Chapter 1331: Bringing an Army

The Battle Armlets could contain the armies of morphlings Yang Qi had created. They could also bestow halos from the Eternal Heavenly Aria, and even had other functions and abilities. They could control troop deployments, release killing energy, transform the environment, improve troop morale, and more. They were the ultimate tool for warfare.

There were some experts who would use thralls to create armies. However, such armies were difficult to control, and required the use of immensely powerful magical treasures. Furthermore, if the person controlling the army lost control, it could instantly turn the tide of a battle and lead to a deadly defeat.

The Battle Armlets were different. With a mere thought, the user could control everything related to the army.

They were manifestations of the energy of war, and very different from ordinary spatial treasures. Those ordinary treasures usually involved opening a spatial portal that an army could march through. However, the Battle Armlets could be used to instantly create an entire battlefield filled with holy beasts.

If word spread that items like this existed, it would cause a major uproar, and countless experts would rush to try to get them.

Yang Qi created enough for all of his friends and family, as well as the key figures of the Sage Monarch Society.

The months started ticking by, and soon enough, a year had passed.

Yang Qi didn’t further alter the flow of time in the Cruiser of Civilization. Allowing for three thousand years of cultivation was enough. After all, it was possible for the blurring of reality in such circumstances to lead to cultivation deviation.

Meanwhile, Yang Qi’s three thousand years of cultivation ensured that his foundation was very solid. He had fully mastered his use of the Mahātmā Jade, and his Unbounded will convergence was solid. At the same time, his godhood reached the late Perfect God level.

He would need a lot more power and medicinal pills to push his godhood to the peak of the Perfect God level, and beyond it, to the Paramount God level.

During the year that passed, Mother Voidwalker, Summer Soundfyre, and Summer Vastcold followed orders, using the vast wealth they had been given to purchase as many Unbounded medicinal pills as they could get their hands on.

Of course, they had no other choice but to follow orders. Yang Qi controlled them down to their very thoughts, and wouldn’t permit them to do anything that defied him.

Also during the year that passed, Yang Qi created more holy beasts to populate the armies in the Battle Armlets of his friends and family.

His goal was for each of them to command an army of millions or tens of millions. That way, if they ever encountered an Unbounded enemy, they would have a chance of coming out on top in a conflict.

Of course, that wasn't something that could be accomplished overnight.

He was an Unbounded expert, but even he would tire from such activity.

Besides, at the moment, creating Common, and even Greater Gods wouldn’t be particularly helpful, much less Lesser Gods. And Consummate Gods took a lot of resources to complete.

For now, the best thing was to create peak Greater God holy beasts.

At the end of the year that passed, his friends and family all had armies of hundreds of thousands of holy beasts.

How terrifying of a concept was an army of hundreds of thousands of peak Greater Gods?

If the House of God Ordainment counted all of its Greater Gods, it probably wouldn’t even reach the level of a hundred thousand. By extension, that meant that even one of Yang Qi’s friends or family could take on all the Greater Gods in the House of God Ordainment. And that wasn’t even mentioning the fact that their armies contained some holy beasts that were as strong as peak Consummate Gods.

“We’re finally getting truly strong,” Jadefall said after her most recent breakthrough. “Yang Qi, the Sage Monarch Society is stronger than any of the other factions. Don’t you think it's time to take over the House of God Ordainment? Do we really need to wait for the tricentennial election?”

“I suppose we can do it soon,” Yang Qi said with a nod. “You’re half a step into the Unbounded level, and your godhood is at the peak Perfect God level. You’re essentially on the same level as Summer Vastcold and Summer Soundfyre. That said, it's not likely that you’ll break into the Unbounded level in the next few hundred years. I don’t want to reveal the fact that I’ve already reached the Unbounded level. That said, the Sage Monarch Society has secretly reached the level of being able to crush all the other factions. Let’s wait until Yang Immortal-Slayer reaches the Unbounded level. Then we can raise our flags in the House of God Ordainment. For now, though, let’s keep operating in secret.”

“Alright, I’ll start making the arrangements.” With that, Jadefall passed along a few orders. Already, the secret preparations were underway.


The ocean beyond the House of God Ordainment was occupied by various sects, nations, and peoples. On one particular island, a series of white streaks of light shot up, interlocking to create something like a white lotus. It was a spell formation that could keep out the vile climate of the god world.

The leader of the Preheaven Society, Wang Xiantian, was on that island, and as he looked at the white lotus formation, he said, “Greetings, oh forty brothers of the White Clan. I am Wang Xiantian, leader of the Preheaven Society in the House of God Ordainment. I'm here for an audience.”


“Well, if it isn’t Wang Xiantian from the House of God Ordainment. That’s a very big sect. Why exactly have you come to White Stone Island to see us forty brothers?”

Thump. Swish. Rustle.

White lotuses bloomed as forty individuals appeared, all of them Consummate Gods, except for one, who was an early Perfect God. These forty brothers led a powerful organization, although it wasn't close to being on the same level as the House of God Ordainment.

“My reason for coming is simple,” said Wang Xiantian. “I need your help dealing with someone. The forty brothers of the White Clan are well known for their power on the ocean. Although you’re not on the same level as the superpower sects, you’re definitely first-tier. And when you join forces together, you’re beyond compare. Together, you’ve vanquished many enemies in battle.”

“Who do you want us to fight, Wang Xiantian?” said the oldest of the brothers. “And you’re willing to pay, right?”

“I can pay. I want you to rob a consortium that belongs to the damned Sage Monarch Society of the House of God Ordainment. They have seafaring operations with plenty of ships carrying goods back and forth. So what do you think? The key members of the Sage Monarch Society have been on the move lately, and according to my information, the person in charge of the seafaring aspects of the consortium is a woman named Yang Memory. I want her killed! Either that, or taken captive.”

Yang Memory was actually Peaklord Memory, who had since taken the surname Yang.

She was in charge of sourcing products from the various islands in the area, which would then be brought in and sold in the main headquarters. Business had been expanding rapidly, and countless pirates were killed in the process. As of now, the Sage Monarch Consortium had a virtual monopoly on seafaring trade.

“No problem,” said the leader of the White Clan brothers. “We would probably have done it whether you asked us to or not. The Sage Monarch Consortium has been meddling in the seafaring business, and has started being very obstinate. We've actually lost a lot of business because of it, so striking a heavy blow in this regard will be good. That said, if we kill a disciple from the House of God Ordainment, how will we escape retribution?”

Wang Xiantian laughed. “Don’t worry about that. The junior houselord, and even the houselord himself, are very interested in keeping the Sage Monarch Society in check. Killing a few people from the Sage Monarch Society won’t provoke any reaction at all. That I can guarantee.”

“Fine. We’ll do the killing first and then talk about the price later.” The White Clan brothers then flew up into the air.

However, that was when a melodious string of laughter reached their ears, and a young woman appeared.

“You want to have me killed, Wang Xiantian? As I'm sure you’re aware, the penalty for conspiring with outsiders to harm fellow disciples is... death!” Of course, it was none other than Yang Memory.

Jaw dropping, Wang Xiantian said, “Yang Memory?! When did you become a Consummate God? This is impossible! How can you achieve progress so quickly?”

“Nothing is impossible,” she replied. “Now, come with me to report your crime to the House of God Ordainment. And you forty brothers of the White Clan, you come with me to testify as witnesses.”

The brothers of the White Clan burst out laughing, and the oldest among them said, “Do you know what you’re asking, bitch?!”

“Did I not say it clearly enough? Should I repeat myself? I'm arresting Wang Xiantian for conspiring against a fellow disciple. And you’re coming with me to testify and also be sentenced for your crimes.”

Wang Xiantian let loose a stream of maniacal laughter. “You’re insane! Maybe you’re a Consummate God, but so am I. And while you’re an early Consummate God, I'm in the peak level. You’d end up dead trying to fight me alone, let alone all of these forty brothers. You could have strolled your way to heaven, but—”

“Cut the crap,” Yang Memory growled. “Since you’re not complying, I’ll use force. Battle Armlets!


The bracelet on her wrist flared with bright light, causing everything to shift and tilt as an enormous battlefield appeared, filled with holy beasts arrayed in formation, battle banners flapping in the wind and drums beating.

It contained five hundred and sixty thousand Greater God holy beasts and a hundred peak Consummate Gods, all of them blessed by the Eternal Heavenly Aria.

Even just a few thousand Greater Gods who joined forces could take down an early Consummate God, and here were five hundred and sixty thousand. There were also holy beasts in the Consummate God level. This was a force that could shake the heavens and topple the earth!

“What’s going on here? How could you have an army this big?!”

“Peak Greater Gods?! How are there so many? Dear lord! Even the House of God Ordainment as a whole only has about a hundred thousand Greater Gods!” Wang Xiantian couldn’t believe his eyes. “This is a trick! It's only an illusion!”

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