Chapter 1339: The Crown Prince’s True Self (Part 2)

Yang Qi had done everything possible to keep the recent events in the House of God Ordainment under wraps. But he knew it would be impossible to keep word from spreading forever. Disciples inevitably went out of the sect for missions or business, and would interact with outsiders. So he had known all along that, within a year or so, rumors would leak.

And it was only natural that, upon finding out about the rumors, the Crown Prince Society would come to him with questions. After all, he was still a member.


Vanishing, he reappeared in a city outside the god kingdom, the very same location that was a business owned by the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty. Waiting for him were none other than Dream Daylily, Grand Eunuch Nie Yinyang, and God-King Ruthless. These three were core members of the Crown Prince Society, and high-ranking ones at that. That was especially true of Grand Eunuch Nie Yinyang, whose cultivation was on par with Summer Vastcold and Summer Soundfyre of the Nacrelight Sageland. In other words, he was on the verge of breaking into the Unbounded level.

God-King Ruthless wasn’t quite on that level, but was still incredibly strong, being capable of vanquishing multiple peak Perfect Gods in combat. As for Dream Daylily, she was so weak as to be hardly worth attention.

Even peak Perfect Gods were broken up into various grades and ranks. After all, such individuals could have different types of godhood. There was ordinary godhood, but there were also unique types of godhood. Monarch godhood was the ultimate version, but there were others, such as child-mother godhood, dark netherworld godhood, ten preeminences godhood, heavenly halls godhood, radiant light godhood, epic saga godhood, hundred transformations godhood, infinite transformations godhood, and many more.

One type of godhood that was second only to monarch godhood was called the eternal sands godhood, in which numerous aspects of godhood were present, like the eternal sands of the universe. They became a flowing river that was unparalleled under heaven, and led to incredible levels of destructive power.

As for Grand Eunuch Nie Yinyang, he had a godhood called yin-yang double-fish godhood. In other words, he had two specific godhoods, one icy, one fiery. Together, they could unleash two polar opposites of power, ensuring that no other peak Perfect God could match up to him. [1]

Of course, Yang Qi had remolded all of his friends and family using the godhood manufacturing systems of the Cruiser of Civilization. They all had unique types of godhood, which meant that if they reached the peak Perfect God level, they would actually be far more powerful than Grand Eunuch Nie Yinyang.

For example, Jadefall, who was already a peak Perfect God, had developed eternal sands godhood, myriad longevities godhood, death messenger godhood, empty tribulation godhood, and indestructible avināśya godhood.

When she released her godpower, it might not be as strong as an Unbounded expert, but at least it would enable her to flee with her life from one.

“Yang Qi, you're here!” said Grand Eunuch Nie Yinyang, rising anxiously to his feet along with God-King Ruthless.

“Yes. Why exactly did you exalted figures summon me with such urgency?” Although Yang Qi spoke with humility, his heart pulsed with killing intent. Unfortunately, the House of God Ordainment was still on the rise, and he didn’t want to throw it into a fight of mutual destruction with the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty. Perhaps in a few hundred years, after the sect had grown much stronger and built up more resources, when he reached the Paramount God level, he might be ready to put himself on equal footing with the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty and Nacrelight Sageland.

But right now, it would just cause too many problems.

The Eternal-Life God-Dynasty had numerous Paramount Gods, and if they worked together, they could even cause problems for Yang Qi. Although he might personally be able to escape, they could severely damage or destroy his foundations.

But once he was a Paramount God, his monarch godhood would ensure that his fighting prowess reached a point where he could cut down other Paramount Gods with impunity.

Besides, thanks to the God Legion Seal, he could now produce trillions of godstones and godnotes every day. Investing that into business was bringing immense wealth that only grew on a daily basis.

“You're asking why we summoned you?” Grand Eunuch Nie Yinyang said in a grim tone. “Yang Qi, the Crown Prince Society spent a lot of resources to help you grow. And yet you didn’t bother to report in about everything that's happened in the House of God Ordainment over the past year? According to our information, the Sage Monarch Society has taken over the House of God Ordainment. Also, Jadefall is backed by an Unbounded expert. Houselord God Ordainment even used the sect’s secret reserve power, but came out on the losing end. Now the houselord, junior houselord, and other chief elders are essentially imprisoned. Meanwhile, the Sage Monarch Society grows stronger and stronger. Have you withheld this information because you’re planning to rebel against us?”

Yang Qi shook his head. “No, I wouldn’t do anything like that. You're thinking too much into this. I benefited a lot in the last year; Jadefall took me to a secret dimension to work on my cultivation, allowing me to finally reach the Perfect God level! But I've been plotting and scheming this entire time in the hopes of turning the situation to the benefit of the crown prince. I'm willing to sacrifice myself for the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty, so how could I possibly rebel?”

“He's right,” said God-King Ruthless, who could sense the aura of the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty on him. Nodding firmly, he continued, “So, you reached the Perfect God level? How is that even possible? Last time we met you were a Greater God, and now, only two short years later, you’ve reached this level? What kind of speed is that? I refuse to believe that Jadefall of the Sage Monarch Society is that impressive!”

Grand Eunuch Nie Yinyang seemed similarly shocked, but didn’t say anything.

Yang Qi released some of his aura, and it was indeed that of the early Perfect God level. Furthermore, he made it seem like he had three unique types of godhood, which would make him so strong that not even three ordinary Perfect Gods would be a match for him.

It was a sham, but considering he had Unbounded will convergence, even the crown prince himself would have been deceived, much less these people. Fooling Grand Eunuch Nie Yinyang and God-King Ruthless was as simple as playing a trick on children.

“Three-discs martial-dao godhood!? That’s a supreme-grade godhood combination!” The two experts looked at Yang Qi with expressions of shock. “Tell us how this happened? When did Jadefall get this powerful? What magical treasure did she get? And what level has she reached by now?”

“I don’t know all the details. I just know that she acquired an incredible magical treasure that’s the legacy of an important God-Lord from ancient times. She’s a peak Perfect God with half Unbounded will convergence. She’ll definitely reach the Unbounded level soon, at which point she’ll be more terrifying than ever. And her patron, whoever it is, must be a mysterious Unbounded expert.” Yang Qi didn't even need to think twice before weaving tales such as this. After all, among the three thousand special constitutions he had was that of the Fraudulent One. “She secreted me away to some hidden dimension, a place filled with falling flower petals and other dramatic transformations, where primordial chaos is inverted from normal. There, she stood within the river of time and looked into the future. That was when my godhood blossomed and I was remolded. Thankfully, I’ve already accepted the teachings of the crown prince, otherwise she would’ve scraped my destiny clean.”

“It sounds like a very impressive magical treasure,” Nie Yinyang said. He exchanged a glance with God-King Ruthless, and then the two of them projected a quick conversation. Afterward, they smiled, and Nie Yinyang continued, “So, please explain about everything that’s happened recently. Does the House of God Ordainment really have new leadership?”

“Not really,” Yang Qi replied. “Jadefall is actually very afraid of the houselord’s secret reserve power. The sect is basically divided between two factions: the Sage Monarch Society and the Mystery Society. The Mystery Society has agents everywhere, and it's difficult to identify them. Of course, some of the major divisions of the sect are indeed under the direct control of the Sage Monarch Society, such as the Law-Enforcement God-Palace, Thrall Camp, Treasure Storage Warehouse, Scripture Pavilion, and whatnot. The Sage Monarch Society has taken over enough aspects of the sect to be considered sixty percent in control.”

“So that’s how it is. The Sage Monarch Society’s business operations on the Heaven-Wretch Continent are constantly expanding. They actually have Perfect Gods from the dao of devils in charge there. And they’re very loyal. We also suspect they’re having dealings with the Nacrelight Sageland. Do you know anything about that?”

“A bit. Apparently, Mother Voidwalker from the Nacrelight Sageland came and tried to assert her authority, only to be staved off by Jadefall. Later, they reached a deal, although Jadefall is constantly trying to come up with a way to get rid of her.” Yang Qi was really spinning some wild tales.

“Mother Voidwalker?!” Both Nie Yinyang and God-King Ruthless were visibly taken aback by the name. After all, Mother Voidwalker was an Unbounded expert, someone only the crown prince could fight without experiencing many losses.

“If Mother Voidwalker has gotten herself involved, it’s no wonder our own plans failed,” Nie Yinyang said. “During the past year, we dispatched quite a few experts to try making deals with killers from the League of Wretch-Gods, all in the hopes of destroying the Sage Monarch Consortium. Unfortunately, they all failed. If Mother Voidwalker is there right now, it makes sense. We need to report this to the crown prince immediately. In any case, that doesn’t have anything to do with you. Now that you’re a Perfect God, we’ll take you to meet the crown prince in person.”

“Meet the crown prince?” Yang Qi said. At long last he was finally going to see what this extremely important person was like. “He's back?”

“Yes, he's back, although that’s a secret,” God-King Ruthless said proudly. “He's a Paramount God now, which means that he's completely invincible. For now, he wants it to remain a secret until he cleans house in the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty and gets rid of his rivals. Not even ten people are aware of the truth, and now you're one of them, which shows how much he trusts you. Come on, let’s go!”

With that, they led him toward a teleportation portal.

Yang Qi wasn’t afraid. He stepped into the portal, which whirred to life and sent them toward the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty.

“We're now heading to a secret base set up in the wilds by the Crown Prince,” Nie Yinyang said. “It’s called the Harvestland. Even most of the top officials in the dynasty aren’t aware of its existence. Only his most trusted confidants are allowed there. You’re very lucky.”

1. The “double fish” is also the common word for Pisces in Chinese. However, the Western zodiac signs are foreign to China, so in these Chinese high fantasy settings, I tend to avoid them unless it’s clearly supposed to be a reference to the Western version.

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