Chapter 1330: Battle Armlets

As long as there were enough godstones to power the Cruiser of Civilization, its systems could be activated and used. Power could be converted into corporeal objects and bodies could be remolded. Even a Paramount God could be completely transformed by the cruiser. Of course, thanks to the God Legion Seal, Yang Qi could produce a never-ending supply of perfect caliber godstones to power the cruiser, something no other Paramount God could do.

The Sage Monarch Society was growing like an inflating balloon.

All the important disciples spent three thousand years practicing cultivation in the cruiser, unlocking their true strength. Their life force, genes, and godhood transformed, so that in the end, Yang Qi’s friends and families were all Consummate Gods. And they weren’t ordinary Consummate Gods, but rather peak Consummate Gods.

All of them had three unique types of godhood which, when combined, could unleash immense power, to the point where they could devastate even peak Perfect Gods in combat.

As for Jadefall, she actually broke into the Perfect God level, and her psychic power reached the late Paramount level. She really was a top figure.

Meanwhile, among the ordinary disciples of the Sage Monarch Society, there were over a thousand who became Greater Gods.

There was no lack of medicinal pills and other resources, so everyone was able to further their cultivation very smoothly. Bai Yin was there, and was now a Consummate God.

The Sage Monarch Society was advancing by leaps and bounds; in the month that passed, they quickly became the strongest faction in the House of God Ordainment.

Not even the Mystery Society could compare.

Of course, that wasn’t publicly known at the moment. None of the elite members of the Sage Monarch Society made a big show publicly, but instead spent their time in quiet meditation, or outside the sect on missions.

That said, there were some who didn’t need to go out of the sect to get combat experience. The vivicreation systems in the Cruiser of Civilization were able to create a biochemical dimension filled with hordes of vicious morphlings. The creatures were so ruthless that no demon-devil, godling, devil king, or asura could compare to them. As such, it could be imagined how useful it was to gain combat experience in that fashion.

The Lord of Civilization had created the vivicreation systems by gaining enlightenment of the most ruthless and malicious creatures among all the countless civilizations that had existed at the time. He mixed their genes with both devil-gods from hell and godlings from the god world. He even added in genetic material from creatures that hadn’t yet come to exist at that time, or were from the most ancient primal-chaos.

An army of morphlings like that would be so violent and destructive that it could crush just about anything in its path.

Considering Yang Qi now understood many of the profundities of the cruiser, and could work with the vivicreation systems, genetic systems, godhood manufacturing systems, and power assessment systems, it was a simple thing for him to make endless armies of morphlings to use for training purposes.

In fact, he could even make morphlings that were as strong as Consummate Gods. Given some time, he would become a Paramount God, and then he could create Perfect God morphlings.

That was what could be done when one had an endless supply of power.

In fact, it was easier for Yang Qi to use the Cruiser of Civilization than it had been for the Lord of Civilization in years past. After all, the Lord of Civilization had also needed godstones to operate the ship.

“Morphlings, come forth!”

On a large world on one of the cruiser’s training decks, Yang Qi waved both hands, sending out his Unbounded will to activate the powers of the cruiser and its various systems.

Bzzz. Bzzz. Bzzz.

Thunder and lightning crashed within the world, and rain fell in torrents from the dark clouds above. Meanwhile, vital energy swirled, forming flesh and blood. Streams of life force and genetic material converged, and great daos swirled out of the void.

In the end, an enormous morphling appeared.

It was extremely vicious-looking, with the wings of a fiend-devil, a spiraling horn on its head, razor-sharp fangs, and innate battle instincts. As for the godhood within it, it was at the peak of the Consummate God level, and its will convergence was in the late Paramount level.

It was just on the verge of being in the Perfect God level!


Scales rippled on the morphling’s body, like magical symbols that were impervious to all sorts of weapons. No attacks could pierce this creature’s hide.

All of a sudden, Doom flew out and attacked the morphling. It howled, dodging back and forth as quickly as lightning as it unleashed a host of dazzling techniques. It had hundreds of divine abilities from the martial path, as well as energy arts from both the dao of devils and the dao of righteousness, which it combined in unparalleled fashion.

This morphling was very impressive, but it couldn't stand up to Doom. He threw both hands out as he blurred into motion, unleashing thirty-six different moves that smashed into the morphling and found all of its weaknesses. In the end, a stream of sword energy slashed into the morphling’s head, cutting the entire thing into eight pieces.

But then the morphling wriggled and twitched, and in the blink of an eye, it was whole again and back on its feet. And apparently, it had learned from the encounter.

In response, Doom transformed into a stream of golden light as he attacked with the Sovereign Lord’s Holy and Far-Reaching Consummate Omnicurse.


The morphling burst into flame, and in short order it was reduced to nothing more than a pile of ashes.

“That was a strong morphling, Yang Qi,” Doom said. “Freakish defenses and a solid cultivation base. If I hadn’t used that killing move, I probably wouldn’t have been a match for it. This deck is almost too much! I can’t believe you can casually create morphlings as powerful as this. It’s like cheating!”

“Casually create morphlings?” Yang Qi waved his hand dismissively. “That’s the strongest morphling I can create at the moment, and it takes a huge amount of godstones. In fact, it's about a hundred billion godnotes worth of godstones. Think about it. Who else but me could create something like that?”

“What? It took a hundred billion godnotes worth of godstones to create that thing?” Doom shivered. “So I might as well have just burned a hundred billion godnotes?”

Yang Qi nodded. “You could say that. I can create peak Consummate God morphlings, but it’s extremely expensive. If an ordinary Paramount God somehow got ahold of the Cruiser of Civilization, he’d go broke trying to make morphlings. Thankfully, I have an endless supply of wealth.”

“Make some more!”


Nearly ten morphlings took shape, each of them peak Consummate Gods, their eyes glowing red as they looked around for victims to slaughter.

“I can make ten or so of these type per day, so over the last month, I've been able to create a stockpile of about three hundred of them. In a few years, I’ll have an army of them. And they’re definitely superior to human troops, because they all share the same thoughts.”

In the god world, armies were generally preferred over individual fighters. If a thousand Quasi-Gods pooled their godpower in a formation, they could easily kill a Lesser God.

A few hundred Lesser Gods could kill a Common God, and a few hundred Common Gods could kill a Greater God.

With enough training, just about anything was possible.

As for the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty, it could muster millions upon millions of troops, the weakest of which were Lesser Gods. As could be imagined, when their troops got into formation, even Consummate Gods would be in real trouble.

And it could only be imagined how terrifying it would be to have an army of a billion, ten billion, hundred billion, or trillion.

Back in the primeval era, the most powerful armies were those made up by angels. After all, they could unify their thoughts and wills, which were completely pure. [1]

The worst thing for an army was for its soldiers to have individual thoughts. When that happened, it would disrupt the vital energy and damage the spell formations. Soldiers needed to be united.

Although all armies had various training regimens for their soldiers, how could any of them measure up to either angels or morphlings?


Drawing on the God Legion Seal, Yang Qi transformed the morphling, causing its devil energy to vanish, and replacing it with a holy, white halo. Although the creature wasn’t an angel, it was purer and stronger, without a scrap of devil energy.

The morphling had transformed into a holy beast!

“All of you, take these holy beasts out into the world. Ten for each of you. I've placed a ten preeminences spell formation into each of their brains so that each group of ten can act as one. In turn, all of them have hundreds of Greater God holy beast subordinates, thousands of Common Gods, and tens of thousands of Lesser Gods. With an army like this, you’ll be able to take down Perfect Gods.”

He waved his hand, causing crystal bracelets to appear on the wrists of all his people.

“I've created these using the techniques of the Lord of Civilization. They’re called Battle Armlets. You can use them to house the armies under your control, and release them at any time.”

Civilization was born out of battle. In other words, without battle, civilization couldn’t exist. Thus, it was only war that led to the rise of great cultures. It was a basic truth.

So it was a given that the Lord of Civilization was inextricably tied to battle.

Yang Qi had created his morphling armies, and now he had given Battle Armlets to his friends and family, giving them instant access to, and control over, those immense armies.

1. An interesting thing: in Chinese, it uses the gender-neutral pronoun “they” 它们 for the angels, as opposed to the masculine or mixed 他们 or the purely feminine 她们.

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