Chapter 1329: Transforming Subordinates

Purr. Purr....

The purrling looked at Yang Qi in shock, clearly surprised that he had reached the Unbounded level so quickly. Apparently, he was finally in the position of being able to earn its respect.

It didn’t take long for all of his friends and family to gather. All of them were there, other than Yang Immortal-Slayer.

“Did you really reach the Unbounded level, Yang Qi?” the Shepherd asked enviously. “In that case, we're really going to be able to expand now. We’re the top faction in the House of God Ordainment, and soon we’ll be able to take it over completely.”

“That’s right,” Proud World said, a hint of complaining in his voice. “During the year you’ve been gone, we had to suffer in silence. Some of the Perfect God chief elders have been going hard on us, and there have even been assassins from the dao of devils trying to take us out. Thankfully, we all got plenty of experience dealing with assassins back on the Ancient Road to the Gods, otherwise some of us wouldn’t be here today.”

They were all still Greater Gods, which meant they couldn’t dominate Consummate Gods, let alone Perfect Gods.

The Sage Monarch Society continued growing stronger, but that only meant the leaders of the sect were working that much harder to keep them in check. If it weren’t for Jadefall and the purrling, they would have already been wiped out.

Thankfully, they were all clever and experienced, and normally kept the truth about their cultivation and techniques hidden. That, coupled with the various magical treasures they held, ensured that the assassination attempts against them had all failed.

“We’re not in any hurry. It’s been years since an Unbounded expert rose up in the House of God Ordainment. When I make my presence known, it’s going to cause a massive shakeup. And I'll instantly become a big target. For the time being, I want to stay hidden and keep working on growing stronger.

“The reason I came back is to help all of you improve your energy arts and develop unique godhood. You’ll have godhood second only to monarch godhood. And of course, you can pick your most loyal apprentices and disciples to be blessed as well.” With that, he produced the Cruiser of Civilization, and also explained all the dramatic events of the past year in the Nacrelight Sageland.

“You completed the Cruiser of Civilization?!” Doom said, reaching out and running a hand over its surface. “With this, we really can remold ourselves.”

“So you mean the fight between the Nacrelight Sageland and the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty was your doing?” Jadefall asked. “How strong are you now that you have that Mahātmā Jade? You must be stronger than an ordinary Unbounded expert. Can you defeat Paramount Gods in battle?”

“Yes, I can defeat ordinary Paramount Gods,” Yang Qi said. “And I also have some moles in place in the Nacrelight Sageland, which means I can funnel more resources to the Sage Monarch Consortium.”

“Qi’er,” said Yang Zhan, “I don’t mean to impose, but shouldn’t we just go ahead and make a huge scene here? If you can get into the treasure storehouses of both the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty and the Nacrelight Sageland, why not just clear them out? With those resources, we could take our most loyal people out into the depths of space-time and train them into one of the top sects in existence. Or maybe we could just flee to some other continent. The god world is huge. Even the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty and the Nacrelight Sageland are only so influential.”

“There’s no need to be in a rush,” Yang Qi replied. “You have Paramount Gods on your side. Furthermore, me stealing the godhood manufacturing systems from the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty put them on guard against thieves. Getting back in there won’t be easy. And it's the same with the Nacrelight Sageland. However, after things calm down a bit, I’ll definitely head back and clear them out.”

“Plan well, then make a move,” Sectlord Will Manifestation said. “You can't rush things like this, otherwise you’ll lose out.”

“Okay, let's head into the Cruiser of Civilization. I’ll remold you and give you special godhood. Each of you will have at least two or three types of unique godhood, which will boost your cultivation base significantly. Maybe I can even add more than three types.”

As they entered the cruiser, Yang Qi produced more perfect caliber godstones to begin the process.

Special godhood had major requirements. And Yang Qi’s friends and family were all top geniuses, which meant that, normally speaking, it would have been very difficult for them to do this. But with the Cruiser of Civilization, they could remold their godhood, boost their fighting prowess, and improve their cultivation bases.


Yang Qi had Unbounded will and perfect caliber godstones. Although that wasn’t quite enough to power the cruiser to the same level it had reached in years past when it was in the hands of the Lord of Civilization, it was very close. At the very least, it surpassed any treasures in the House of God Ordainment, and was on par with the best that the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty or Nacrelight Sageland could offer.

As the cruiser analyzed the genes of his friends and family, as well as their godhood and psyches, Yang Qi again adjusted the flow of time inside. At the same time, he used the heavenly workings calculations systems to start tracking down the general location of the next piece of Mahātmā Jade he wanted to get.

Within his mind, a map appeared depicting a sea of continents and a web of teleportation portals. It was so far away that the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty and the Nacrelight Sageland weren’t even depicted.

No matter how much of the god world Yang Qi had explored, he was still a frog in a well. After all, not even the Sovereign Lord had ever come to understand the true extent of the god world. And despite how powerful the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty was, it was hard to say how many other sects existed that were their equal. Perhaps there were as many as the eternal sands.

In that distant oceanic area, there were numerous islands, continents, kingdoms and the like, as well as boundless destiny that surpassed that of the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty.

Just what sort of powers existed there?

Yang Qi had no way to easily speculate or figure out the answer to that question.

Furthermore, even given the speeds he was capable of, reaching that location would involve at least a year of flying.

That was no surprise. In the ancient era, there had been Paramount Gods who explored distant regions, and would fly for countless years to do so. That was why not even the most powerful gods truly understood the god world. And it made it clear how much more growth Yang Qi had ahead of him.

‘These islands have so many nations on them,’ he thought. ‘The next piece of the Mahātmā Jade is there, but with so many organizations, how will I check them all?’

After studying the map for a time, he found that the destiny swelled and grew to the point where it forcibly dispelled the image.

‘The destiny there is so intense it resists inspection.’ Waving his hand, he summoned a similar representation of the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty and the Nacrelight Sageland, and found that their networks of destiny were strong, but not so strong that they resisted his inspection.

That made it even more obvious how strong the organizations in this location were.

With that, he focused on his friends and family. A month passed, and the Sage Monarch Society’s position within the House of God Ordainment grew stronger than ever.

Next, he began summoning loyal disciples into the Cruiser of Civilization to benefit their cultivation. Another month passed. The Sage Monarch Consortium was extremely profitable, thanks to the help of Summer Soundfyre, Summer Vastcold, and Mother Voidwalker.

When Yang Qi needed something, whether Paramount medicinal pills, Unbounded medicinal pills, or rare god plants, he would simply send a message to Mother Voidwalker, and she would get them.

In the past, Yang Qi had possessed capital, but no connections.

Mother Voidwalker was different. She and Summer Soundfyre had plenty of contacts among the Paramount Gods and even leaders from the dao of devils.

With the money to operate with, they could do almost anything. After all, Summer Soundfyre had acquired the head of a Paramount God from the dao of devils not too long ago.

The Sage Monarch Consortium was thriving in the chaos of the Heaven-Wretch Continent. Unfortunately, there was still the Nacrelight Sageland as a whole to deal with. Mother Voidwalker alone wasn’t strong enough to influence the sect in general.

In the end, they didn’t lack anything.

Medicinal pills flowed in, completely unbeknownst to the other forces in the House of God Ordainment. Many people assumed that the Sage Monarch Society had fallen silent because someone attacked them and struck a big blow.

Meanwhile, for every day that passed, a hundred years went by in the Cruiser of Civilization. Considering a month had passed, that meant three thousand years had gone by. Normally speaking, that would have been a bad thing. Gods in the god world had limited longevity, and most would die if three thousand years passed.

But the Cruiser of Civilization could resolve that issue.

The genetic systems and vivicreation systems could increase life force and extend longevity. If it couldn’t, then how could it be considered a marvelous god item?

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