Chapter 1332: Big Trial

Five hundred and sixty thousand peak Greater Gods, all free from impurities. No ordinary person could create an army like that, but Yang Qi could, with his morphlings transformed into holy beasts. They were essentially like angels! When in formation, a force like that could even contend with an Unbounded expert.

In other words, even if an Unbounded expert showed up and tried to cause problems for Yang Memory, she could sacrifice her army and escape with little more than a few cuffs and kicks.

Of course, those five hundred and sixty thousand Greater Gods would end up wiped out of existence in the process. But it would be worth it to escape from an Unbounded expert. Besides, Yang Qi could always build another army to replace it.

In the entire god world, only he was capable of such things.

For example, the House of God Ordainment only had a hundred thousand Greater Gods, and they were considered elites within the sect. To sacrifice all of them to save a single person would be a loss too great to sustain.

Therefore, it was obvious that an army of five hundred and sixty thousand Greater Gods could conquer mountains and rivers, and subjugate everything around it. Wherever this army went, the glory of monarchs was visible.


War drums pounded as the five hundred and sixty thousand Greater God holy beasts howled, the sound causing space to crumble. Meanwhile, vital energy and godpower surged out of them, transforming into an enormous hand that rumbled forward.

With one smooth move, it reached into the water and ripped the island up into the air.

Agggghhhhh!” screamed Wang Xiantian. He didn’t even have the chance to flee before he was grabbed up, godpower piercing into him to prevent him from even moving.

The leader of the White Clan brothers, an early Perfect God, tried to fight back, but he was viciously beaten down. Meanwhile, the spell formation protecting the island was wiped out of existence.


The leader of the White Clan coughed up a huge mouthful of blood, and a halo appeared above his head; it was none other than the Light of Weakness, which rapidly ate away at his power.

Manacles of War!” Yang Memory said from in the middle of the huge army. The holy beasts shifted formation, causing the outflux of godpower to become majestic manacles that bound up the White Clan brothers.

That was how smoothly things went when a well-oiled machine of an army was commanded by a competent general. For an army like this to pull off the Manacles of War move was incredible; even the most crack troops of the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty couldn’t do something similar.

That said, in the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty, the crack troops would be limited to thousands of soldiers. It would be difficult to get a force of over ten thousand, and armies in the hundreds of thousands would prove completely impossible to gather.

The only way it would be feasible would be to use puppets, but they were sluggish and couldn’t pull off complicated maneuvers. Furthermore, they couldn't advance their cultivation level.

“Well, White Clan brothers? You're obviously no match for me. Do you submit to the Sage Monarch Society?” Even as the words left her mouth, Yang Memory took the entire battlefield and sucked it back into her Battle Armlet. “If you refuse, the only end you’ll meet is death.”

“Where... where did the Sage Monarch Society get an army that big?” said the leader of the White Clan. “Of all the sects on all the continents around here, only the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty could possibly accumulate so many crack troops. But they’d never give them over to a single person to command.”

“This is nothing. All of my brethren in the Sage Monarch Society have armies like this. And given some time, our armies will be even larger.”

Even as the leader of the White Clan gaped, Yang Memory took out a bean-sized perfect caliber godstone, which she put into the bracelet.

Instantly, the bracelet was completely charged back up.

The Battle Armlets were spatial magical treasures that were created by the Cruiser of Civilization, which meant they needed fuel to operate. Of course, the godstone costs were astronomical, but Yang Qi could provide them with whatever they needed.

And with perfect caliber godstones, they could fit even more troops into the Battle Armlets, if they needed to.

“Hmph! We're leaving. This conspiracy is a major violation of sect rules, Wang Xiantian. We're going back immediately and putting you on trial. Let’s see how the chief elders sentence you.”

Waving her sleeve, Yang Memory swept them up into the cosmic storage space in her sleeve.

‘The Sage Monarch Society is really going to rise to prominence now!’ she thought. Arresting the leader of the Preheaven Society and taking him back to stand trial was a huge show of dominance for the Sage Monarch Society. There were definitely going to be people in the sect who weren’t pleased with this. After all, not even the junior houselord would dare to arrest the leader of one of the major factions. It was a disruption of the equilibrium in the sect, as well as an inherently dangerous move.

Yang Memory knew that, but she also recognized that this was an important step forward in seizing power. She wasn’t afraid. She knew that Yang Qi had reached the Unbounded level, and had just spent three thousand years in the Cruiser of Civilization, stabilizing his cultivation base and creating hordes upon hordes of holy beasts. In all of the House of God Ordainment, only the secret reserve power was something they needed to be leery of.

What was more, Yang Immortal-Slayer would soon reach the Unbounded level.

Once he did, the Sage Monarch Society would have two sharp swords, one shining and bright, the other dark and gloomy. And the House of God Ordainment would fall easily to their control.

Yang Memory took all of the captives back to the god kingdom of the House of God Ordainment. Although she now qualified to become a child of primeval chaos, she first went to the Law-Enforcement God-Palace and sounded the enormous bell there. That bell was usually only struck once every few years, when a major trial was held. And whenever its toll was heard in the sect, all the disciples would head to the Law-Enforcement God-Palace to attend.

Generally speaking, Yang Memory didn't qualify to strike the bell. But when she reached it, she didn’t hesitate at all. Booming sounds rang as the sound of the bell caused the sect to tremble.

Three Consummate Gods in the Law-Enforcement God-Palace opened their eyes, and their expressions were filled with rage.

“What? Who struck the Punishment Bell?”

“What gall! What outrageous gall! Who dares to strike the Punishment Bell?”

The three Consummate Gods flew out and saw Yang Memory standing right in front of the bell.


“How dare you strike that bell, Yang Memory! Do you have a death wish?” Without mercy, the Consummate God struck out with his palm.

Yang Memory snorted coldly, releasing some power from her Battle Armlet, which slammed into the chief elder and forced him back several steps.

Flicking her sleeve fearlessly, she said, “I struck the Punishment Bell because something huge just happened. Wang Xiantian, the leader of the Preheaven Society, conspired with the pirates known as the White Clan. And I arrested them all.”

She wasn’t personally a match for these three chief elders. However, she had her Battle Armlet, and she could also sense that Yang Qi’s Unbounded will was watching over the proceedings.

“What?!” The chief elder who had just been struck by Yang Memory looked at her in disbelief. “You’re a peak Consummate God!? Why haven’t you applied to be a child of primeval chaos? And when did you reach that level?”

“Why are you surprised? Yes, I might as well be a child of primeval chaos, so therefore, I have every right to strike the Punishment Bell. Now, get out here, Wang Xiantian!”

She flicked her sleeve again, causing Wang Xiantian and the forty White Clan brothers to tumble out. As soon as he was out in the open, Wang Xiantian started babbling, “Five hundred and sixty thousand peak Greater God soldiers! She has five hundred and sixty thousand! Five hundred and sixty thousand!!”

“What’s going on here?” The chief elders were stunned, and had already forgotten why they were angry at Yang Memory.

“White Clan brothers, speak,” Yang Memory said. “Did you collude with Wang Xiantian to harm me and the Sage Monarch Society?”

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