Chapter 1334: Completely Arrogant

Tian Bubai was a peak Perfect God, yet Jadefall’s God Tombstone Palms had defeated him in a single move. Now he lay prone, gobs of blood oozing out of his mouth. He wasn’t angry, just confused. It was clear he’d been struck senseless, and had no idea where he was or who hit him.

A peak Perfect God with peak Paramount will was the type of person who generally dominated everyone around them. So how could one be beaten silly?

Of course, the reason was that Jadefall was incredibly domineering.

Her Battle Armlet didn’t actually contain five hundred and sixty thousand peak Greater God holy beasts. It contained three million six hundred thousand! And it had a thousand Consummate God-level holy beasts as well. That, combined with the God Tombstone Palms, ensured that she could break the defenses of the surrounding god kingdom with a single move. How could a measly Tian Bubai do anything against strength like that?

The chief elders and children of primeval chaos were all stunned, as were the countless other disciples present. Who could ever have guessed that Jadefall would be this ferocious? Not only did she dare to make a move against Tian Bubai, but she defeated him soundly. In fact, it was still questionable whether he would survive, as he was simply laying there grinning like an idiot.

Meanwhile, veins bulged on the houselord’s forehead as he smiled with rage. However, he managed to keep himself under control. Obviously, the fact that Jadefall had defeated Tian Bubai so easily meant that she was beyond his own level.

He had survived countless dramatic situations to become the houselord, so although it was shocking that the Sage Monarch Society had changed, seemingly overnight, from an ant-like faction to a major player, he still kept his cool.

“This is the House of God Ordainment, and you're a disciple of the sect,” he said. “Despite that, you dared to strike one of the chief elders with a vicious move. What exactly are you planning to do here? Are you rebelling?”

Jadefall simply smiled back at him. She could tell that the houselord wasn’t a match for her; therefore, she didn't find anything he said threatening.

“Houselord, this chief elder attacked me first,” she said casually, as if she were discussing a very trivial matter. “I'm a child of primeval chaos, someone who could serve as the houselord in the future. In the coming tricentennial election, I could very well win. What. If someone tries to kill me, I'm just supposed to stand there and let it happen? Not likely. It just so happens that I'm strong enough to defend myself, so the chief elder got hurt. In the end, he deserved it! Whether in the House of God Ordainment or other sects, strength comes first. If you’re not strong enough, you’d better not act arrogant in my presence. Don’t you agree, Houselord?”

Everyone could read between the lines. She was saying that she was stronger than the houselord, and actually challenging his authority. It was completely unprecedented. In all of the history of the House of God Ordainment, never had a child of primeval chaos brazenly challenged the houselord like this.

“This is preposterous!” the junior houselord blurted. “Completely preposterous!” He had been pushed too far recently. The Sage Monarch Consortium had been growing and growing, damaging his own business and profits. How could he ever have predicted that the Sage Monarch Society would expand so rapidly? “Don’t you know how to respect your elders, Jadefall?!”

“Respect my elders?” Jadefall said. “If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be standing around talking. Didn’t you see what happened to Tian Bubai?”

Again, her meaning couldn’t have been clearer. It was because she was showing respect to her elders that she wasn’t slamming the houselord into the ground like she had Tian Bubai. Although she didn't spell it out in plain words, the meaning was obvious.

The chief elders who backed the houselord and junior houselord were virtually fuming with rage, and some of them were even developing heart-devils.

In fact, many of them started shouting out rebukes.

“What gall! What outrageous gall!”

“This is over the line, Jadefall. I can’t believe you would speak to the houselord that way. I suggest we sanction the Sage Monarch Society and declare them an evil faction!”

“Sanction the Sage Monarch Society! Sanction them!”

Other faction leaders also started denouncing Jadefall and the Sage Monarch Society. They knew that if they didn’t put the Sage Monarch Society in check today, it would lead to no end of trouble. After all, if they dared to defy the houselord like this now, what would they do in the future?

The scene quickly devolved into an uproar.

Some people were shouting to sanction the Sage Monarch Society, while others were saying they should be expelled or executed.

At a certain point, the houselord waved his hands to silence the crowd.

It was as if his powerful air as a leader caused the entire god kingdom to go silent.

“Jadefall, what sort of good fortune did you come across? Why not just tell me directly? Do you really think that because you're a peak Perfect God with peak Paramount will, you can defy the House of God Ordainment?”

Apparently, the houselord had made a decision about how he wanted to handle the situation, otherwise he wouldn’t have been speaking so calmly.

“I haven’t said a single thing about rebelling against the House of God Ordainment. I'm just talking about its leadership.” Jadefall was looking at the houselord as if he were a clown. It seemed that she wasn’t the least bit afraid, not even of whatever secret reserve powers might be in play.

The houselord laughed. “You’ve got a lot of guts to talk about the leadership of the sect. Do you really think that, with your cultivation base, you qualify to lead the House of God Ordainment? As you just heard, all of the disciples and chief elders want the Sage Monarch Society sanctioned. Exactly how many members do you have? You only make up about one percent of our members. So if everyone else wants you sanctioned, what exactly are you going to do about it?”

“What am I going to do about it? Simple. Kill everyone who opposes us.” She wasn’t making any attempt to hide the fact that she was making an open threat.

Things were going according to plan. The time had come to seize power, even if that meant holding back from occupying the position of houselord. And if the houselord couldn't do anything to the Sage Monarch Society, it meant that nobody could, and they were free to do whatever they wanted in the sect.

“You’ll kill everyone who opposes you?” The houselord laughed angrily. “Am I supposed to be scared? You people have hardly been in our sect for ten years, yet have made progress like this? My guess is that you're Ascendants. Well, are you? Did you come here from the lower worlds?”

“That’s right,” Jadefall said, “we're Ascendants. With us here, the House of God Ordainment is heading into a new golden age. Houselord, you really shouldn’t make such a big fuss over something so trivial. We haven’t done anything to harm the interests of the sect. And all we want right now is to punish Wang Xiantian according to the sect rules.”

“Punish Wang Xiantian?” the houselord said. “What if I don’t agree to that?”

“You’ll agree whether you want to or not,” Jadefall replied. “Do you really think you can fight the Sage Monarch Society by ganging up on us? Wang Xiantian, why don’t you explain to them how many members the Sage Monarch Society has?”

“Houselord!” Wang Xiantian shrieked. “You absolutely, positively must not underestimate the Sage Monarch Society. They’ve been training armies in secret! When Yang Memory captured me, she used an army of five hundred and sixty thousand peak Greater Gods! And the army had a hundred peak Consummate God generals! That's how she beat me so easily. And she said that all the key figures in the Sage Monarch Society have armies like that. Killing them isn’t going to be easy!”

He shouted the words at the top of his lungs, causing all eyes to lock on to Yang Memory.

“What? An army of five hundred and sixty thousand peak Greater Gods?” The junior houselord simply couldn’t believe it. “Impossible. We don’t even have that many Greater Gods in the House of God Ordainment! And every one of them has an army like that? There’s no way! Do you think the Sage Monarch Society is the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty or something?”

The houselord was staring at Jadefall, and eventually his eyes landed on her bracelet. “That has an immense aura of battle. What kind of treasure is it? Do you have it packed with thralls? I'm very curious to see how many thralls the Sage Monarch Society has on hand.”

Jadefall smiled faintly. “You want to see? Fine. Brothers of the Sage Monarch Society, produce your Battle Armlets. Let’s fill this god kingdom with our armies and let them see exactly how many troops we have.”

“Yes ma’am!”


The key members of the Sage Monarch Society who were present produced their Battle Armlets and activated them. Instantly, the god kingdom transformed into a huge battlefield, pulsing with an energy of battle.

Other than Yang Qi’s closest friends and family, the other key members of the Sage Monarch Society consisted of people like Zhang Jufang, Elder Sister Xue, Bai Yin, Goddess Jade Egret, Exalted Celestial Silver-Dagger, the White-Haired Boxer King, and Crimson-Maiden Inferno, as well as the former Masters and brethren of all the various members.

They were people who would never betray the society, even if threatened with death. Furthermore, all of their cultivation bases were in the Consummate God level. Yang Qi had given all of them Battle Armlets, as well as plenty of godstones to power them.

Therefore, when everyone joined forces and summoned a battlefield, the armies it contained numbered over ten million peak Greater God soldiers and three thousand peak Consummate God generals.


The army unleashed a terrifying battle cry.

“Sage Monarch invincible! Submit to us and prosper, or oppose us and perish!”

Their psychic fluctuations were so powerful that cracks started spreading out in the House of God Ordainment’s god kingdom.

Meanwhile, the houselord’s eyes went wide in utter disbelief.

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