psychic will. Now you can leave. Remember the plan: get control of the Sage Monarch Society and gather information about Jadefall. Got it?”

Kowtowing deeply, Yang Qi said, “Yes. Many thanks, Crown Prince. Your magnanimity and generosity make me wish I could die in your service!”


Eternal Millennium waved his hand, sending Yang Qi flying over to the teleportation portal, which activated and sent him away.

Only Nie Yinyang and God-King Ruthless were left behind in the Harvestland.

“Oh Crown Prince,” Nie Yinyang said, “this Yang Qi seems to be completely loyal ever since he consumed the Nation-Fate God Pill. Why did you use the Shadow-Devil Heart-Devil Sauvastika-Devil Divine Ability on him? Are you really going to turn him into your shadow?”

“That’s just his fate. He is indeed a faithful subordinate, but Jadefall is getting too strong. If she really got some sort of treasure trove, and is able to reach the Unbounded level, the control of the Nation-Fate God Pill will weaken. In fact, she might even be able to dispel it. If they know I've been controlling him, they might try to take revenge. But if he becomes my shadow, my control of him will be complete!

“The god world is descending into chaos, and I need to rise to the top. I must complete my martial-god soldier-kings. The destiny of the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty is powerful, but I don’t have enough of it. Even as the emperor, I couldn’t take too much without threatening to bring about the end of the dynasty. And sadly, even if I chose to go that route, it might not complete the martial-god soldier-kings. So in addition to places like the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty and the Nacrelight Sageland, I must drain the destinies of all the other sects and organizations. Then, with my martial-god soldier-kings, I can dominate the god world and unleash the ultimate fighting prowess!”

As Eternal Millennium spoke, intense rumbling sounds echoed out and the entire Harvestland trembled, as though the fetuses were reacting. At the same time, an immensely domineering energy swept out.

After leaving the Harvestland and reentering the god kingdom of the House of God Ordainment, Yang Qi waved his hand, and the Crown Prince appeared.

“Well, was that fun for you, Crown Prince?” Yang Qi said mockingly. “You finally got to see your true self. You really were a god from heaven descended into the mortal world. And not just an ordinary god, but a Paramount God. I wonder if your true self even remembers you. After all, you were nothing more than a tool for him. A scrap of will.”

“Yang Qi...!” the Crown Prince said through gritted teeth, as if he wanted to rip him to shreds and eat him. “You animal! You think you can use me against my true self? Even I can see that he's far too strong for you to deal with. And if my true self knew of my existence, he’d definitely do everything in his power to kill you.”

“Your true self is strong, but not strong enough to do anything to me. Also, don’t forget that you are you, and Eternal Millennium is Eternal Millennium. You started out as a scrap of his will, but you're a different person now. Unique. If you die, he won’t. If he dies, you live. If you feel pain, he won’t. If he’s injured, you’ll be safe. He has absolutely no idea that you’re suffering in my hands. By this point, your auras aren't connected at all.”

“So what exactly are you planning to do? I'm under your control, tormented on a daily basis, living a life worse than death! Our grudge from the impure lands has already been resolved! Do you mean to tell me you plan to torture me forever? Why not just kill me!? I've already died once!”

In response to the Crown Prince’s tirade, Yang Qi said, “How could I bear to kill you? It took a lot of effort to create you, and I plan to use you against your true self. He's not dead yet, so just calm down. Once I come up with a plan, you just have to go along with it, and I can make sure you take over your true body and become a Paramount God. What do you think?”

“What?!” the Crown Prince said, his jaw dropping. “You’re going to make me a Paramount God? You’ll help me take over my true body? Impossible! My true self is too strong! He can’t be possessed!”

“Nothing is impossible,” Yang Qi replied. “Do you really think your true self is that impressive? He doesn't count for anything to me. All I need to do is find another piece of the Mahātmā Jade, and I can cut him down any time I wish! Cooperate with me. Help me carry out my plan. If you do, I guarantee you can possess him. And then you can help me take over the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty. What do you say?”

“Alright. Done deal!” However, inside, the Crown Prince was thinking, ‘Ah, Yang Qi, do you really think I’ll let you off the hook that easily? If this possession succeeds and I become a Paramount God, am I just going to keep taking orders from you? No! I’ll make sure everyone you care about dies! None of them will survive!’

No one could possibly hate Yang Qi as much as he did.

Flicking his sleeve, Yang Qi put the Crown Prince away and stepped into the headquarters of the Sage Monarch Society.

“What did you think of Eternal Millennium, Yang Qi?” Jadefall asked. “Is he planning to make a move against the House of God Ordainment?”

“Yes, he is. Although I'm not afraid of him, at the moment, a fight between us would only end with both of us being seriously hurt. And he obviously has backers in the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty. If he brought multiple Paramount Gods with him, we’d be beaten like stray dogs, and they would take all of the destiny we've accumulated. But I have a plan. We need to stick it out for a few more years while I get stronger. I'm going to head out onto the open ocean to find a certain mysterious island nation where there’s another piece of the Mahātmā Jade. Once I'm there, I’ll establish a teleportation portal linking it to here. I'm going to leave the War God Commander’s Tally and the Cruiser of Civilization with you. With the perfect caliber godstones I’ve created, you can use them to beat a Paramount God. With that, and the help of the purrling, you should be fine. Before long, Yang Immortal-Slayer will return with Unbounded will convergence. At that point, even if I'm still gone, you can go full steam ahead with growing the House of God Ordainment. Of course, I’ll leave a clone behind to fool Eternal Millennium.”

“Sounds good!” Jadefall said. “You might as well get going. Considering our strength and assets, we obviously have nothing to fear.”

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