Chapter 1336: Taking the Commander’s Tally

The reason the War God Commander’s Tally had been able to stop the force of holy beasts created by the Cruiser of Civilization was that the tally had been originally created by a Paramount God, the boundless general called the Army Slaughterer. That tally was one of his trump cards, and the forty-eight thousand peak Perfect God soldiers within it could crush just about anything in existence.

In fact, Yang Qi really wanted the commander’s tally, as he knew it would provide a big boost to the Sage Monarch Society.

Furthermore, the houselord’s cultivation base was relatively weak, which meant he couldn’t unleash the full power of the tally. The mere fluctuations let off by so many peak Perfect Gods was so incredible that even the houselord was negatively affected by them, and couldn't completely control them.

And that was why Yang Qi had a chance to take them for himself.

Unbounded will converged and targeted the houselord in a powerful attack.

“Unbounded will convergence? Who is it? I can’t believe an Unbounded expert is here!” The houselord was deeply shocked. The secret reserve power of the sect was more than enough to devastate any early Paramount God, but the fact that Unbounded will convergence was on display left the houselord feeling empty inside.

Most shocking of all, Yang Qi’s will seemed to be equivalent to that of a Paramount God.

When Yang Qi made his move, backing it with the boundless psychic fluctuations of the Mahātmā Jade, it filled the god kingdom of the House of God Ordainment, forcing everyone inside to drop to their knees in obeisance.

“Don’t shatter our god kingdom!” the houselord blurted. “If you want to fight, let's go out into the void! You may be a Paramount God, but you can’t defeat our secret reserve powers. Tell us who you really are! Who do you have backing you?! War Path of the Gods!

His next move unleashed a blast of power that could pierce souls, and it shot into the depths of Yang Qi’s Unbounded will convergence, locking on to it and dragging him out of the god kingdom and into the void itself. Meanwhile, he also summoned countless battle souls to defend the god kingdom.

“Whoever you are, show your face and fight! Who are you? Why are you helping the Sage Monarch Society! Why are you interfering in the internal business of the House of God Ordainment!?”

It was at this point that Yang Qi finally revealed himself, right in front of the houselord. Smiling, he said, “Houselord, you’re mistaken. There’s no Unbounded expert interfering in the business of the House of God Ordainment. It’s just me. I'm here for that commander’s tally of yours. You see, I’m the real leader of the Sage Monarch Society. Me. Yang Qi. I've been running everything from behind the scenes. Jadefall works for me and follows my every command. So in the end, this definitely isn’t a case of outsiders interfering in sect business.”

“You! Yang Qi...!?” It looked almost like the houselord’s eyes were going to pop out of his skull, and his voice sounded strangled and wheezing. “You have Unbounded will convergence...?”

The houselord, the junior houselord, and all other powerful entities in the Houselord all longed for the Unbounded level, yet none of them had ever succeeded in reaching it. Yang Qi was the only one in the entire sect.

Even using the commander’s tally to summon forty-eight thousand peak Perfect God gods, the houselord still wasn’t in the position to defeat someone in the Unbounded level.

He was simply powerless to fight it.

“That's right, I have Unbounded will convergence. What do you think? If you let me lead the House of God Ordainment, it’ll become a truly domineering sect, such that the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty won’t stand against it. Abdicate, Houselord. Give your position to Jadefall and let me run things from behind the scenes. If you side with me, I won’t harm you. In fact, if you’re loyal, I might help you reach the Unbounded level too.

“Also, give me the War God Commander’s Tally. I'm in a much better position to control those thrall troops. It’s a waste for them to be sullied by your hands. I can unleash the true vital energy and battle will of those troops, and I can even refine the tally to release even more shocking power. With it, I could fight a Paramount God to the death.”

Yang Qi wasn’t lying. The War God Commander’s Tally required godstones to operate. Once it ran out, it would become useless, and the troops within it would wither away. In fact, the House of God Ordainment had to spend a huge amount of godstones just to maintain the tally on a yearly basis.

In other words, Yang Qi truly was its rightful owner. Only he could unlock the true meaning of battle that it held, and use that to become completely invincible. Combining the tally with his Unbounded will convergence, the Cruiser of Civilization, and the God Legion Seal, he would definitely be able to kill an early Paramount God.

At this point, the houselord managed to regain control of himself. He was an elite expert who had led a massive sect for many years. Because of that, he had an invincible heart that weaklings couldn’t even begin to understand.

“Yang Qi, I really am surprised that you've kept such immense strength hidden for so long. That said, you’re not a Paramount God. Do you really think you can match up to me? Right now, the person giving out opportunities is me, not you. If you swear to faithfully serve me and the House of God Ordainment, we can forget about everything that's happened today. What do you say? With Unbounded will convergence, you have what it takes to be an important person in the sect. You’ll have a stable position, and in fact, I’ll even make you the chief elder king. You’ll have only one superior, and many subordinates.”

“Chief elder king? Only one superior, and many subordinates?” Yang Qi laughed. “I have Unbounded will convergence. As you should know, will convergence such as that is beyond mighty. Just who the hell do you think you are, trying to place yourself above me? As far as I'm concerned, you’re an ant. Speaking to an Unbounded expert the way you just did should earn the death penalty for both you and your entire clan.”

It was a well-known truth in the god world that, to Unbounded experts, all others were like bugs.

It didn’t matter how strong someone was. If they didn’t have Unbounded will convergence, they were useless. And that wasn’t even mentioning the fact that Yang Qi also had the God Legion Seal, monarch godhood, numerous magical treasures, and countless divine abilities. Not even Mother Voidwalker had been a match for him.

The Houselord grinned cruelly. “Does that mean you’re really rebelling against the House of God Ordainment? Just because you're an Unbounded expert doesn’t mean you have what it takes to deal with me. Come forth, my army! Fight! Army of souls!”


Thrusting his hands out in a boundless fist technique, he said, “Devastation of Myriad Armies!

Rumbling vital energy swept forth into the shape of a sea of troops and horses, ready to launch an eternal campaign to strike fear into the hearts of enemies.

“Since you insist on being pigheaded, Houselord, I won’t waste any more words,” Yang Qi said, unleashing his own Sage Monarch Grand Magic, using a palm to send rumbling godpower out to form a host of black holes. “Take a look at my personal dao, the Sage Monarch Grand Magic. This is a new move I’ve gained enlightenment of recently. A sage is a master of all under heaven. A master of a myriad worlds! Sage as the Master!

After achieving Unbounded will convergence, Yang Qi had spent three thousand years seeking enlightenment in the Cruiser of Civilization. During that time, he had perfected his energy arts, especially the ten aspects of the Sage Monarch Grand Magic. And now he was using that newfound knowledge on the houselord.

This was a move that related to being a teacher and master of all creation. Yang Qi was like a burning torch on a dark night, bringing wisdom to the masses, being their teacher and master, and offering up civilization to all peoples. Righteousness. Independence. Freedom. Such things were all wrapped up in civilization.

Immediately, the houselord’s spirit was shaken to the core and he was relentlessly shoved backward.

“What move is that?! How come I’ve never seen anything like it before?” To the houselord, Yang Qi’s attack felt as powerful as that of a Paramount God, to the point where he was about to lose control of his commander’s tally.

“Second move. Monarch Invincible!


Another massive explosion occurred, crushing everything in a way that hearkened to the combined might of the seventy-two monarchs of yesteryear.

It was definitely the might of monarchs.


When the houselord’s palm met the incoming attack, he felt the War God Commander’s Tally crumbling, and could sense the wills of the war gods gasping. Then, what remained of the attack entered him, causing blood to spray out of his mouth.

“What? How can the power of that palm be so fierce? My War God Commander’s Tally has the power of forty-eight thousand peak Perfect Gods, and it reduced the power of the attack by ninety-nine percent! But the remaining fraction that entered me was enough to nearly kill me!?”

Backing up in alarm, he scrambled to come up with a way to destroy Yang Qi.

However, Yang Qi wasn't giving him any breathing room. “Third move. Hegemon Without Bounds!

This palm strike could end the heavens and crush the earth!

Domineering energy flowed forth, parting the primal-chaos like an immense, axe-wielding giant.

It was like a hegemon on the warpath, boundlessly expanding his territory.

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